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Guest Post by Bethan

Hey there! It's Bethan from Think. Read. Write. Dream.

The beautiful Rose was kind enough to let me guest post on her amazing blog - which is such an honour! I'll start with a little about myself. :)

I'm 14 years old, with curly brown hair, eyes that don't really have a specific colour and very pale skin. I'm also really small... I'm right-handed, a bit socially awkward, a perfectionist and a tiny bit crazy. I am a Christian that loves reading, writing, blogging and drawing. I've wanted to be a writer since I was really young and am always daydreaming. I love to play the piano, and have just passed my Grade 4 exam.

If you enjoy this guest post, you can head over to my blog where I post book hauls, occasional tags and awards, quite a few of my writings and a little bit of randomness (okay.. a lot of randomness.)

Here's a little taste of my writings. I hope you enjoy. :)

The sky is dark with grey clouds and I hear a faint rumbling coming from above. The r…

Guest Post by Elisabeth

im elisabeth, 13 year old girl who lives in the rocky mountains. i am a photographer, dancer and a lover of God. He is the reason that i love photographing the beauty of this earth and the reason i dance.  i try to glorify Him through everything i do. i love sunrises, but am often too sleepy to get up and watch them. i have an obsession with shoes and clothes and editing my photos. i am in love with brownies and tumblr and mint green and coral are some of my favorite colors, along with light grey. i dislike donuts and plain black coffee, but really like sweet coffees from starbucks ;) if you like this guest post then you can follow along with my blog and tumblr too :*  feel free to email me as well if you have any comments!

xx, elisabeth 


photo by my best friend mika 

sunrise in the east 
it was dark, one of those rare occasions when i did get up early enough to see the sun wake up. we were getting up at five am to hike up a nearby mountain and watch the dawn. as we drov…

What do you see in the white space?

(a prompt from my writing camp)
   Nothingness in its prime state.
   Blank, white space, asking to be filled.
   A square of whispering, craving absentness.
   I see something I want to fill in with words and doodles and inspirational nothings. I want to scribble quotes or attempt to draw pictures in that space. I can’t stand that it’s naked and bare, as it is now.
   I see nothing that has the potential to turn and transform into something: bigger, better, bolder.
   And full.

The Past

My past is like a dirty window. On the dawning of every new day, I must wipe it clean to remove the staining memories of what has happened to me. It's a ritual I perform so that I may move forward.

Sometimes, though, I run out of Windex, and I'm not able to clean it as well as I wish. The dirt that remains smeared across the glass haunts me. It paralyzes me. The miserable memory that comes with the dirty foregoing plays within me, overtaken head, causing me to relive the pain over and over and over again.

My advice? Stock up on Windex, or form the ability to gratefully forget what has been done to you, and the petty mistakes you have made, so that your soul may become uplifted and free.

Don't tie yourself to your windowsill.

(And always remember to buy Windex in bulk.)

Tutorial: Accordion Button

Hello there. :) As requested, today I am going to help all you lovely bloggers out with making an accordion button.
An accordion button is when you have a series of titles or links and when you click one, it opens to reveal hidden content. o.o If you need a better example, just check out the bottom of my sidebar, and click on "Copyright", "Search", or "Sponsors". :)
Now to make this lovely little gadget, you'll need to:
1. Log into your blogger account. 2. Select the blog you'd like to add this button to. 3. Go to your blog's Layout, and click "Add a Gadget". 4. Select the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget, and paste the following code into it:
<center><style type="text/css">

#wrapper {
width: 250px;
margin-left: 50;
margin-right: 50;
border-top: 0;
border-bottom: 0;
padding: 5px;
background: #bbb;

.accordionButton {
width: 250px;
float: none;
cursor: pointer;
color: #000000;

What are you afraid of?

via pinterest
People scare me. Social situations give me anxiety. Success frightens me. The thought of having everlasting happiness makes me shiver with doubt.

I am afraid of these things. Why? Because they are good. Because they will make things easier. But--if I allow them to, they'll change things. Everything. They'll change me, and my life.

They'll change how I think.

For the longest time, change scared me. I thought I needed to stay the same. I thought I needed to stay afraid. But I can tell you now, as I continue on with my self-discovering journey, that there's nothing to be afraid of. Yes, change is change. Change is new. Change brings experiences. But change is healthy. Change is good.

Spill your fears to me. Tell me, what frightens you?

I have so many ideas, and so little time...


I've created a writers group, so I can check that off my list of dream tasks (huzzah!) but now that I've completed one task, I've come to reveal that I have a whole other bunch of ideas to set upon making real, as well.

I want to--oh so badly want to--create a writers support group, in the form of a collaboration blog. Mackenzie and I had considered doing this, but since we haven't talked much lately, I guess... Well, maybe there are some volunteers out there who would like to help me make this idea come to life? Hm? If not, it's alright, I may have to postpone this dream for a (small) while anyway because I am very busy grooming other dreams. Like...

+ My writers group. As mentioned previously, this group is to help me prepare my manuscript for publication, but is very much still in the "forming phase".

+ (The research of) Getting my book(s) published. Gosh guys, this is going to be a lot harder than I thought (did you know an author must do most o…

YAWP 2014

Hello! Today's post is dedicated to telling you about the first week of my writing camp. :)

Note: I was going to tell you about each day to day activity, but seeing as how I am referring back to my memory, and not written notes, I've decided just to pour my discombobulated words into this post. Hopefully you will be able to decipher them as you read on.
The first day I was the complete definition of a nervous wreck. I was excited and anxious, because I didn't know anyone and I was so, so ready to learn something new (and so, so ready to write).
The room was buzzing with activity when I stepped in. I was asked to "sign in", make a name tag, then find a seat. The noise of the room was overbearing and I feel as though I stood stupidly in the middle of everything, still trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Eventually, I migrated over to sit down on some random empty seat at a quiet table.
The room slowly settled down, and the camp leaders gave us some…

Wake Me Up + A note to my writers critique group participants.

Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran
"I should ink my skin with your name And take my passport out again And just replace it See I could do without a tan On my left hand, Where my fourth finger meets my knuckle And I should run you a hot bath And fill it up with bubbles."

I swear, Ed Sheeran is an angel sent from our God above to properly vocalize my feelings and thoughts...

+ + +
Thank you to those who signed themselves up for my writers critique group. I can't wait to work with you guys. Expect an introductory email from me soon. :)

Hey, would you like to help me out?

Alright, so I've been thinking (these words should flash like a warning sign) and I believe it's time to test my edited manuscript on some of my readers. I want to know if it's done--or if it needs to improve. So with that, I'd like to ask you; would you like to help me?

You may sign yourself up in the comments or ask questions about this "business" as well.

Really, all I'm looking for is a group of nice writers who won't hold back on me--a writing critique group. I want to share my writing and, help is grow. I need to weed out all the rough patches and then gently spray it with a power hose.

Would you like to help me do this?

If so, I very much encourage you to comment. I think I'm going to limit my number of editorial readers to five--though, I'm sure not a lot of you will be interested in doing this, which is understandable, so I may not have to worry about that.

Some Guidelines To Consider:

+ You must be thirteen years or older (unless you …

Dear Paper Book,

I enjoy adding to your blank pages, and scribbling the words my brain conjured up, just to get rid of the white space. You know I can't stand it when you're bare and blank. It's hard for me to look at you when you're this way. So I fill you up. I change you. To make myself feel better.

When I add to you--when I change you--do you know how wonderful that makes me feel? To have my thoughts flow out of my brain, through my pen, and onto your wonderful white skin. It's a beautiful, extravagant progress.

And sometimes I can't help but think you enjoy it too.

Did you know?

Did you know, due to certain happenings, our dear Mackenzie Rae has no contact to Internet, social media, email, blogger, and--me?

Did you know that she probably won't come back for a long, long time?
Did you know that I thought she was going to come back--I waited for her, for the whole month of June, and even now--but now she probably won't?
Did you know we were supposed to see The Fault In Our Stars movie together, and that didn't happen either?
Did you know I am sad because of these happenings?
Did you know it's been very hard for me to move on?

+ + +
I am being tested.

Every day, there is something I must overcome. Little by little I am conquering these things, straightening my shoulders and holding my chin high. God has chosen this time of absence and loss to open me up to things I didn't know existed--things I didn't know I wanted.

I am discovering myself, like one would discover the whole-embodied inner earth. I'm peeling back the layers and minera…

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Truly. Madly. Deeply.
I hope you take the time to look around, and perhaps marvel at the new look this blog has taken on.
It is now July first, and with the changing of the month along with the new developments of life around me, I've decided that I need a fresh start.
I've done some thinking, and along with this fresh start will come a new set of eyes, ways of thinking, and array of words. I will be writing long, short, subtle, awkward, inspiring passages. And most importantly, I will be expressing myself without restraint.
Welcome back old readers, and hello new readers. I hope you have fun reading the swirling words that make up Truly. Madly. Deeply. :)
Read my new and improved about page.
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