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Name Calling.

We have this thing at my house where you may only call the people around you by their given name, or--depending on my mother's mood--you could be getting yourself into some serious trouble.

I can't call my siblings such names as stupid or buttface or idiot and they can't do the same to me. Most importantly though, you can't call yourself these names.

Though I'm quite guilty of doing so.

Personally, I find myself quite annoying and I tend to give in to calling myself bad names because I made a mistake and it seems like the whole world just likes or even just wants to be mad at me.

Is that self-pity? Or self-hate? Perhaps it's both. I don't know. But I want to tell you something and I'd appreciate it if you listened to me.

Don't call other people by names that aren't their designated one. Because we're all fighting this inward battle full of cannon balling thoughts and igniting doubts.

And it hurts when someone who isn't you, feeds t…

Oh, So Busy.

Hello there, my dear readers. :) Goodness, I feel like I haven't written a "real post" in ages. But I'm sure it hasn't been that long...

So guess who's been a busy bee? This girl has! \(>.<)/ I got twelve orders on my design blog in two days (Mind = Blown). At first I was astonished this many people wanted to work with me, and wanted me to design their blog. I was/am so happy. But of course, that's twelve designs. Twelve people vying for my attention and I have to be attentive to each one. I have to double check I'm giving the right person what they want (sometimes I'm so easily confused...), and have to make sure there are enough creative juices to go around. So far it's been well. It just annoys me that my email inbox is so full. -.- I'm (usually) the type of person who replies to their emails just to make my inbox number get closer to zero. o.O

So, yes... maybe I could share with you guys some of the designs I've done. :} I do…

Clothes Don't Apply--In The Summer

via | enjoy this random photo of the ocean.
No, it's not that kind of post. But I sure bet the post title caught your eye. ;)

Ahh. Summer. It is here my friends (or it everything is just cold and wet -.-). And as it rolls in--knocking Spring to the side--so does the heat. And thus my wardrobe drastically changes from sweatshirts and leggings to large (borrowed) shirts and shorts. It's also time to pull out the razor and shave away my still attached winter coat. -.-

^ something cute I wish I could wear. ^
*cough* Anyways. Summer. Lots of heat but also, lots of free time. My mother has decided my summer project is to learn how to drive. (Oh...yay... *sobbing consists in background*) And I hope to hang out with Kenz. But we'll see how June 6th goes. Also, I'm planning on getting lots of writing done, AND looking into (advanced) CSS and HTML for Blogger. AAAAAND I will hopefully take a writing class over the course of a few weeks. Maybe. I don't really know. …

May I ask for your [honest] opinion?

Alrighty. I recently just completed my one hundredth blog design order [insert celebratory balloons, glitter cannons, and thrown pies here]. ;} And I was talking to my mother about this in the car, to and from the store. Basically, what she said was; "You've been doing your designs for a long time, right? So why don't you start charging for your services?"
This got me thinking, and in my eyes, I feel as though charging for my designs would probably make me feel like I'm getting cocky, and too proud of my work, yah know? But I wanted to ask you guys, my honest readers; do YOU think my services are worth spending money on? Like seriously. If you wanted a new design would you choose me, even if it cost you ten dollars? I know most of it is just a matter of opinion. Every designer has their own way of doing things. Their own unique style. It all depends on what the "order-er" wants. I'd like to know if I have the capabilities of giving such things t…
"Look," she breathed, studying the sky. "Oh, look... Do you see it?"
He looked down at her, his eyes twinkling like the many stars above. "Yes..."
"Isn't it beautiful?"
"Yes...yes it is..."
She looked back at him, meeting his gaze. They were both thinking the same thing, and they were both scared of it. She ducked her head as his eyes moved away, focusing on the ground and the stars and the distance between them.
+ + +
Oh, the fragile doubts of these teenage souls. Why is it that they fear each other? Why is it that they must disregard their feelings? Their emotions?
All I can say is; be brave. Take a leap of faith.
Because there is a chance it will work out.

*That* Feeling...

Do you ever get that feeling where, there's so much to do, but not enough time to do it?

I've been feeling that lately.

There isn't enough time to write. There isn't enough time to complete that project. There isn't enough to conjure up an idea. There isn't enough time in the day. Ect. Ect.

Those are the only thoughts I've been having lately. But in reality, it's just my "procrastinator" side.

There is enough time. I just kinda don't wanna sit down and get it done. Yah know?

Sometimes I'm able to control myself and peel myself away from the worldly distractions around me. But usually, I just stay where I am, allowing my duties to wash away, along with my much needed brain cells.

My strictly disciplined self is fading.

I'm slipping.

Aren't I?


Rihanna - Disturbia
"It's a thief in the night To come and grab you It can creep up inside you And consume you A disease of the mind It can control you It's too close for comfort"
+ + +
Ahhh... I love this song. XP And now that we got Just Dance 4 back, I know the dance, and can move along to it, as I listen. ;)

Pink Hair.

For Easter, I received pink hair dye. If you guys have been around long enough to read this post, you should know that I've had an obsession with colored hair for quite a while. And now that I've finally been able to experience the process of hair coloring; I sympathize those of you who have dyed your whole head. Just doing the ends of my hair was a challenge. It wasn't hard, per se, but since my mom was the one who did it, and I'm not that particularly patient...yeah... I was excited. The dye had to sit for around an hour. Fun fun, right? And then after all that waiting, it washed out in the shower (insert internal sobbing here). -_-

Oh well. I'm totally up for dying it again though. The color made me feel powerful and one of a kind. O-O

Also, I just thought I'd share with you this adorable cutie;

Meet Micheal Clifford. One of the members from 5SOS. I think we both share a love for colored hair. Just google him and look through the photos. He's so colorfu…