moments [10]

// happy moments //

blog designing. <3
when the words in my mind actually manage roll off my tongue.
Monkeys [the dogs and the animals].
dance moms! [so much drama. o.O]

\\ sad moments \\

[and most importantly] FRIENDSHIP FEELZ. <3

thanks for reading. <3


All I Know / All I See

Wes Lang "All I Know, All I See"

All I know / All I see
All I feel / Yet I wish to be

Do you know / Do you see
Do you feel / I bet you agree

I know we contrast.
I see we can't be.
I feel your love.
It wasn't meant to be.

Do you know our differences?
Do you see how this will end?
Do you feel our connection?
It won't happen don't pretend.

* * *

"The world is like a roller coaster."
He whispered to me.
"You may ride it till you're sick,
but while you do, you may as well enjoy yourself."

* * *

I hope you enjoyed my mish mash of a post. :}

thanks for reading. <3



Some days,
life is bearable.
I can smile and laugh
with the rest
of them and
my heart complies.

I'm free,

Some days,
the weight I bear
on my shoulders
is too much and
my heart rejects
and resists
and refuses.

I'm confined,

And then,
there are
the days when
it's okay,
but it's not,
and I cry
behind the laughter
that my lungs exhale.

I'm between,
and oh so,

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

Elegant Blogger Award

Thank you to the ever so elegant girls who nominated me; Anna, Emma, & Kenz.
You're all too kind. :)

Hehe, I guess I'm elegant. ;)
  • When you receive the award, link back to and the blog that nominated you
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1. What made you decide to start blogging?

I believe when I saw Liz's blog/website [American Girl Fan] I was deeply inspired to create my first blog, Loving Your American Girl Doll--which is now "archived".

2. What is your fashion style?

As Anna said; horrible. XD Okay, okay, maybe it's not that bad. If anything my style would be comfy--mama loves her sweatshirts. <3

3. What is something none of your followers know about you?

Now there's a question I didn't expect to see. alter ego is [apparently] a unicorn...? <-- Don't judge. I'm trying to get it "legally" changed to something else. -_-

4. What are some of your blogging goals?

*smacks lips* Um...I guess I really want to inspire people, and as a bonus getting/having tons of followers would be nice. :}

5. Where is your favorite place to shop?


oh yah baby. B-)

6. What would your ideal amount of blog followers be?

Ideal amount? Erm...usually I'm not content with such an amount of, um...companions that trail behind me in my journey through the blogging world, so...yeah. I guess you could say I don't have an "ideal amount". The more the merrier, right?

7. What are your talents?

Hmm...usually, right off the bat I would say dancing but that was never really a talent, so... I guess writing. Maybe, web/graphic design [ehh, sorta not really]. Um...another one of my [awkward] talents is fangirling; which includes squealing, jumping, talking really fast, hyperventilating--you know, the whole "shebang".

8. Are you a leader or a follower?

I am a follower who wishes to lead, but never knows where to go. o.O

9. What is one of your favorite quotes?

Oh jeez, um...this is hard. I have so many favorites yet I don't remember any of them. O.o So... I'm just gonna go with this:

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

10. Do you have a favorite book or book series?


11. Out of all of the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart - stylish - dressy - graceful - dainty - fine)?

Uh...graceful...? :}

12. What is your favorite flower?

...I like roses...

* * *

I tag...anyone who wants to do this. Because *scrolls through dashboard* it looks as if almost everyone I know has already done this... XP

Welp, that's all for now!

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

moments [9]

// happy moments //

when birthdays couldn't get any better.
when words are my window.
who knew that this book would be so helpful?
giving this flawless girl a test--and watching her ace it. ;}

\\ sad moments \\

when the birthday stress visits again.
...when my window ends up being locked.
so many books, so little time!
the stress of first draft editing...
when your creativity spark steals your creativity. o.O

thanks for reading. <3


another one of "those" posts...

This has nothing to do with anything, I just really liked the photo. :}
[thank you pinterest, for the photo >.<]

* * *

I have so many questions, but I don't know where to start.

I have so many ideas, but  I don't know where to begin.

I have so many thoughts, but I don't know where they end.

I have so many voices, but I don't know who to listen to.

I have so many songs, but I don't know what to sing.

I have so many feelings, but I don't know what to express.

* * *

Inspiration doth come and go,
Just as the people in your life enter and exit.

^ where did that come from? o.O ^

thanks for reading this extremely short, mish-mash of a post. <3


Birthday Wishes

[ahh...the photo quality of iPhone 4's...]

^ this is my freakishly adorable little brother. ^

Today is his tenth birthday.
That's TEN.
Double digits.
... *sniffles* ...
...I wonder how my parents feel about this. o.O

Anyways, this little guy is amazing. And I'm not just saying it. The things he says will make you laugh, especially if they're said wrong. And the faces he makes are priceless--he has a VERY animated little face [Rosie jelly]. Sure, he has some *cough* anger issues, but that's small compared to his other qualities.

[photo via google]

I believe his dream is to own a McDonalds [insert giggles]. Or maybe it's to be a Lego/Nerf/Minecraft expert who battles people with lightsabers as a hobby. I can never  tell these days. o.O

[ I believe he is two, in this photo]


Look at tiny Timmy!

*sniffles* Sorry, I'm getting all emotional. *wipes cheeks* Deep breaths Rose, deep breaths. *dabs at eyes with tissue* It's just so...weird, seeing him grow up so fast. It feels like just yesterday we were fighting over the recliner [A.K.A the comfortable chair]. Wait...that was yesterday.

Alright, the point of this post was to wish him happy birthday, not get it all wet. So...


I love you buddy. <3

thanks for reading this emotional post. <3


Never felt so fake.

looking over the balcony

[photo via pinterest]

I scurry down the hall, careful to keep myself from falling onto my face in these ridiculous shoes. Hah. Head over heels. Who knew the expression could be literal?

I look up around the massive house I now call a home, trying a random door, and finding a closet. Nope. I open another door. A bathroom. I walk to the end of the hall and spy a set of closed double doors, with light, white curtains hanging in front of them. I step up and look down at the knobs, slowly twisting them and pushing the doors open. I'm greeted by an open and welcoming balcony. Ah, this is just what I need.

I step out onto the terrace, looking around and deeply inhaling. But a breath of fresh air never felt so fake. It's relieving but still not the same.

"I can't do this anymore." I tell myself. I can't live these lies and pretend to be so...false. It's not me. It never was and I don't know how I thought I could change myself into something I'm not.

"There you are! Where were you?" I jump, turning toward his voice. He rushes up to me, searching my face, reaching his hand out to brush his fingers down my cheek. "Is something wrong?" His tone softens with every word and have to look away, trying not to let out the choked sobs that begin to form in the back of my throat.

He waits a moment, before whispering, "You don't like it here."

I immediately nod my head, still not able to look at him. His gentle fingers find my chin and turn my head. Our gazes lock, and my eyes spill out what I feel.

"You're leaving me." He breathes, still studying what my eyes say.

"I...I have to."

"Why? I thought you were happy and content here." He rips his gaze away, turning and pacing across the terrace.

"I-I can't turn myself into something I'm not."

"And that is?"

I look out, studying the landscape that stretches out into the horizon. I look up at the sun, studying the cloudless sky. Everything here is beautiful. Elegant, even. But it's not something I want. If I stay I'll turn into a piece of priceless jewelry that one would only wear on the grandest of occasions. I can't be locked away from the world like that. Not when my original goal was to explore it.

"A fraud." I tell him.

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

Kings Island Visit || Roller Coaster Heaven

On August 10, 2013, I got up at around 8:00 in the morning to get ready for my visit to Kings Island. I was excited and nervous, ready to ride the roller coaster I haven't been able to see since 2011... But we'll get to that later.

[all photos via google]

Ahh...the glorious sign of the glorious place.

We arrived at around noon, pumped with cameras at the ready. We took photos in front of the sign [above] and had our picture taken by random employees ready to sell us photos for twenty bucks a piece--and they weren't even that good. o.O

Viking's Fury

After pushing aside the photographers and making our way through the slightly crowded path, we found our first ride of the day. As you see in the photo above, you sit in this "ship" and it rocks you--and let me tell you, that thing is huge in real life. As it gets to its highest rock/swing you can see the sky and AHH, it's just great. An indescribable experience, really. :}

Next was lunch. Kinda boring, but it was a really cool dinner theater experience.

Flying Ace Arial Chase

We waited in line for at least half an our for this bad boy--and it took less than a minute to ride. Well... at least our food had time to settle...

Surf Dog

Ahh!! I loved this! We waited forever--and played twenty questions while we were in line. XD But while we rode, there was this little boy and he started crying...I wanted to hold him and tell him it was okay. o.O

Stunt Coaster

Okay, this thing is seriously the best thing ever [we waited in line for AT LEAST two hours...and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT]. It started out all faster then we went WEE-OH, WEE-OH, WEE-OH, on this corkscrew thing and then we stopped and there was this helicopter with all this BANG BANG! And then there was this WOOSH with the fire and then just blackness with so many turns and twists and...yeah. It was awesome.

The Racers

OMG THE RACERS! I. Love. These. GO RED, GO RED, GO RED! ~(>.<)~

Drop Tower

If you thought I rode are wrong. I've found out on this trip that I am seriously afraid of heights--which isn't cool because roller coasters typically start off with high hills. Anyways, my friend's brother rode this with his girl that was a "friend" [idk man, but these two had a connection. o.O] and the rest of us kinda just watched and let the breeze of the dropping tower whip our hair around.

The Beast

Okay, this thing is AWESOME. Quite rickety, since it's one of the longest wooden roller coasters ever [the next day I had a very sore back and neck] and the line was long [s-so c-claustrophobic...] but I loved it. While we were waiting this line we somehow struck up a conversation with this very talkative girl in front of us. Let's just say, in a matter of minutes, I knew where she lived, how often she came here, what grade she was in and so much more. o.O [but I don't think she even told us her name...]

The Diamondback


Sadly, I did not get the chance to ride this marvelous-ness. It kept getting stuck [insert panic] and the line was forever long. Curse this ride for being so amazing!  \(-_-)/

And so, that concludes today's episode of; Adventures With Rose! Tune in next time to hear me talk complain about rickety swing sets and bees! [haha, just kidding...maybe. O.o]

What do you think about roller coasters? :}

thanks for reading. <3


moments [8]

// happy moments //

  • More than halfway through first draft. :-/
  • My little brother. <-- I swear, this guy is gonna be an actor someday. o.O
  • Knowing that someone out there loves me, for me.
  • Smiling, for no reason.
  • 52 followers! XD
  • One Direction. <-- these peoples make me so happy I wanna cry. O.o

\\ sad moments \\

  • Social awkwardness.
  • Getting signed up for a school. [don't ask. -_-]
  • Planning problems. -_-
  • Crunchy cotton candy [it was more entertaining than sad. o.O]
  • Getting pushed--gently--in adulthood.
  • Birthday stress.

thanks for reading. <3


Rosie got tagged!

Guess who got tagged! This girl did! \(>.<)/ Thank you Anna and Sarah [ and *cough* technically Kenz... ;] for tagging me. I appreciate it. :}

1. If the main villain of your favorite book/movie/TV series showed up on your front doorstep, what would you do? (Explain who it is first...)

Oh jeez, erm...this is hard. XP Okay, so, my all time favorite book/trilogy/series is... The Hunger Games. So, I guess that means President Snow is mah main villain. [GAH. WHITE ROSES. BLOOD. LORD HELP ME.]

Donald Sutherland as President Snow

^ thank you Pinterest for this glorious photo. ^

If President were on my doorstep I wouldn't bother answering the door. Because one: I don't answer doors and two: he's President flippin' Snow. I'm not letting him in! I'd probably end up pretending that I'm not home. o.O

2. Now supposing the heroes opposite this villain showed up just after your exchange. What would you do then?

First reaction: oh my [insert screams, squeals, and other embarrassing noise a human being can make]

Seconds reaction: *shakes like a chihuahua* I'm finally going crazy.

3. So...moving on, the heroes defeat the villain (with some help from you, of course-whatever it may be. ;) But the next day, you're just walking along, minding your own business, when you suddenly come across the same villain...who is now lying in the dust severely wounded and unconscious. What do you do? 

"Wow! *steps around unconscious president* Is that a rose bush? I just adore roses."

4. Now his minions show up and kidnap both you and him and take you to their universe (or version of your universe, whatever it happens to be.) Your reaction?

"You'll never take me--wait...will there be food? ...I'm in."

5. Your fantastic heroes have arrived to rescue you-but now you're faced with a choice. The villain, out of gratitude for your earlier help, (assuming you actually did help him when he was wounded) has offered you a chance to travel back to your own universe. However, the heroes warn you not to trust him. The only other way for you to get back home is to travel with the heroes on a long and dangerous journey... and there's no guarantee that you'll survive. What. Do. You. Do.

HMMMM, this is so hard but--HEROES. •-•
* * *

My answers made my sound heartless. And in a way, I guess I am...


Somebody, anybody, everbody, scream! <-- wha? •-• What I mean, is, I'm tagging anyone who'd like to do this. :} If you do this, I'd love to see it, so please leave a link in a comment below! :)

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

The [Magical] Transportation System

[photo via pinterest]

They are such magical things.
Who knew that a [big] bunch of words could just...
take you somewhere?
Ease you into a [magical] transformation.
Help you learn lessons.
Tell you how different people react to different things.
Teach you new words.
Or help you escape the world, even if it's just for a moment?

Books are a big part of my life.
They are my [magical] transportation system.

thanks for reading this short post. <3


those days when... want inhale the cold and exhale the heat.

...your heart flutters and your insides twist with anticipation. complete something. feel silly. know you're obsessed. want to scream and stomp and sob and throw things. just want to smile. could climb a mountain. manage stop and listen. can't stop running.

...the world couldn't get any better.

thanks for reading this mish-mash of a post. <3


moments [7]

// happy moments //

  • being a fangirl.
  • ED SHEERAN. <3
  • being invited to go to Kings Island. :)
  • Teaching yourself how to rap [LIKE ED SHEERAN]

\\ sad moments \\

  • ...being a fangirl. [everything hurts]
  • Sisters. -_-
  • When even after a break, no words are flowing to your brain. o.O
  • When your sister dip dyes her hair...and it turns out green-blue-grey...
  • Being sorry. For the things I said to a beautiful girl in harsh world. [you know who you are. and again, I'm sorry.]

thanks for reading. <3



*giggles* I haven't even started yet and I'm bursting into awkward fits of laughter. o.O *clears throat* Alright Rose, you can do this. •-•

So, we all like water parks, right? ...okay, well, most of us do. I, personally, don't like the waiting in line part. Or the sun burn part. Or the cuts on the bottom of my feet from the scratchy flooring--okay, off-topic. Well, what I'm trying to say is, there's a water park where I live. Such a great attraction. It's by our zoo. :) And has some pretty nice/epic water slides [note: body slides are a no no. unless you want a scar on your back. -_- ] But, there's also a wave pool.

The Wave Pool:

The popular pool where people can swim around with others until the buzzer sounds [signaling the waves are about to be turned on] and all heck breaks loose. •-•

Caution, upon entering this pool you may get jammed into people, stepped on, flashed, drowned, and/or rudely shoved by people who think they are better than you.

See? Such a lovely placel. •-•

Okay, the real reason for this post is to tell you what I have 'invented'. It's called... *drum roll* ...whaling. Hence, the post title.

Whaling: The Back Story.

How was whaling invented? Well, I was in the wave pool, trying my best not to drown or knock into anyone when this kid comes through, telling us to "whale wave" or something when he say "wave". Or at least, that's what I thought I heard. o.O So, I was asking my nearby siblings how you "whale wave" and neither of them knew. So I demonstrated what I thought it was--which meant making weird sounds, falling back into the water, and giggles. It developed on it's own from there. •-•


To do this awesome move you must first make sure you can swim. Then, you must find the proper wave to "whale" into. But, of course, if you have no waves, doing this waveless shouldn't kill you.

Step 1: Make sure the area around you is free of other bodies. You don't want to whack anyone while you're whaling!

Step 2: When you see a wave approaching [and decide that it is a good time to whale] jump into the air. Now, wiggle slightly while gravity does the rest. You may want to close your mouth, so no water enters your body.

Step 3 [optional]: While whaling you may make weird whale-like sounds. Through text it look like this: MMMEEEERGH. Try it. You know you want to. •-•

And that, is how you go whaling. Quite silly. But fun.

[please enjoy a picture of a whale, whaling. thank you google, for the photo. :]


Who knew it could be so fun?

What do you think of "whaling"? o.O

thanks for reading. <3


feetsies & swings

You just gotta love [old, neon] green converse, bad photo quality, and [fat] dancer calves, right? ;} Well, you would think that it should be easy to get a good picture of your feetsies while your moving, but, uh, wrong. This was the best I could do--I sense there is no photography career in my future. o.O [though these were taken with my iPhone so maybe I shouldn't complain...]

Anyways, these lovely photos are from one of the days my family and I went to the park. I'm too big to climb the rock thing in the playground--*le sigh* big kid probs--and I'm too tall for the monkey bars [insert awkward vision of self with hands on monkey bars as I walk across]. So I went directly to the swings.

I felt alone, as I sat down on the swing beneath the shade of the nearby trees. I felt peaceful and calm and--not so alone when the rest of my family sat down on the swings too. They didn't deter the mood though. It feels nice to swing. To push off the ground and see how high off the ground you can get. [but never and I mean never, jump off. you may end up "fracturing" your arm...]

Have you ever tried to remove your over thinking mind from its wonderful world of contemplating, and just sat back to watch the world around you? To enjoy and embrace the feelings and emotions you may only feel once? Normally, I don't *try* to do this. Once my mind is thinking about something, it doesn't usually stop. But there have been time when I've been able to just shut it off, lean back in my chair--or cling to the swing's chains--and just watch things happen around me.

I love to watch the world moving around me, as I calmly swing back and forth. It's nice, to be able to remove yourself from your situation and just watch and listen, feel but not be a part of. Sometimes it's nice to just close your eyes and feel the movement of the world happening around you.

And it's always nice amazing when you get a text from your bestie. That always seems to brighten my day. ;)

Do you have a favorite playground activity? :)

thanks for reading. <3


"Don't run from me." || a short story


[photo via pinterest]

"Come back!" He shouts behind me. But I can't do that. I told him. I'm running.


I shake my head and continue down the tunnel. I can hear his footsteps pounding behind me and I manage to sigh through my heavy breathing. I told him not to follow.

"Don't run from me!"

I slide to a stop, just before the open exit, the end of the tunnel. I look out and up, at the sun, the clear blue sky, the warm day. It's so different to the life I'm leaving. But it'll work.

I turn toward him, watching him slow down to a stop, just a few feet away. "Please."

The foreign word I've heard him say far too often. It chills my bones, though I can feel the warmth of the outside world radiating toward me, even though I'm still in the tunnel. "I can't stay. I told you that."

"Why can't you stay?"

My patience doesn't exist anymore, so I snap. "I told you already. I'm a threat."

"A threat to what?" He steps closer, but I take a step back, allowing the outside warmth to pull me closer.

"To this. To the System. To you."

He shakes his head as he steps toward me again, pushing me back until I'm at the line. The line between darkness and lightness, death and life. The line between him and my decision. "Don't you see, they're lying to you? They don't want you here but you belong here. You belong here the most, out of anyone." He reaches for my hand. "You've earned your place among us."

I move my hand back, not allowing him to make this harder on me. "I may have earned a place, but I don't deserve it. You heard what they said. I can't stay here. I have to go."

"No." He murmurs, shaking his head yet again. "No."

"I'm sorry." Before he can say anything, before he can react, I step back into the light. His cold eyes suddenly meet mine. He takes a step, as if he were about to come out and join in me in the world of light. But we both know he'd never do that.

"I told you not to run." He says, before turning his back to me.

"And I told you not to follow." I whisper back, watching him stalk away, hoping he can hear me. "I love you."

* * *

Whoa...that was sort of, um, interesting, wasn't it? o.O I have no idea where that came from.
And, uh, I *probably* won't continue this. It is a short story, after all. :}

Well, I hope enjoyed this lovely little piece of writing. :)

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

Here's To Us

Victoria Justice - Here's To Us

GAH. I've fallen in love with this song! \(>.<)/

"Here's to never winning first place,
Here's to crying on your birthday,
Here's to every single heartbreak,
Here's to us."

thanks for reading. <3


Latest Obsession: Colored Hair

Colored Hair Gorgeous. I could rock this with a tan. If I could get a tan... LoVE

colorful hair

Colored Hair Colored Hair

purple colored hair gel

[ thank you pinterest, for these lovely photos. <3 ]

It all started when I wanted to create a character for a story my "creativity sparker" and I are writing--oh jeez, I just remembered. I need to get started on that. >.<

*cough* Anyways, like I was saying, it all started when I wanted to create a unique character for our story. And for some wacky reason, the first thing that popped into my quirky little head was: electric blue hair. So, I scourewe ♥ it --which didn't help. Like, at all. \(-_-)/ --and when that didn't work, I scoured Pinterest. For many hours. ...okay, okay. More like a half an hour. But you get my point. At first, I was just looking for an idea, on how to describe the hair. And now, I have a whole Pinterest board not only dedicated to electric blue hair, but to all hair colors a human being could ever encounter...

colorful hair

So...yes. Colored hair, my latest obsession. :}

What's your latest obsession? :)

thanks for reading. <3


moments [6]

// happy moments //

  • when your aunt comes over to visit from Illinois
  • falling in love with colored hair
  • realizing your mom has her own "jam"
  • "shut your pie hole" <-- [quite a convenient statement, if the person you are saying this to just ate pie]
  • "yes".

\\ sad moments \\

  • when your aunt comes over a day early--ultimately causing stress to explode in mini bombs around the house...
  • falling in love with colored hair
  • music these days...
  • name calling.
  • wishing the end of August would come sooner. o.O
* * *

Alright, so guess who just hit 50 followers? This girl! XD Thank you all, so much! GAH. You guys are amazing! I never thought I would get this far. :) I love you, I love you, I love you. I. Love. You. All. <3

thanks for reading. <3


wind || dreams

sometimes i just feel like
deteriorating into the wind.
letting it take me away, little by little.
until i am no more.

sometimes i feel like
running toward the edge,
hoping the wind will catch me,
and help me fly away.

sometimes i feel like
falling back, letting the breeze
carry me away while i
close my eyes and breathe.

* * *

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. -Ashley Smith 

While I was searching for 'wind quotes' to go with my writing above, I found this lovely little passage. And, I fell in love with it.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it.
I'm trying. I'm noticing.
Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.
I'm smiling. I'm watching.

For some reason, this passage really spoke to me. "Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." That. That sentence got me right there. It made me think. What are my dreams? What am I doing with my life? What do I want to do with my life? Sometimes I imagine myself traveling, or signing autographs to random people, or becoming that regular everyday person who still manages to touch peoples lives--I, um, I daydream a lot... But now that I really stop and think about it, I could do that now. I could start living that life--my dreams--now.

But how?

Do you have dreams?

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose


[ photo via pinterest ]

August means one more month.

August means it's time to make my decision.

August means school is coming.

August means summer is winding down.

August means birthdays.

August means work, work, work.

August means [finally] meeting my "creativity sparker".

August means it's time to take hold of the time I have left, while it's still here.

What does August mean to you?

thanks for reading. <3


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