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My Soul

My soul is restless.

Much too often it detaches itself from me to feel the freedom of the room. It hates being bounded by the confines of my all too human body - something I try to understand.

So I let it go.

I watch it waltz around with the other freed souls. I watch it shake hands with strangers, smile wide at passerby, and strike up conversations with unknowns. I watch it wiggle around in the center of a bustling crowd, not caring because it's independent and unrestricted.

And f r e e.

Sometimes I wonder if that soul is really mine. Something so separate couldn't actually belong to me. But every night, when the soul is tired, it returns to the hollowed out bones in which it resides (that's me).



My soul - that wild, tangled, maddened soul - is mine me. It's me.

How crazy is that?

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Thank you for reading. <3

Another post where I try to uplift myself while conveying a repetitious message to my readers.

[via pinterest] I kinda just want to curl up in bed right now and write/read/cry/sleep...
Sometimes I have a really hard time sitting myself down to write a post for my blog. There's a broad span of topics out there that my brain picks at random, and when I pick one to start writing about, I feel as though it's not good enough. My thoughts constantly say "someone could write this better" so I usually stop and push the writing away to be finished on another day.

Why do I do this to myself? I think it's because deep down, I'm afraid of what you guys will think. I'm afraid I'll write about something and it just won't live up to your standards - or even my own. I hate feeling as though I've failed someone, and I hate feeling as though I've failed myself, so I don't do anything. Which causes me to get stuck and feel like I've failed myself anyway. The whole ordeal is so confusing, yet its resolve is so simplistic.

I need to lower my exp…