A Poem for my Long Lost Crush

The friend I watch from far away,

Does he know I like him that way?
I've watched him smile every day,

To the friend I watch from far away.

The friend I watch every week,
He's quite handsome, don't you think?
The hair, the eyes, the dimpled cheek,
To the friend I watch every week.

The friend I always think about,
I have a crush on him there is no doubt,
When he looks at me I always freak out,
To the friend I always think about.

The friend I love,
His smile is something from above,
And he's all I can really think of,
To the friend I love.

The friend I'll never see,
In my thoughts he may always be,
I'll always remember his face dearly,
To the friend I'll never see.

The friend I write this for,
You're amazing and so much more,
I whisper this as I walk out the door,
To the friend I write this for.
//written by me a long time ago//

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