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What Makes You, YOU? Winners.

It has been a little over a week since my What Makes You, YOU? Contest ended. :) I originally received three beautiful entries, but because of the late entries allowance, four more people entered. Here are their names, and links to their blogs;
Brooke Jessica Bethan Abby Mackenzie Neeli Molly
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Now, as promised, here are the top three entrants. Please remember that the top three were picked randomly, via None of these entries were rated in anyway, nor were they judged.
In third place we have the lovely Brooke Elise. She was my first entrant and I must say, she has a lovely writing style. Just see for yourself below.

+ + +
How does one describe a person that they themselves don't know that much about? Do they stumble around guessing- or do they get to the facts and miss the most important parts?

You would think that after fifteen years in living in the same body you would know yourself from the tips of your hairs to your little toes. But believe it or not- I don't. I …

Party Time! \(o-o)/

Hello and welcome back to Truly. Madly. Deeply. ;) Today I am going to post about something very important so listen up. My dear Mackenzie Rae is having a blog part over at her (FLAWLESS) blog, think. eat. write. read. (please click the linky dink) and I am going to be participating! >.< Even though it ends on May 1st, I think you guys should participate too! For more details go here, here, here, or HERE.
Or here. •-•

^ Look at this beautiful button. <3
Now it's time to answer the important questions. :}
1. What do you like most about my blog? What I like most about your blog is that you're the one who created it. Which makes your blog flawless. ;)

2. What are some tips/advice I could use to help improve my blog? Um, hmm... Alright. Personally, I don't think there's anything you need to do to improve your blog. It's perfect the way it is. But that's not exactly the most helpful answer so, let me think... I guess, if you wanted, you could post more oft…

Wake Up, Darling.

Wake up darling, it's time to rise. Sit up, stretch your limbs, and put a smile on that tired face. Tomorrow is gone, and it's a new day.

Wake up darling, open the blinds. Open the window if you have to, and stick your head out. Smell the air. Breathe. Let the morning sun hit your cheeks. Ahh. A fresh start.

Are you awake, darling? Get dressed now. Put on your worn sweater, and jeans, or favorite graphic tee. Decided whether or not it's worth it to find the matching pair to your sock, and if you'd like attempt to untangle that mass of hair on your head. Whatever you'd like.

Now darling. Are you ready? Because it's adventure time.

+ + +
Thank you for reading. <3

words to use more often

Your efficiency was omitted due to the fact that I loath your gruesome residency among us. And regardless of your delightful, lovely, proper, unique and dandy properties, you are not flawless. So on the behalf of everyone in our peckish realm, begone. Skedaddle. Do not stop to contemplate. Just allow us to dictate--or rather, discombobulate those of us who know the mayhap.

+ + +
*takes a deep breath* ...okay. Wow. I don't even know what I just wrote. o.O But I thought it would be cool to stop there, and see what you guys can come up with in the comments. ;)

What can story can you tell, using at least one of the words above?

Human | a reminder

Christina Perri - Human

"I can hold my breath I can bite my tongue I can stay away for days If that's what you want Be your number one"
+ + +
Also, just as a reminded, my contest will be ending on April 22nd, so if you want to enter, you have today and tomorrow to prepare your entry. :}
Thanks for reading. <3


Tendrils, like curled pieces of hair. Tendons, like taught strings on a guitar. Perfection, like what you are. Love, like what you and I have.
+ + +
Wispy whisperer whispering to me // Passing passerby crossing a feeble fee // Perfect imperfections in you // Loving that lovely hatred in me.

Thank you for reading. <3
So I'm currently reading City of Ashes, the second book in the Mortal Instrument series. I'm also struggling to find the right words when I write. I have "Human" by Christina Perri on repeat and I am eagerly awaiting for June 6th to come, so I can see my baby again.

I'm learning to deal with annoying siblings, rowdy dogs, loud noises and immense bundles of dog fur embedded in my leggings. I'm watching it turn from Spring to Winter in less than 24 hours. I'm missing Mackenzie and wishing to be with her. I'm wondering, where has all my time gone? and better yet; what am I doing with it?
I'm refusing to watch Frozen because I hate being "late to the parties", but hey at least Catching Fire won the MTV movie awards. I really love Niall Horan's face--our ship name is Nose. Yeah. Everyone picks it. (You seriously can't deny that). I'm also really loving Josh (Hutcherson's) blonde hair, and I kinda can't wait to publish the …

Short Randomness

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The weather is finally warming up. The ice is melting away, along with the writer's block that has been frozen into my brain for way too long. Click here if you'd like to see what I mean. But of course, when my writer's block has diminished, I have lost any ideas I had. I have the drive back; I just don't know what to use it for.

Anyway. How's life for you, my dear readers? I hope you're achieving goals and climbing mountains. Whatever it is you kids do these days. ;)

Thank you for reading.

Hey There Mackenzie

*explodes from too much flawlessess*

Hey there Mackenzie, What's it like in your city? I'm a couple hundred miles away But girl, tonight you look so pretty FLAWLESS Yes you do Times Square can't shine as bright as you I swear it's true
Hey there Mackenzie Don't you worry about the distance (problems) I'm right there if you get lonely Give this song another listen Close your eyes Read my words, it's my disguise I'm by your side
Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me You're my HG Buddy Oh it's what you do to me What you do to me
Hey there Mackenzie I know times are getting hard But just believe me, girl Someday I'll pay the bills with some blog designs We'll have it good We'll have the life we knew we would My word is good
Hey there Mackenzie I've got so much left to say If every simple song I parodied for you Would take your breath away I'd write it all Even more times you'd call We'd have it all

What Makes You, YOU? [That Giveaway/Contest I Promised.]

It is time for that long awaited giveaway (which has kinda morphed into a contest) and I'm so excited! :) Please read this post thoroughly and carefully.

Le Contest:
     I have over one hundred followers now, but the thing is, I don't know anything about you guys. I know it's unreasonable to think I could get to know everyone of you personally (I mean, my memory is horrid). But sometimes I ask myself things. Like, why did you follow me? To read my words? To communicate with me, and others? To broaden your view? To see how often my blog design changes? ;) I've asked myself not only these questions, but also ones along the lines of; who exactly are my readers?

So with this contest, I hope to gain an understanding of who you guys and what you'd like to become.

How To Enter:

     I want to learn about you. The "motto" for this contest is "What Makes You, YOU?" so create something that answers this question.
     Your entry can come in the format of …