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How To Remove Those Dots

I'm sure we all know of the dots I'm talking about. But if not, here's an example:

Do you see those dots? Personally, those little suckers annoy me so I am going to rid the world of them. Single-handedly. But with help.

Note: I believe these dots show up if you are using the Simple template on Blogger. So if you are not using that template for your blog, congrats! You probably don't have to do this tutorial. ;)

Alright. Now. Here are the instructions:

1. Log into Blogger and select the blog you'd like to rid of the "dots disease".

2. Go to Template >>> Customize >>> Add CSS.

3. In the box, insert this code:

.blog-pager { background: transparent; }

4. Save your changes and voila! You are done! :)

BONUS CODE: Since we're here, let's make those links pretty. ;) Plug this code into the CSS box:

.blog-pager { background: transparent;
text-transform: uppercase; }

This will make the links uppercase. If you'd like to make them lowercase instead, just change that underlined bit to "lowercase".

Need help? Have a suggestion? Like telling people random bits of information? Then just comment below! I'd love to hear from you! :)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Bekah Joan29.3.14


    1. Rose C29.3.14

      Haha, you are very welcome. :)

      Thank you for commenting. <3

  • Madeline29.3.14

    OH MY GOODNESS. THOSE DOTS AND THE FEELINGS OF HATE I HAVE FOR THEM. My blog is a mash of leftover designs by other people and my own stuff, so I don't think I have them. But now I need to check!

  • Neeli Vanacore4.4.14

    idk how to do this stuff

  • Jenn Whiteman23.8.14

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Sarah P12.4.15

    Great tip! I don't use the simple template but when I did those dots were so annoying!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon


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