Um, Rosie Don't Do Photography

*Starring Morgan & Rosie.*

This is a photo filled post. You have been warned...

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Last night, we were sad. So I picked up my camera and then Morgan whipped out hers and, well, this is the turn out. I hope you enjoyed our (mostly mine) wacky faces. :} Pst, Morgan... I'm pretty sure neither of us will become famous photographers anytime soon. ;)

Gosh, isn't Morgan beautiful?

Thank you for reading/viewing. <3

PS: Did anyone notice my pink hair? ;)

Name Calling.


We have this thing at my house where you may only call the people around you by their given name, or--depending on my mother's mood--you could be getting yourself into some serious trouble.

I can't call my siblings such names as stupid or buttface or idiot and they can't do the same to me. Most importantly though, you can't call yourself these names.

Though I'm quite guilty of doing so.

Personally, I find myself quite annoying and I tend to give in to calling myself bad names because I made a mistake and it seems like the whole world just likes or even just wants to be mad at me.

Is that self-pity? Or self-hate? Perhaps it's both. I don't know. But I want to tell you something and I'd appreciate it if you listened to me.

Don't call other people by names that aren't their designated one. Because we're all fighting this inward battle full of cannon balling thoughts and igniting doubts.

And it hurts when someone who isn't you, feeds the flames.

An Annoncement

Apple - Mac - iMac - iPad

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[This concerns my design business, so if you think that's boring or none of your concern, feel free to skip out on reading this post.]

Due to my busy summer plans, and the thought that I deserve a break, I will not be accepting any orders on my design blog, after May 31st. I've been working non-stop, and trying to conjure up creativity is very tiring, so I will be taking the whole month of June off. I will open back up on July 1st. By then I will have (hopefully) decided whether or not I shall start charging. So this means I will finish my current orders, and any that come in before the 31st, then I'm done! :}

I guess that's all for now. :) Thank you for reading. <3


Oh, So Busy.

Hello there, my dear readers. :) Goodness, I feel like I haven't written a "real post" in ages. But I'm sure it hasn't been that long...

So guess who's been a busy bee? This girl has! \(>.<)/ I got twelve orders on my design blog in two days (Mind = Blown). At first I was astonished this many people wanted to work with me, and wanted me to design their blog. I was/am so happy. But of course, that's twelve designs. Twelve people vying for my attention and I have to be attentive to each one. I have to double check I'm giving the right person what they want (sometimes I'm so easily confused...), and have to make sure there are enough creative juices to go around. So far it's been well. It just annoys me that my email inbox is so full. -.- I'm (usually) the type of person who replies to their emails just to make my inbox number get closer to zero. o.O

So, yes... maybe I could share with you guys some of the designs I've done. :} I don't know.

It's kinda sad (I guess? I don't know. There's probably a better word.) though, because recently my computer has been acting up and I've had to keep it on my desk (which is where I've been sitting all day). The other day I was sitting in bed and all of a sudden the screen just goes white. Then it like, faded to black. And went back to white. While it was doing this, I'm pretty sure my heart threw up into my stomach. I need this computer. I cannot function without it. Well, actually, I could. I'd just feel disconnected and sad because I wouldn't be able to do anything. :P Gosh, practically live on this thing. Our relationship cannot be healthy. -.-

Anyway, I guess all this has been to say, I'm busy, and don't have a lot of down time right now--nor do I have a properly functioning computer. But school is done for me, starting tomorrow. :) I'm so excited! My insides have been craving freedom ever since school started. O.o

Alrighty, well, I better go. These blogs won't design themselves. ;)

Thank you for reading. <3

Clothes Don't Apply--In The Summer

via | enjoy this random photo of the ocean.

No, it's not that kind of post. But I sure bet the post title caught your eye. ;)

Ahh. Summer. It is here my friends (or it everything is just cold and wet -.-). And as it rolls in--knocking Spring to the side--so does the heat. And thus my wardrobe drastically changes from sweatshirts and leggings to large (borrowed) shirts and shorts. It's also time to pull out the razor and shave away my still attached winter coat. -.-

Oversized shirt and shorts

^ something cute I wish I could wear. ^

*cough* Anyways. Summer. Lots of heat but also, lots of free time. My mother has decided my summer project is to learn how to drive. (Oh...yay... *sobbing consists in background*) And I hope to hang out with Kenz. But we'll see how June 6th goes. Also, I'm planning on getting lots of writing done, AND looking into (advanced) CSS and HTML for Blogger. AAAAAND I will hopefully take a writing class over the course of a few weeks. Maybe. I don't really know. I guess I gotta see how it goes?

Vintage Typewriter

Do you have any summer plans? :)

You Are Not Alone

If you haven't fallen into the depths of depression or anxiety, self-hurt or hatred, then you may want to turn back while you can. But before you go, let me congratulate you, dear reader, on your success, for so many wonderful human beings have broken down because they see world around them as unfair or--in a way--lost.

Life as we know it tends to get complicated as we grow up, taking in the our surroundings with a new and mature sense. When we were younger we saw the world through a "glitterized" film, a sparkling place full of possibilities and giggles, chocolate milk bubbles and friends. But we've grown, haven't we? From our childish minds that have been hit with reality, we recoil from this new found, fear-inflicting feeling. We discover the world for what it truly is; people trying to live.

I do not know any other way to put this but my dear friends the world is dying. The people around us are dying. We all think we're alone because our no one around us understands but believe me when I say we do. And when I say we I mean there's going to be--there's got to be--more than one person out there who knows what you are feeling and going through. I mean, there is over seven billion people on this planet. Wouldn't you think that someone out there is thinking or has thought the same as you?

Oh, don't be doubtful my. Do not doubt the world and its ways. Do not doubt God. For why would he put you here without a purpose? Why would he put you here just to be alone?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. -Hebrews 11:1

Have faith. Believe.

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I wrote this near the end of January, and ended up not posting it. I guess I thought it wasn't ready yet.

May I ask for your [honest] opinion?

Wood desk & flowers


Alrighty. I recently just completed my one hundredth blog design order [insert celebratory balloons, glitter cannons, and thrown pies here]. ;} And I was talking to my mother about this in the car, to and from the store. Basically, what she said was; "You've been doing your designs for a long time, right? So why don't you start charging for your services?"

This got me thinking, and in my eyes, I feel as though charging for my designs would probably make me feel like I'm getting cocky, and too proud of my work, yah know? But I wanted to ask you guys, my honest readers; do YOU think my services are worth spending money on? Like seriously. If you wanted a new design would you choose me, even if it cost you ten dollars? I know most of it is just a matter of opinion. Every designer has their own way of doing things. Their own unique style. It all depends on what the "order-er" wants. I'd like to know if I have the capabilities of giving such things to my lovely customers.

I don't know. What do you guys think? :)

Thank you for reading. <3

Six Word Stories [#16]


She groaned. "Just five more minutes."

"Look," she breathed, studying the sky. "Oh, look... Do you see it?"

He looked down at her, his eyes twinkling like the many stars above. "Yes..."

"Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yes...yes it is..."

She looked back at him, meeting his gaze. They were both thinking the same thing, and they were both scared of it. She ducked her head as his eyes moved away, focusing on the ground and the stars and the distance between them.

+ + +

Oh, the fragile doubts of these teenage souls. Why is it that they fear each other? Why is it that they must disregard their feelings? Their emotions?

All I can say is; be brave. Take a leap of faith.

Because there is a chance it will work out.

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