Happy Birthday Kenz ♡

January 29th. Doesn't sound too significant, does it? Well I am going to change this date's meaning. Today is the day my flawless Mackenzie was born! #thisdaynowmeanseverythingtoyoudoesntit? ;)

And here's the birthday girl now.
Do NOT ask how I got this photo.
You really don't want to know... #stalker

Our dear Mackenzie Rae is now 17 years old. *spits water at computer screen then frantically wipes it away* WHAT?!? WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT...this can't be true. No no no, it can't be. Nope. I can't believe this. I refuse to even consider the possibility that with every passing second my beautiful baby is getting older. O-O *cough* Oh, but it is. The realistic part of me is scowling as it realizes the truth hidden beneath the earth and in between the layers. Time is passing us by all too fast and my dear Mackenzie truly is, seventeen. (I was going to share this totally unrelated song called "Seventeen" by Marina and the Diamonds but...I couldn't find the clean version. >.<)

In her seventeen years of life, Mackenzie has accomplished many things. I don't know a lot of them. I mean, I've only been her friend for two years now, but those two years have actually shown me a lot.

Like, for one thing, Kenz has the biggest, most beautiful imagination there is. Sometimes she acts like a five year old--the lovey dovey kind you just wanna pick up and cuddle with, yah know?--and in all honesty her red locks of hair truly fascinate me. She has this superb drawing/artistic talent that has been ingrained into her gorgeously cold hands. She's short-ish but not someone you should underestimate. If she says she'll be there for you, by the great God in heaven she will be there. She's gentle and persuasive, kind and sensitive. And just a warning to her future boyfriends(s <-- I feel bad for putting this "s" here...); if you hurt her, I swear I will find you, and make you pay for the crime you have committed. Is that understood?

[the smile of innocence shall be inserted here] I am so utterly blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to get to know Mackenzie. I mean, she gives me a meaning. She gives me something to live for. And as she's been here for me, I realize how truly thankful I am because I just don't know where I'd be without her...

*whispers* I made this and I'm actually rather proud of it...

Now, for the singing portion of this post. *grabs microphone off stand* Ansel, would you like to do the honors?

Yes. We know.

Now sing pretty boy! SING! \(•-•)/

"Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dearest-ever-so-flawless Mackenzie,
happy birthday to you!"

*claps hands and sniffles* Wasn't that beautiful Kenz? You picked yourself a keeper. •-•

Now it's time for cake. <3_<3

I, um, made this too. I hope you like it... It's quite glittery, isn't it? >.< Well, you know what they say. If you make a mistake pour glitter on it. <-- I don't think anyone says that... •-•

I think that's all for now. You shall receive your present soon my love (or maybe you already have. this is a scheduled post after all. •-•)
But to make up for my lack of "postly presents", I have written up a writing passage for you, my dear. Enjoy. <3

* * *

   Seventeen years. That's all it took to shape you into the beautiful person you are today. To think that you were born on this very day, and to know that you, Mackenzie, are my best friend...why, it's all so overwhelming.
   I know you're scared to grow up. I know you're scared of the outside world, and the scary, mean people within its confines. But you, my dear, you shouldn't be afraid. Because I will be by your side, every step of the way. I'm here for you as you have been for me. Someday, on one of your future birthdays I'll be able to drive you down to that little cottage in the woods we've talked about. There will be a glitterized pathway--the only kind of path fit for such a flawless being as your self. I'll smear cake on your cheeks. We'll giggle and settle down into a cuddle with our Peeta blankets. I won't release your hand and you won't mind. Everything will be at peace.

   Now, Mackenzie, you have this special gift within you, something you've shared with me over our past two years of friendship. Your genuine brightness. The life I once lived has brightened because of you. I smile every day. I get showered in unnecessary compliments. I receive love that I know I don't deserve.
   The world is blessed to have your wondrous mind. The ground is glad to host your stride. The people around you are fortunate and lucky to be able to see your face, to hear your voice and to be touched by your hands--or to even be smacked by a door when you're excited to hug someone. ;)
   And I, Rose, have this privilege to be your best friend. Your HG Buddy. Your one and only. Your soul mate. I know at times grief over shadows me, drowning out the thankfulness I should have for you. You think I'm the amazing one. The one who has blessed the earth with (utterly horrendous) thoughts and ideas but I, of course, do not agree with such unbearable and drastic notions.
   I think my friendly readers would agree when I say you are the divine and adored addition to this world. Not me. And we are fortunate to have you.
(I hope that got my message across... I feel like I got way off topic. >.<)
Here are some lyrics that reminded me of us. Because they are utterly true...

"You took the time to memorize me:
my fears, my hopes, and dreams.
I just like hangin' out with you, all the time.
All those times that you didn't leave;
It's been occurring to me I'd like to hang out with you, for my whole life.

And I'll be loving you for quite some time.
No one else is going to love me, when I get mad, mad mad.
So I think that it's best if we both stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."
(Song lyrics curtsey of Taylor Swift's song, Stay Stay Stay)

Again, happy birthday.

Remember, I love you.


xx Nicole Rose


I honestly don't know why I love this song so darn much.
I think it explains me.

"I'm sorry, mother... I'm sorry, I let you down
Well, these days I'm fine - no these days I tend to lie
I'll take the West train, just by the side of Amsterdam
Just by my left brain, just by the side of the Tin man"

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Things I Hate


I cannot tolerate it when someone sits on my bed.
   I can't sleep with my socks on--no matter how cold it is.
I hate it when I'm concentrating on my task, rather than listening to and enjoying the music that's being blasted in my ears.
   Dog hair. Tiny, itty bitty devils they are.
I hate it when someone is better than me and they know it.
   I hate how long it takes to learn things. About 90% of it is pointless.
I really, really don't like it when a certain somebody calls them-self ugly or fat or a "flaw-mess" I seriously cannot coincide with such talk.
   I don't like it when people talk about me as if I'm not in the room. I'm here. Acknowledge me.
I hate feeling bad about myself yet I find the cruel pain satisfying.
   I hate how I can smile on the outside but on the inside I'm falling apart.
I hate how in one minutes the world is crashing down on me, the seas of my own tears drowning me...
   And in the next moment I'm fine. Okay again.
I hate how sometimes I just want be be angry or mad or depressed even though it feels horrible.
   I hate knowing that there's a possibility I could fail when I take the chance.
I hate when people can find and use the words I wish I had.

I hate that I hate so many things.

What do you hate?

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1. a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

"An air of melancholy surrounded him."

* * *

Maybe I'm not depressed or sad or tired.
Maybe I'm just naturally melancholic.

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Six Word Stories [#2]

"My curiosity is piqued," she said.
 photo rect3790_zps32b28a26.png

Lately, I find myself...


Sometimes I find myself wiggling around for no reason. Or I'm making weird faces to myself while I shuffle our old deck of cards. Sometimes I find myself with my fingers in my hair, twirling and twisting, attempting to make my tangled locks into something pretty--or maybe I do it just to busy myself.

Lately I've found I can't stop singing (unless I'm concentrating really hard). I look at my reflection in the bathroom, studying myself, just for a few minutes. My face, which drops to look at my shoulders, rib cage and so on. Again, my fingers are in my hair, attempting to make it look I remembered to brush it after I took a shower. My hips are getting utterly wide.

I've let myself listen to "(Kissed You) Good Night", even though I teased my sister for listening to it. In random moments in time, I find myself, turned out, gripping a shelf or chair or digging my fingers into the wall as I study my legs. I like to see how long I can balance on my tip toes or how many turns I can do in bare feet--just to see if I've lost my touch.

I've been working on other things, when I should be typing out twelve hundred (1200) words a day.

I've forgotten to post.

School just doesn' for me.

Am I slipping? Or am I finally finding out who I really am?

xx Nicole Rose

How To Add A Post Divider

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to add a post divider between your posts in blogger!

What you'll need:

+ A photo
+ At least a small understanding of codes (and if you have no idea how to work with codes, that's okay! I'll try to make this as simple as possible. :})

1. Create (or even choose from your photos) a photo you'd like to do use for your post divider. My photo looks like this:

2. Next, upload your photo to Google (or any other photo carrier site).
3. Once your photo is uploaded, open a new tab and log into your Blogger account.
4. Go to Template >> Customize >> Add Css then paste this code into the box:

.post { background: url(IMAGE URL);

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: bottom center;

margin: .5em 0 1.5em;

padding-bottom: 5.5em; }

5. Now, go back your photo on Google, right click it, then select "Copy Image URL".
6. Go back to Blogger and paste that code into where it says "IMAGE URL".
7. Save your changes and voila! You should now have a fabulous post divider!

If you have any questions or if you tried this, leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you! :)

thanks for reading. <3


On this day, two years ago...

If you would have walked up to me two years ago and said my best friend was going to be a flawless ginger who obsesses over books and the arms of beautiful boys, I wouldn't have believed you. (Because come on, who would say such a thing?) But if you told me that now...I'd probably block you out so I could focus on texting mah baby. Because this amazing soul who has the privilege to listen to me complain, and whine, and explode everyday, is my best(est) friend.

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to mah dearest, most flawless HG Buddy, Mackenzie.

( and Molly )

^^ Yeah, um, Kenz, remember when you sent me that photo
and you told me not to save it?
Well uh... I kinda saved it. >.<

^^ And just for the fun of it here's a photo of us together.
(plz ignore mah...face)

*sniffles* I miss you. <3

Now, today is a very special day, for Mackenzie and I. You see, it's our Friendship Anniversary (*squeals*) and I am just--SO FLIPPING EXCITED. \(O-O)/ Like. OMG. I CAN'T CONCENTRATE. I LOVE YOU BABY. *GLITTER* TWO YEARS. OH MY. CAPS LOCK. I WANNA HUG YOU AGAIN!

*cough* Sorry, sorry. I couldn't help it. I'm really that excited. Too excited. Way excited. O_O

Anyways; since it is our anniversary, I wanted to share with you guys our first conversational transaction. Here it is:

M: Oh I’m sorry, you accidentally emailed me, not Emma. :)

R: Oops! Sorry! LOL Hi! :)

Isn't she just so sweet?! She typed a smiley face and everything. o.o

Now for the story of what started our friendship;

Once upon a time a girl named Emma sent out a group email. Mackenzie (that's you baby) replied to it and then--wait for it...I accidentally replied to her email! Which explains the conversational transaction I shared with you guys above. Thank goodness I clicked the wrong reply button because if I hadn't, think about where we could be. [insert dramatic alternate universe here]

So...yeah. Here are some friendship photos to push out the awkwardness;

^^ Kenz made this for me. <3

^^ When we sent each other written I love you's.

^^ We virtually hug each other everyday. ;)

^^ *snorts* Silly girl. She thinks unicorns can fly.
(There's a story behind this, dear reader.
Remind me to tell you about it sometime.)

^^ *rolls eyes* Nah uh... But thank you. <3


^^ And just for the heck of it, here's our good-bye huggy. 

Before I go, I just have one thing to say;

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away."

I love you, Mackenzie.

NigglyWiggly. <3

January 14th, at 4:56 PM.
It's an HG Buddy thing, you wouldn't understand.

Thanks for reading.


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Some Inspirational Photos I Found

They're sorted, because when I saw them I saved them for future use and then never got around to using them. So... Enjoy.

[all photos via Pinterest]

-- things / places

...with a road trip

-- flowers / plants

-- people

Rainy day

At the cafe with a journal...


Hair flick


♡ Little girl walking with a balloon #pink #photography #vintage #summer #kid #child #cute

-- drawings


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