some upcoming changes

Lately, I've been feeling...uninspired. My blog feels bland. I've been forcing myself to write for this blog but it just doesn' So for a while now I've been planning some changes. For my blog, my posts, and even, myself, in hopes of inspiring and improving, A Dancer's Pointe.

[ here is a gorgeous pic I found via pinterest to spice up the post ;]

Here is a list of some of the upcoming changes...

1. name change.

I seem to have decided what I want to do with my life. I want to be a writer...for now, anyways. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a dancer. I will always twirl around the room and try to lift my leg above my head, but I'd rather spend my time sitting down at my laptop and watching the words dance for me. So my new blog name will be... *pause for dramatic effect* ... Truly. Madly. Deeply. Thank you so much Kenz, for helping me choose this beautiful name. I love it. Those three little words explain so much.

Note: I will be keeping the URL [ ] so I can remember who I was... Or I guess, what this blog was... o.O

2. new design

New name, new look. ;) Fangirl moment: EEEEEK! I can't wait to show it to you guys! It's all spaced out and clean and ASDFGHJKL... I love it. <3

3. new writing

I want to get deeper into my writing. I want to learn unique words. I want not only to write books, but write inspiring passages, devotionals--something that make people think and dig within themselves. I want to inspire. I want to do beautiful things with my words. I want to express myself.

So...yeah. Those are just a few of the upcoming changes that are head to A Dancer's--I mean, Truly. Madly. Deeply. :}

What do you guys think about the upcoming changes? Have any thoughts? :)

I love you guys. <3
Never forget that.

thanks for reading. <3


reaching out

♥ reaching out
[via pinterest]

I extend my hand.
I'm reaching out.
Waiting for them to grab on.
They're slipping away.
"Grab my hand."
"I need you."
"Don't leave me."
Please, please, please.
"I'm sorry."

i'm reaching || why don't you reach back?

thanks for reading. <3



Because I love to torture myself, here are some photos of beautiful desserts/treats/sweets.

[ all flawlessness via pinterest ]

ahhhh!Cookie dough fudge

Valentine’s Day CupcakesOreo cheesecake bars from Annie's Eats

Key Lime Buttercream Frosting: This key lime frosting is refreshing and easy. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and can be doubled if you love lots of frosting.

strawberries mascarpone tartRecipe for White Chocolate and Blueberry Panna Cotta

Chocolate Cups for Desserts. Find a cup fill it up with chocolate, let set for a bit then pour out the inside x3 Or I guess you could just pour it over a over turned cup and then pull it off gently. Chocolate Cupcake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Topped off With A Strawberry! If someone wants to make me these, I will give you a hug. (as long as I know you)

Sprinkled chocolate covered banana topped with whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top perfects everything


It all looks so good...
Especially those Reese's cupcakes. <3

What's your favorite dessert? :)

thanks for reading. <3


moments [5]

::happy moments::
--when editing chapters is easy
--[semi]rememebering some of my fave Just Dance 4 dances [and doing them in my seat]
--making [yummy] cupcakes
--swinging & singing
--playing Go Fish || "stop asking personal questions!"

::sad moments::
--when editing chapters is not easy
--craving Just Dance 4
--when your sister drops her phone and the screen is shattered
--feeling alone for three hours straight, everyday
--wishing, hoping, and praying to see this flawless girl soon

thanks for reading. <3


roller coasters


spinning and whirling
screaming and twirling
this looked more fun when
someone else was doing this

people whiz by
time inches past
when is this wonderful
ride going to end?

machinery works
things slow down
and the blobs that sped
by focus into people now

lifting the bar
sliding out of the seat
wobbling away with a
wonderful feeling--I had too many treats

up and down, twist and loop || oh that wonderful feeling when your stomach drops

thanks for reading. <3


No one's gonna love you more than I do.

{photo made by me, quote found on pinterest}

What if someone said that to you.
"No one's gonna love you more than I do."
What would you say?
What would you do?
Would you deny it?
Would you agree?
Would your actions depend on who told you that?
What would those words mean to you?

what is love to you? || i have become obsessed

thank you for reading this short post.


mountains and hills

[ photo via pinterest ]

I flip through the pages of my book, sighing and letting the words blur my vision. A soft growl is heard above the slight breeze that blows my hair and waves the grass. I roll my eyes and close my book.

"If you're trying to scare me again, it won't work."

I listen to the small sigh but still jump back when he pounces on me.

"Ah hah! And you said it wouldn't work!"

I giggle as we roll around in the grass. I try to push him off of me, while he stubbornly hangs on. "Get off of me!"


We continue to roll, and that's when I notice our slight downhill incline. "Oh no..." I reach a hand out, clawing at the grass, trying to slow us down as we begin to slide instead of roll.

"Oh--" His voice is cut off by the splash of our bodies, hitting the water. I lift my head above the pond water, gasping for air and managing to push him off of me. He turns toward me and laughs, covering his mouth as he points at me with his free hand. I look up, noticing the pond lily perched on my head. I pull it off, looking back at him and letting out my own snort-filled laughter. On his head sits a tiny, frightened duck. He looks up and freezes in his position, his wide eyes lowering to look back at me.

"Get. It. Off." He states in a low tone. I roll my eyes, scooping the tiny duckling up and setting back in the water. It starts to swim away, then turns its head back toward us. I wave, letting out a soft good-bye and it nods its head, before turning forward and swimming away.

I blink, slowly looking over at him as he looks back at me. This time we both laugh. He helps me, after our giggles die down, and I look down at my tattered clothing.

"Working on a new trend?" He asks, slowly linking our fingers.

"Um...I guess so." I mumble.

His lips gently press to my cheek, and I lift my head to study his dark eyes. "You look good. As usual."

I feel the heat, traveling to my cheeks and staining them a bright red color. "Thank you."

He waves his hand, dismissing my thanks. "So what are you up to today?"

"Well I was trying to read, and squeeze in a few moments of pond-less, quiet time."

"You should know by now that that's not the way things work around here."

"I should, but I keep trying to deny the facts."

He leads me up to the top of the small hill. "Look at this." he whispers, his free hand gesturing out to the land before our eyes. Rolling hills, bright blue skies, mountains in the distance.

It's like a picture from a movie, I think to myself.

"Someday," he continues, "I want to climb that mountain over there."


"Just to say that I did."


"And do you know what I'd do once I reached the top?" He looks down at me, and I slowly look up at him, our eyes meeting in the dark shadow that his tall figure casts. "I would proclaim my love for you."

It happens fast. He leans in and our noses touch. My eyes squeeze shut and my fingers find their way into his hair.

My mind creates a poem as our bodies move, touch, and feel.

Rolling hills,
Where tall grass grows.
Mountains high,
Where harsh wind blows.

My words,
exhaled into the wind.
Your words,
inhaled before you speak your mind.

Together, we breathe.

* * *

Thank you, for reading this lovely short story. :)

I love you guys, so much. <3

thanks for reading!


my feelings through photos

because sometimes, pictures express how i feel, better than i can.

when i'm happy

when i'm alone

when i'm hungry

when i start something new

when i wish i had more words

when beautiful things fascinate me

when i feel broken

when i read

when i feel like typing up a storm

when i feel like dancing

[ all photos via pinterest ]

* * *

have you ever just felt like climbing a mountain then screaming until your throat burns?

i'm waiting for my mountain to come, so i can climb it.

* * *

thanks for reading. <3


moments [4]

:: happy moments ::
--staying alive with only three hours of sleep
--having a drink the pouring rain [ sounds sad, but it was happy ]
--when your own writing takes you someplace magical
--"singing" Hey There Delilah so a very special friend

:: sad moments ::
--when your wonderful bird-dog decides to your the morning...
--when you realize summer is going to be over soon
--being hungry all the time -_-
--when your phone stops you from hugging the most flawless person in the world

thanks for reading. <3


someone to call my own

If your spouse has done something kind for you, thank them. If they have wronged you, forgive them. If they are hurting, encourage them. If they are happy, celebrate with them. If they are grieving, cry with them. In every situation, stand by their side and love them.

[ photo via pinterest ]

i want
to tell me
"i love you"
mean it.

who will
smile at
hold me

who will
link their
through mine
my ear.

is that
out there?

are they
looking for
like me?

who will
smile and
"i love you"

i just want to be loved ||  am i too young?

thanks for reading. <3


silver linings

 a post inspired by this lovely photo.


[ photo via pinterest ]


head bowed
arms hanging
voice low


gears turning
eyes wide
shoulders slumped

where did it all go?

* * *

She doesn't want to look up, only for her eyes to find the dark and terrible surroundings she calls her world. She doesn't want to go back, to the dwelling where words were spoken and exchanged but never taken back. She doesn't want to sit there forever. But that seems like the best option right now.

While she swings, she listens and thinks, sings and sinks, the only company she has is the rag doll under her fingertips.

It looks worn--just like her.
And torn--again, like her.
And used--just. like. her.
Yet loved--a foreign feeling that has been wasted.

She lifts her head to look up at the dark sky, wishing the clouds would split apart and act merciless upon her. Instead, they seem as if to slowly zip open, lightly letting down a few droplets at a time. She lets a small smile slip from her lips, suddenly wondering why her mood matches the weather--dark and gloomy, overcast and sad. She doesn't have to feel this way. She doesn't have to act this way. Things don't have to be bad--and maybe they aren't as bad as it seems.

Something catches the little light that seeps through the storm clouds, and she feels her lips stretching.

It's the silver lining, she thinks. The silver lining that every cloud has.

are your linings silver? || inspiration has finally been sparked

thanks for reading. <3


"it's complete"


[ photo via pinterest ]


exhaling words onto paper
inhaling the smell of ink
scribbling furiously
shoulders tensing

the pencil stops
dead in its tracks
words are hard
writing ceases

days pass by
no words are exhaled
no ink is inhaled
the author is taking a break

dreams occur
inspiration is sparked
writing begins again
and it doesn't stop

"it's complete"
two words
that mean
so much

sentences build paragraphs
that build chapters
that build a book
that build a lesson, a story

my lesson to you is || don't ever give up

thanks for reading. <3


Moments [3]

::happy moments::
--going to see a 3D movie [and getting to keep the glasses XD]
--getting the "Imagine Dragons" CD on your iPhone
--getting to watch Epic...on DVD
--going to the water park with you dad [and not getting sun burnt XD]
--fangirling with your bestest friend until the morning

::sad moments::
--rain, rain, rain...and more rain...and lightning
--when dogs sound like tweeting birds [ it's more annoying than sad... ]
--when you realize there are so many other better writers out there
--when your sister breaks your nail -_-
--when you can't hug any of your internet friends

thanks for reading. <3


[never] Growing Up

a post inspired by two beautiful people [ here & here ]

[ before you begin reading this post, please hit play on the video above :]


Never grow up

Growing up.

Such a thought scares me.

To think, in just a few short years I'll be invited--or maybe shoved--into the scary world of adults. I'll have to decide who I am, who I want to be, what I want to do with my life, and so much more. I'll have to make hard decisions, and learn from the consequences.

I remember the days when I wanted to grow up. To be responsible, and wear my big girl shoes. Now, I wish I could go back. To before, when things weren't complicated and all I had to worry about was making sure the bubbles I blew in my chocolate milk didn't overflow from the cup.

Never Grow Up <3

Why do I have to grow up?

Why can't I stay little forever?

Why are things so complicated?

Why, why, why?

Why can't I keep my innocence?

Why can't I stay young and flexible?

Why do I have to worry?

Why, why, why?

Why are there so many questions?

Why must I worry about fitting in?

Why are there so many questions?


"Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room
Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home
Remember the footsteps, remember the words said

And all your little brother's favorite songs
I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone"
-Taylor Swift, Never Grow Up

What are your thoughts on growing up?

thanks for reading. <3


Why hold on?

^^^ That.
I do that.
I do that to myself.
I shut down.
I tell myself the same things.
I get depressed.
I tend to push others away,
especially the people that I know actually care. just gets so unbearable, yah know?
You feel like nothing is worth the pain you feel.
You're ready to end it.
You're ready to feel that sweet thing called relief.
You're ready to let it all go.

Because, why hold on when letting go is so much easier?
Sometimes, I want myself to let go.
I want to feel that relief.
I want to know what's like to be pain-free.
But something--someone stops me every time.

I wouldn't want to hurt them.
I know they care--probably too much.
So I hold on, for their sake.
And pray relief comes soon.

thanks for reading this dramatic--and hard to write--post. <3
xx Nicole Rose

looking out

[ photo via pinterest ]

looking out,
among the people,
watching them,
interact with one another.

they smile,
and frown,
and cooperate,
...or not.

sometimes people can
be so beautiful.
other times people can
be so...hideous.

but it's not their looks
i'm talking about.
it is
their heart.

would you do something different || if you knew you were being looked upon

thanks for reading. <3


moments [2]

::happy moments::
--learning that you may be going to NY in August [there is hope!]
--seeing Despicable Me 2
--managing to write over 900 words a day [ ... *knocks on wood* ... ]
--when sunshine hits your face, while the breeze whips your hair
--when you're finally able to find the [ almost ] right words


::sad moments::
--when you realize that you were only twenty minutes away from seeing One Direction
--when rain ruin's our chance of going to the 4th of July parade
--writer's block -_-
--not having enough money for...anything
--when you realize at this rate, you'll never become famous

thanks for reading. <3


new beginnings, old friends [part 3]

[ click here to read the whole story ]

Our eyes lock again, and my heart flutters rapidly in my chest. I feel like we're reading each other, like we're both searching. I think I've found what I was looking for.

I look down at my notebook, quickly flipping it open and scribbling down some words. Some words for him. I feel the heat of his gaze but I keep writing, glancing up to look at the clock. I have to go in a few minutes.

When I look up he's still there, wearily staring at me. I smile, ripping the page out of my notebook and holding it our for him. "That's my new address, with my number on it." I stand up when he takes the paper, picking up my things while I talk. "I hope you'll use it."

He studies the paper, a smiling breaking across his face. "I will."

"Good." I walk over to the nearby trash bin, dumping out my food then turning back toward him. But he's gone.


But not forgotten.

Is that how he felt when I left?

I push through the double doors, making my way out of the cafeteria. I quickly walk down the hall, slipping past the school's trophy case then stopping in my tracks. I slowly backtrack until I'm in front of the large glass case. My eyes skim over the words, reading and rereading until tears come to my eyes.

Rest in peace.

I hit my fist against the glass as tears start to run down my cheeks. I scan the picture of the boy with the big brown eyes, and a crooked smile. I look down at the nameplate on the frame, then back to the three words that fill my eyes with more tears as I keep reading them over and over and over again.

So he really is gone, the boy I wrote many words for.


But not forgotten.

Yet still gone.


And that concludes this short...story?
At least that's what I'd like to call it. :}

What do you think of the ending?
Was it confusing?
Should I change it?
Please tell me your thoughts. :)

thanks for reading this interesting post. <3


Edit: I have changed le ending. :}
A few of you thought it was confusing, and I totally agree...
Please enjoy! :P


[photo via pinterest]

stripes of red, white and blue.
they flow in the wind.
they twirl and leap,
doing their own dance.

if only i was as care-free as the flag.
i could do my own dance.
i could leap and twirl, fly and soar.
all without caring.

circles of exploding light,
they boom and sparkle,
they get 'oohs' and 'ahhs'
as they do their own dance in the sky.

they're free too, i think.
they get to go up, and up, and up,
until they stop,
and decide to show their colors.

i just want to be free.
i want to twirl,
and show off my colors,
like the flags and fireworks have.

i want to soar.
to dance.
to blast off.
to feel true freedom.

...don't you?

[ happy independence day ]

stripes of red, stars of white || why do i have so many words to write?

thanks for reading. <3


Sometimes...other times...


Words aren't enough.
Actions don't do justice.
Seeing isn't believing.

Other times...

Words are fulfilling.
Actions are the right thing.
Seeing does make me believe.


Pictures don't say any words.
Hearing it doesn't mean anything.
Touching isn't worth the feeling.

Other times...

Pictures speak thousands of words.
Hearing the words do mean something.
Touching is worth the feeling it gave you.


Why do things tend be good sometimes but bad other times?
Why can't anything be solid and complete, with no chance of change?
I guess the world would be boring, if the odds weren't there.
But if the odds weren't there, maybe I would take the risks.

take the risks || if you think it's worth it

thanks for reading this interesting post. <3


"I just want you to smile."

[photo via pinterest]

"Come on."
She says with a smile.
He states, trying to keep his scowl in place.
"I said, no."
"Come on! I just want you to smile."
"Because I need to get your picture."
"Well, when you put it like that...NO."
She sighs, lifting her head from behind the camera.
"Pretty please? With a cherry on top?"
"I don't like cherries."
She huffs.
"You're stubborn."
She states.
"Not as much as you."
He lets a small curve appear in his thin-lipped frown.
She snaps the picture.
She laughs, turning and racing down the path.
"Come back here!"
He chases after her.
They run around the yard.
The girl giggles.
The boy scowls.
She manages to snap another picture.
Then the boy jumps on her.
They land side by side on the muddy ground.
"Ow. What was that for?"
The girl mumbles.
"I want you to take my picture."
The boy mutters back, a seriousness covering his eyes.
"Because I want to remember this moment."
"You want to remember the moment when you attacked me?"
"No. I want to remember this."
He touches their lips together for a brief second.
The girl closes her eyes.
The boy slowly pulls back.
She shifts closer, holding the camera above their faces.
She whispers.
He states.
The camera flashes.
And the moment is caught.

smile, for me ||

thanks for reading. <3


p.s. thank you for 40 followers! :)


July means sparklers & fireworks.

July means staying up late.

July means parades.

July means it's the middle of summer.

July means more writing.

July means it's time to prepare for driving.

July means more sunburns.

What does it mean to you?

thanks for reading. <3


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