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Wind can't bear my weight.

But if I spread my arms out,

Giving myself the essence of wings,

And if I take a running start,


Just maybe,

I'll be able to fly.

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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"It's all been done."

The things I say have already been said.

The thoughts I think have already then thought.

The smells, the movements, the gestures, expressions;

it's all been done.

I'm told to be unique.

How will I be unique in a world where everything's already been completed?

* * *

This is how I feel with, like...everything.

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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"This one's for the lost dreams," she whispered, picking up another leaf and dropping it into the current. The tiny leaf landed, creating a small ripple effect, and she watched it drift away into the distance.
"For the pain."
She dropped another leaf in.
"The sorrow."
"The suffering."
She watched the leaves float away, wishing her miseries would go with them. In a sudden wave of emotion she screamed, picking up the whole pile, squishing the wet leaves between her palms. While tossing them into the water, she shrieked, trying her best to relieve the frustration inside her. But as she watched the leaves fall into the water and twirl into the wind, she realized she would always have to live with what she'd done.

* * *
Dramatic, ehh? It seems as if all my writing has been like that, lately. o.O Well, thank you for reading this short scene and thank you so, so, so much for coming here and just...viewing my blog. You guys don&…

A post in which I...



[attempt to] Inspire.



* and let it be said you were advised before reading *
. It's stupid, isn't it? And hard. So. Freaking. Hard. It's depressing, and frustrating. It's melted and twisted; crumbling and falling to pieces around us. We're like flowers attempting to grow between the cracks in the pavement. Everyday we think we reach daylight, we're stepped on and crushed, wondering if it's worth the time and effort to grow again.

Maybe none of you feel this way. Maybe I'm alone and it's just my life influenced by my own helpless soul, but I must get this out. I must share with you my burdened words before they intertwine and tangle themselves into something far worse than their present state.

Times are tough. We I know this. Not only in an economical sense, but in the world's disastrous events we call our memories and/or futures. What have becomes of us, the human beings who…


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October means school [finally] starts for moi.

October means socializing.

October means [a probability of] less posts.

October means worries and doubts.

October means strength is needed.

October means Allegiant [#ASDFGHJKL]!

October means it's getting closer to November.

October means Halloween! \(>.<)/

What does October mean to you?

pea ess: this is my 200th post! \(>o<)/

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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