moments [14]

// happy moments //

Going to a school open house thingy... :: Now I know what to expect and I won a sweatshirt! \(>.<)/ Woot, woot!
Demi Lovato :: Ugh, her voice is so flippin' perfect!
Hashtags :: #theyhavesnucktheirwayintomylife
Mackenzie Rae :: This girl is just too flawless.

\\ sad moments \\

Going to school. :: ...I'm scared. [more info to come!]
Meeting one of my teachers. :: UGH. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THAT'S YOUR REAL NAME. -_-
*Trying* to sing. :: It's an activity I enjoy, but I'm horrible at. o.O #tonedeaf
Social anxiety. :: I have it. I hate it.
People. :: There are the good. There are the bad.

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Liebster Award

Liebster Award Rules:
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition.
Post 11 questions for them to answer.
Notify them that they've been nominated.

Thank you Molly, Sarah, and Hannah!


1. If you dyed your hair, what color would you choose?

Oh my gosh, thank you for asking this question. Just thank you.<3

Alright, If I were to dye my hair I would dye it PINK. Or maybe GREEN. Or, uh, BLUE... Actually no, I'd dye my hair into a rainbow. o.O

2. If you could domesticate any wild animal to keep as a pet, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose a unicorn because one: everyone would totes jelly of its glitter production.
And two: apparently my alter ego is an unicorn. o.O So maybe we'll bond in a special way. <3

3. Books or movies? Favorite book/movie?

*GRUNTS* You just had to ask, huh? ;)

Favorite book: Catching Fire [2nd book in The Hunger Games trilogy]

Favorite movie: The Hunger Games [JOHSY = BEST.PEETA.EVAH.]

4. Do you know what an octomoose is?

I have no idea what that is.

5. Favorite quote?

It changes all the time. Here's my current one:

"The world is not a wish-granting factory."

― John Green, The Fault in Our Star

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


7. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

 Hmm...I wanna say both, but I'm more of a girly girl. ;}

8. Biggest ship? (I'm hoping you understand this, but just in case, that's like asking what your favorite fictional relationship is. Or celebrities)


^^^ Mackenzie & Josh. <3

[they're my secret ship. shhhhhh...]

9. Ideal way to spend the evening?

Texting my flawlessness. (>.<)-<3

10. TOMS or Keds/Vans?

...neither... o.O

11. Have any siblings?

Yup. XD Read about them here or here.


1. If you had a unicorn, what would you name it?
2. How would you react if I told you my dog could tweet like a bird? o.O
3. What's your opinion on One Direction?
4. <-- FOUR! *cough* Who is your favorite author?
5. Are you more of a writer or a reader?
6. Choose your faction: Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, Abnegation, or Candor? [and if you don't know what any of those are, you need to go RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW].
7. Do you enjoy answering questions?
8. Who/what is your alter ego?
9. Left handed or right handed?
10. How's the weather today?
11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? o.O


I nominate...

MY AMAZING GIRLY @ think. eat. write. read.
Jessica @ Whispers of the Wind
Rachel @ Confessions of a Daydreamer
Dahlia & Daniela @ Life Of A Princess In Christ
Meena @ My Little Mud Boots
Emma @ Infinity
Anna @ Hero
Kayla @ Laugh 'an Love
Jessie @ Chirographic
Emma @ Living Fully By Faith

And anyone else who'd like to do it! \(>.<)/

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I always wished for this,
but it's almost turning into more of
a nightmare than a dream.

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xx Nicole Rose

Hiding to seek.

Hiding to seek.
Seeking to find.
Finding to wo/ander.
Wo/andering to hide.

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xx Nicole Rose

moments [13]

// happy moments //

Augustus Waters ::  _♥  Come to me my love...
Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (album) :: wow. o.O
Receiving/reading comments :: you guys are way to sweet. <3
iOS7 :: oh. mah. gawsh. mama loves. <3
BEING THIS FLAWLESS GIRL'S FRIEND. <3 :: there's seriously nothing better than this...

\\ sad moments \\

Num8ers by Rachel Ward :: Rachel, I hate/love you. You are an evil woman! \(-_-)/
Miley Cyrus :: #dudewhathappenedtoyou?
THIS POST/STORY :: It's sad, beautiful, [and] tragic. [thank you T-Swizzle]
those "It Can Wait" commercials :: ...I'll make sure to keep my phone locked in the glove box if I ever decide I'm not afraid of getting behind the steering wheel...

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The Best Experience in the History of Experiences

Last week, on September 13th, 2013, two amazing things happened.

  1. Niall Horan--of One Direction--turned 20! *sends glittery kisses into the wind* I didn't forget you, baby! I promise!
  2. I met up with the most amazing person that has ever come into existence.

^^^ *sniffles* Here is a photo of our good-bye hug. Kenz added the glitter. ;)

My family and I had to drive about three and half hours, to get to our meeting place--which was a beautiful Barnes and Noble full of amazingly exquisite books [it was quite heavenly].

The whole trip there I was bubbling with excitement. Rocking in my seat, tugging at my hair, belting out the lyrics to any songs I knew when they blasted out of the speakers. I had a little brother to my left, a window to my right and a present in my lap--and a stuffed Pikachu at my feet. o.O

Finally, we arrived at our destination. I cannot describe to you the feeling of walking up to that bookstore, and having a someone whom you haven't physically interacted with, burst through the doors and crash into your arms. I waited for over a year to get that hug. Over a year. And I must say, it was definitely worth the wait.

*sniffles then wipes cheeks* And this is a photo of our first embrace. *smiles through tears* Kenz initiated this hug. She shoved the doors open and just *BAH BAM* found her way into my arms. OH, you just don't know how wonderful that feeling was. Plus... *leans toward computer and whispers* she smelt good. Which was like, a bonus. o.O

After our embrace, we went inside, and I met her extremely beautiful family. Then we sorta just hung out among the books, stroking covers, giggling over fangirl details and such. It was pretty awesome.

And that my dear friends is the back of Mackenzie's head [ isn't it beautiful? <3_<3 ] This is what happens when you leave your sister to the photography portion of your Internet friend meeting...

After an hour at le bookstore we made our way over to Chipotle [dude, you gotta try it. it's an ah-mazin' Mexican grill/restaurant/place...]. And on the way, we had the most beautifully awkward conversation that went something like this:

Me: are even more beautiful in real life. •-•

Kenz: Oh gosh, no. •-•

Me: Oh gosh, yes. (•-•)-<3

Kenz: Mhm, okay. •-•

Me: It's true. Don't deny meh.

^^ Why am I so awkward?

And after a laughter-filled meal--and a gift exchange [we both got each other "The Fault In Our Stars"!]--it was time for our good-byes...


^^^ our "un-glitter-ified" good bye hug.
...sheesh, my hair is all over the place! >.<

I can tell you that good bye felt like I was ripping my heart out of my chest. Before we parted she gave me the most beautiful drawing--which I am clutching in my hand in the picture above.

Here is a photo of it. *sniffles* I framed it as soon as I got home. I think it's the start of my best friend shrine. o.O

^^^ psst...if you look closely enough you can see I have glitter on my forehead...
Yeah, it was part of my "parting gift". •-• [thank you Koren. <3]

Mackenzie is a quiet soul.
A very beautiful, quiet soul.
She didn't say a lot.
But she didn't have to.
Just seeing her smiling face
and feeling her embrace was
something words could never describe,
no matter how far you stretch them.

Thank you, Kenz.
And remember;
I love you.

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Birthday Wishes: Morgan

...I do not know why she is upside down...but I like it.

^ this is my annoyingly awesome sister. ^

Today is my sister's 13th birthday.
Thirteenth birthday.
UGH. I can't even--actually, I can. She's quite...mature. And as soon as she was twelve, she declared she may as well be thirteen. o.O

I don't exactly have the best relationship with her. We fight. We struggle. We annoy one another. We like pushing each other's buttons. But still, I love her. Sure, life would so much easier without her back talk and her need to make sure my feathers are ruffled but...that's what sisters are. At least, that's out sisterly relationship.

LEGOLAND! >.< Oh, that was such a fun vacation... :D

I don't exactly know what her goals are. But she loves gymnastics. And bossing people around. Oh! And I believe her newest interest is volleyball. :}

^ she looks so young. o.o ^

I know I don't hug you as often as I should. And I know we've both said and done things to each other that we didn't mean, but I love you, Morgan. Thank you for being my sister, supporter, Tobias-loving, annoyance. Happy thirteenth!

p.s. welcome to the teenager club.

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Drowning in diversity...

[photo via pinterest]


It would be nice to redefine ourselves -
at the moment we are drowning in diversity.
That's not a bad thing, its just
going to take a while before we refocus.
Harvey Fierstein 

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xx Nicole Rose

p.s. thank you so much for 58 followers
& over 10,700 pageviews! :)

// untitled //

[photo via pinterest]

Broken hearted,
Breathing ragged,
Embrace held,
Compelled, to let go.

Heart taken,
Words mistaken,
Smiles shaken,
Stranded, in a time of need.

i miss you || drama is best when twisted into something else

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moments [12]

// happy moments //

meeting this girl.
hugging this girl.
smelling this girl.
staring at this girl.
getting glitter dumped on my head [by this girl! ...and her sister.]
getting "The Fault In Our Stars" [ from this. girl. ]
meeting this girl's family.

[ a post about our wonderful adventure to come soon! ]

\\ sad moments \\

having to physically tear myself away from this girl.

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Let's read

“We read to know that
we are not alone.” 
— C.S. Lewis

sometimes simple is [always] the best way to go. [x]

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xx Nicole Rose

to Jump or to Stay


* * *

Have you ever looked around, people watching,
wondering why they choose to say?
There are such rarities--those who jump--
and look where they are today.

To jump or to stay?
The question is simple.
To find what you seek,
Or stay where it's comfortable.

To fight or to cower.
To gain or to lose.
You must find your answer.
The choice is unavoidable.

should i jump? || i can't choose

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xx Nicole Rose


Katy Perry - Roar

Huh. I never thought I would like this song. o.O
And then it got stuck in my head...

"I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything"

^^loving those lyrics^^

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Wind whipping.
Feet slipping.
I need to get away.

Breaths heavy.
Heart unsteady.
I can't go back; everything's disarray.

Tears falling.
Names calling.
They cannot make me stay.

whilst the world transforms || i am left to walk this worn road [alone]

thanks for reading this interesting post. <3
xx Nicole Rose

moments [11]

// happy moments //

when you're actually making progress.
shopping! [finally]
remembering, feeling, thinking, expressing...
reading everyone's beautiful comments.
everyday, it gets closer and closer to meeting her. <3

\\ sad moments \\

learning about governments. [Y U SO CONFUSING?]
horrible editing thing that has to be done: scene cutting.
when inspiration is there but there's no words to express it.
when you're running low on post ideas.
when the days drag on... [this is both good & bad]

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a wordless post; autumn edition


Autumn Leaves - Un Peu De Tout Absolutely magical - makes us excited for autumn

Autumn Swing... I would lve this!

Autumn can not get here fast enough! My favorite season. I totally agree!!

It's Autumn...just few days...

I'd love to go for a walk down this path with my family <3

My favorite season is Autumn...this would be good with a couple standing off in the distance.

// autumn is coming //

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Latest Obsession: Macaroons

Pretty Macarons by Macaron Fetish~Macaron Inspiration board by Bella Bella Studios! #macaroon #macarons #cookies #dessert #bellabellastudios #party #birthday #sweets #treats #French #paris

macarons / Le Parisien magazine


Adorable pink macaroons, yum!

Color- Pastels ** / Pastel macarons ooh la la!

Eat macaroons with Britt!#sweets #macaroon #desserts

Preciosos macarons! / Beautiful macarrons!

strawberry and blueberry Macaroons

macaroons.....i thought they were pretty patties

Macaroon - Caplan Miller Events ~Macaron Inspiration Board by Bella Bella Studios! #macaroon #macarons #cookies #dessert #bellabellastudios #party #birthday #sweets #treats #French #paris


[photos via pinterest]

.... *stomach growls* ...

Okay, is it just me, or do these macaroons, *repeatedly scrolls through photos* look amazing? I haven't had them in a long time, but for some reason they are calling out to me. o.O *resists the temptation to start a macaroon pinterest board*

Hmm...maybe I can find recipe. I'm sure Pinterest is full of 'em.
Maybe I can take this chance to channel my inner Peeta. ;)


*squeals* Yum.

What's your latest obsession?

thanks for reading this strange post. <3
xx Nicole Rose

Take Me Away || a short story

[photo via pinterest]

fancy dress + tree.
She quietly hums to herself, her fingers linked and resting as she stares at the cloudy sky through the cracks in the foliage above. A bird calls in the distance and she doesn't move or react. She lets her eyelids slide shut, waiting as patiently as her heart and body will allow.

The bird calls again, and this time, it is closer. She shifts in her spot on the low tree branch, anticipating, trying her best to keep herself relaxed. But her heart beats rapidly in her chest. How long has it been? How much longer shall I have to wait?

"Chirp, chirp." Says a voice beside her ear. As her heart jumps up to her throat, she turns her head and opens her eyes. His round orbs shimmer back, a welcoming sight in the growing darkness of the forest.

Swiftly, because she cannot wait any longer, her fingers find his hair and their lips meet after an eternity of chaotic wait. She finds herself shifting off her tree and into his arms, his feet moving to press her back into the scratchy bark. Her heart thumps even faster in her chest, as they break their kiss to breathe.

"I've come back for you." His gasping words drift into her ear.

"I know." Is her whispered reply.

"Will you allow me to take you away?" His tone chokes with emotion and a small smile moves her lips.

He's asked her this before, and she finds herself remembering the day that was so full of love and loss her closed eyes fill with the dreaded tears she's tried to keep hidden from the world--and him.

"Yes," she whispers, her own voice swelling with emotion.

He moves her away from the tree, setting her down on her feet. Though her eyes are still closed she can feel his warmth--his love and joy--radiating toward her in an ecstatic wave of bliss.

"Where to first?"

She opens her eyes, looking first at his parted lips that curl up into a smile, then to his glistening eyes that rock her world. "'To the place where the sun sets and the moon rises.'" She pauses, letting him finish her phrase.

"'And the ocean meets the land where the birds touch down.'"

She moves in to touch their lips again, wrapping her arms around his neck to keep him from leaving her again. So many times he's left, and every time he seems to return. But she doesn't like to take her chances.

"Are you sure?" He breathes against her mouth.

"I'm sure." She inhales before diving into another emotional tide of euphoric enchantment.

So this is what it's like to have someone take you away.

* * *

There's been so much pain, so much loss,
and we wonder how to mend ourselves.
Sometimes we can't heal alone;
we need another broken down soul
to complete and fill the parts of us
that we cannot reach.

* * *

     Whoa, drama! >.< Hehe, but I like it...
I loved writing this. I felt so mysterious; especially since it's written in a different point of view than usual. :}

What are your thoughts?

thanks for reading. <3


p.s. yeah, that quote up there?'s mine...


Hello September

[photo via pinterest]

September means new things.

September means fall is coming.

September means summer is officially over.

September means less time for writing.

September means panic mode: engaged.

September means it's time to be social.

September means summertime sadness.

September means birthdays and braces jaw surgery...?

What does September mean to you?

thanks for reading. <3


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