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What are you thankful for?

A small list of the things I am truly, madly, (and) deeply thankful for:
*in no specific order* Life--the capability to breathe.The needs I have--the roof over my head, my loving family, food piled high on my plate.My friends--you, my fabulous reader, I am thankful for.Words--sometimes they are the only thing I can turn to.One Direction--...they make me happy.Books--oh those beautiful escape routes.Past experiences--though they haven't all been pleasant, those experiences have made me who I am today.Music--another escape.Purpose--I'm still looking for it. But when I find it, I know I'll be thankful for it.Tumblr--Tumblr knows what's happenin'.Those songs that explain my current situation--the lyrics seem to tend my wounds.Car rides with the windows down--and when I have sunglasses on...I feel like I'm in a music video.Surgery--because without it, my dad wouldn't be here.Josh Hutcherson--his face is beautiful. And so are his words.Movies--with popcorn, blanke…

Missed Anniversary

So guess who missed their blog anniversary?
This girl did! \(>_<)/
Not cool Rose. Not cool.
*clears throat* So, a year ago on the 19th of November, I came up with the idea to start A Dancer's Pointe (which most of you know was the original name for this blog), as a side blog to my first blog evah, Loving Your American Girl Doll. At the time when ADP was created, dance was my everything but now... writing is my everything. >.<
I can't believe after little over a year I have 78 followers, 16,631 pageviews, 245 published posts and 1155 comments (and half of them I never replied to :-[ ).

You guys have blessed me so much with your words of encouragement and friendly enthusiasm. I wouldn't be here without any of you. So...thank you. Those two little words are all I have to offer you but I mean it. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for all that you've done. You guys are dah best. :}
thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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Zarek -- [Fictional] Character



* * *

Alright guys, say hello to one of my favorite self-made characters, Zarek. *waves* Hey Zarek! Now, Zarek here is the semi-star of one of my current-yet-not-current story/book in the process...project. o-o I shan't share with you the name because 1. I love it so much. 2. I like torturing my readers (sorreh). And 3. I don't even know what it means yet. So, hang in there guys. >.<
Anyways, I wanted to share with you my character because...I am seriously so dry on creativity right now that I am sharing with you something from on of my previous creative endeavors. <-- I don't even know if I used this word right but it sounds cool. :} *clears throat* So, um, yeah. Here is a little snippet of Zarek in action.
Note: This is a writing a progress, so it's rough. And also, all these words are mine and mine alone and if I see them reproduced anywhere I will probably explode and cry... Just so you know, you should not make Rose e…

Allegiant || No spoilers just...sadness.

*We interrupt today's usual scheduled program so that Rose may sob/rant/express herself to you, her diligent reader. Beware of what lies ahead.*
You know a book is great when your heart is ripped out and then fed to you--in the sense that only a true fangirl/lover of the book(s), who has really connected with the author, can feel and experience. I often wonder why I do this to myself. Why do I make myself feel these drastic and catastrophic emotions? I mean, I am constantly reading these beautiful, extraordinary words that consume my soul and have this power to break me apart and drown me in my own depression.
Sometimes I tell myself it's pointless. The emotional experience attached to this epic journey is just not worth what it does to me. But I keep doing it. Because even though there are all these bad times, all these negative experiences that make me want to turn away, and not look back, I keep doing it.
I keep doing it and I'd say it's worth it in the end.
* * *



I'm different.

Turning [away].

I'm waiting.


I'm trying.


I want to be me.


I'm still trying to figure out who I am.

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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The wrongness.

The wrongness of it all.
The situation.
The gestures.
The expressions.
It's wrong.

Something is wrong.
Maybe I'm wrong.
I'm usually wrong.
I'm always wrong.
I am wrong.

I can't be.
But I am.

I can't be.
But I am.

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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There are the open roads.
And there are the paths.

Isn't it hard,
to choose
the one you
need to travel upon?

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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November means more school.

November means NaNoWriMo! [I'M NOT READY YET! >_<]

November means Catching Fire. [ ... *SOBS* ... ]

November means Thanksgiving! [ Chicago, here I come! ]

November means The Trap comes out! [ #FANGIRLINGBECAUSEGENEISBACK! ]

November means cold-er weather.

November means [more] sweaters and sweatshirts.

What does November mean to you?

thanks for reading. <3 xoxo, Rose
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