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How To Remove Those Dots

I'm sure we all know of the dots I'm talking about. But if not, here's an example:

Do you see those dots? Personally, those little suckers annoy me so I am going to rid the world of them. Single-handedly. But with help.
Note: I believe these dots show up if you are using the Simple template on Blogger. So if you are not using that template for your blog, congrats! You probably don't have to do this tutorial. ;)
Alright. Now. Here are the instructions:
1. Log into Blogger and select the blog you'd like to rid of the "dots disease".
2. Go to Template >>> Customize >>> Add CSS.
3. In the box, insert this code:
.blog-pager { background: transparent; }
4. Save your changes and voila! You are done! :)
BONUS CODE: Since we're here, let's make those links pretty. ;) Plug this code into the CSS box:
.blog-pager { background: transparent;
text-transform: uppercase; } This will make the links uppercase. If you'd like to make them lowerc…

Justin -- Fictional Character

Justin. Sarcastic. Opinionated. Hot. <-- Yep, I said it. •-•
* * *
Hello my lovely readers. Today I'd like to introduce you to my fave boy character whom I invented. His name is Justin. He's the main character in my first completed book, The Memory Keeper (read a sneak peek here). I wanted to share Justin with you because, well, I did this a while back with Zarek, and I received so nice comments about him. :) So I thought what the hey, I may as well share another character with them. :}
So, yes. This is Justin. He's rough and sarcastic on the outside. But his insides are like melted chocolate--sweet, gooey, and totally amazing. O.o

Here's a little Justin snippet. I hope you guys enjoy it. >.<

* * *
Muffled voices ring around my ears, gradually waking me up from my sleep. Someone laughs when I groan and I roll over, shying away from all the noise. When I get the courage, I open my eyes, surprised by how dark it is. The walls, ceiling and floor are black from wha…

Guess who completed their goal? ;)

I cut to feel the pain. / I hurt to watch you wither. I'm mad because of the bad things. / You did nothing to make it better. You make me want to stop breathing. / You're causing too much pain. You anger me. / You madden me. / You cause me to scream out. 
But I don't hate you.
* * *
Phew. Sorry about that. I needed to get that out. Mhm. So lately everything has been kinda icky and tense. BUT, I have some good news!
Alright, which one of you can guess?
No one?
Okay, I'll just tell you.
*throws confetti around and wiggle-dances under the moonlight*
Hehehe, okay, okay. I'll stop. But seriously, thank you guys SO much. I've finally completed one of my goals and I could never be more proud. (Of you, my readers.) I kinda thought it would take forever, yah know? Because, like, who'd wanna follow my blog? I'm an insecure rambler. O-O *cough* Anyway. Thank you guys. Just thank you. I will reward you all soon, I pr…

300th post

Yes guys. This is my 300th post! *throws confetti into air and dances around* I can't believe it! THREE HUNDRED POSTS! (and plenty more to come. ;)) We should do something to celebrate this. Like... Um... I don't know. Let's have a dance party!
(/o_o)/ move to the right!
\(o_o\) move to the left!
\(o_o)/ freeze!
~(o_o)~ wiggle it out!

^ I make myself laugh. >.< #selfhumor
*cough* So, yes. That's all I'm really capable of doing right now. I would do more but since I'm "sick", I can't do anything without hauling a box of tissues around. (My mother says it's just allergies but it sure doesn't feel that way.)
I wish I had more to say to you guys. Erm... Oh! I currently have 98 followers, which is 2 away from my goal! If my followers need motivation, just remember what I said about that probable giveaway. ;) <-- Me? Bribe you? Psh, never. o.o
Alright, well, I better go. I need to go watch Lost on Netflix! (/O-O)/
+Morgan Colflesh: