Happy Halloween, boo.

^ Horrid photo quality, but I wuv it anyway. <3

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Okay, I think it's official. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. Forget about Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter, Halloween is where it is at. You get to dress up, eat tons of candy AND get scared - or if you're lucky, scare others. What's not to love?

Now, last Halloween I just threw some clothes on and said, "I'm an apocalyptic survivor. Where's the candy?" This year, I actually put a little thought into it. Of course, I did throw my costume together at the last minute but we don't have to focus on that. Let's just look at the end product.

^ My sisters and I. I was goth this year - and I totally rocked it. ;)

Which was this.

This year, I was goth. I had black nails, black lipstick, black clothes and a whole lot of attitude. I felt wicked awesome in this getup. I wish to go back and relive trick-or-treat - that's how much fun I had.

My question for you, lovely readers is: Are you dressing up for Halloween? And if so, what did you dress up as? :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Happy Halloween!

xx Nicole Rose

NaNoWriMo - are you ready?

National Novel Writing Month
50,000 words, 30 days. Can you handle the pressure?

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As most of you are probably already aware of, NaNoWriMo starts in just a few short days. I am going to be participating, but because I'm going to be balancing the writing of 2,000 words a day with my school work, blogging, youth group activities, personal projects and who knows what else, some things may start slipping down my list of priorities. Blogging is one of them.

I will have some posts prepared, but for most of the month of November, Truly. Madly. Deeply. may seem pretty dormant. I'm going to do my best to post content - maybe even some sneak peeks of my NaNoWriMo writing - but no promises. I'm sure you guys won't mind my lack of posts though. You'll probably be too busy working on your own writing projects. ;)

Okay, now that I've related to you the boring news of my blog, let's get down to the core of this post.

National Novel Writing Month is a huge deal (for me, at least). I've done some of the camps, and even tried to participate last year, but I've never actually done it... Maybe this means I'm not qualified to give you tips, but I am a writer. I know how writers work. I know that sometimes we get overwhelmed. To many of us, 50,000 words is a huge feat. And to type that many words in just 30 days? That's crazy.

But you're a writer.

And writer's are anything but sane.

So here are my top 5 tips for those of you participating in this year's NaNoWriMo.

1. Ask Yourself "Why?"

As in, why are you participating? Because your friends are? Because you have some free time? Just 'cause? With that kind of motive, you're surely not going to meet your goal (well you could... but it's going to be really painful). Make sure you've thought about your reasons for taking part in NaNoWriMo. The more you personalize it, the better. Participating because "you really want to challenge yourself" or because "you have a great novel idea" are great reasons for why you should sign up.

2. Shut Off Your Inner Critics

Your inner critics (those little voices inside your head telling you to give up, that it's not worth it, that you'll never get where you want to be) are persistent little buggers, aren't they? They clog your brain, eat your ideas, and fill your head with unnecessary noises. They're rude, mean, and just downright draining. That's why you should give them a different job. Instead of allowing them to wander around in your head, shouting nonsensical things and distracting you from your task, kindly hand them a plane ticket to Jamaica (or wherever you think they may enjoy themselves) and say "enjoy your long-term vacation."

This should be something you do whenever you're writing. Not only because it's helpful, but because your head has more room available when your muse wants to have a sleepover.

3. Love Your Idea

When you're passionate about your idea, the words flow easier. Actually, the whole project becomes easier. You'll hit those spots where you think you can't type anymore, and when you do, your love of the project with push you to keep going. So make sure you have an idea you love so much that it makes you want to write. Those are the best ones, no?

4. Don't Fall Behind

When you have a goal to write at least 1667 words a day, falling behind could doom your project. When I get behind on my goals, it not only increases my stress, but overtakes my brain, sucking the fun out of the whole project. I get focused on write write writing, that I don't even allow myself to take meal or bathroom breaks. Don't let this happen to you. Try your best to stay on top. If you know you're going to miss a day, make up for it before rather than after. This not only shows that you can write past your daily goals but that you are capable of doing what it takes to complete those goals.

5. Have Fun

Enjoy your experience, because isn't that what NaNoWriMo is all about? Sure, it's stressful and perhaps it draws you toward insanity, but think about where you'll be when you finish. You'll have a first draft novel sitting before you. And you wrote it in just 30 days!

So have fun. Make the most out of your experience, stay positive, and write swiftly. I know you'll do well. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. :) I'm so glad you took the time to read it. I wish you all good luck with your NaNoWriMo goals. If you need a writing buddy, or want to discuss details, comment below or contact me at rosecolflesh[at]gmail[dot]com. I can't wait to hear from you. :)

xx Nicole Rose

Six Word Stories [#33]


incorporate all colors into your picture.

God-given desires


when i was younger, i could never understand the desires other people had. i would listen to my friends talk about their dream jobs and if i could relate - as in, perhaps i wanted the same things too - i would see the cleverness in their goals. but when i could not relate, i couldn't help but scrutinize their choice and think "why on earth would they choose that?" i mean, why would someone want to cut open another person and probe at their insides with surgical tools? why would someone want to stick their hands in someone else's mouth to check their teeth? why would anyone want to work on cars or develop video games? i just never understood it.

until my mother, wise as she is, said these words and blew me away.

"God puts different desires in everyone."

with such a simple statement, you would think i'd have figured it out myself, but it was one of those times in which my own preferences blinded me from seeing the truth that was set clearly before my eyes. God, our master and creator, established in us each something different and unique. this includes desires, physical looks, internal processes and pure hearts. he sculpted each individual to be special and gave us the ability to develop the skills we need to become who we are supposed to be.

he has equipped us for destiny.

isn't that amazing?
xx Nicole Rose

"it doesn't hurt anymore."

it doesn't hurt anymore.

when you and the thoughts of you invade my internal space, i repeat these words over and over until i'm rocking and shaking and stopping my daily task to escalate this statement into a mantra that forces me to keep breathing. you hurt me so bad and i let you do it to me because i thought that was how things worked. you were looking for someone experienced and as i've never stepped out of my house to observe, how could i have known you held the script of true partnership between your fingers?

you should have held my fingers.

but instead you had to be right and i was dropped into the crater of abandoned souls who were too good for you. i was generously welcomed, almost able to smile at my surroundings, but it was hard to see due to the tears of hurt that drew up between my eyelids.

"oh, the pain the pain the pain." i cried.

i spent many hours inside that hole. and these hours eventually transformed to days, which transformed to weeks and shifted into months. on my highs i attempted to climb out, almost succeeding. on my lows i dug deeper and wrapped the dirt of my memories around me like a blanket because i was alone. so alone. the rocks and clods of dirt could do nothing but weigh me down and catch my tears. i was stuck.

until one morn when the sun shined brighter and the space seemed suffocating and the weight was the gone and my cheeks were dry, so i...finally...climbed out.

+ + +

for the longest time i've gotten away with lying to myself. it wasn't until recently that i noticed i have a choice. i've always had a choice. so i chose and now i'm free.

choose wisely my friends.

xx Nicole Rose

Know Thyself [1]

Who am I?

I am Rose. The introverted writer who doesn’t think too highly of herself. Even though I feel like I don’t know myself too well, I know more than I think. I’m smart, very intellectual. I’m very introverted, but not so much as I don’t go out at all. When given the choice of whether to go out or stay in, it truly depends on how I am feeling. Generally, I choose to go out, because I hate feeling as though I missed out on some big opportunity to grow myself or experience something fantastic.

I tend to have obsessive thoughts - I focus my brain on one thing, all the time. Sometimes it’s people, and other times it’s just past events that have happened or future events that I think will happen.

Right now I feel like the words I say out loud are a waste. I allow myself to become overshadowed and spill out ungraceful concepts, something I’d like to change. I want my words, when spoken, to pass this three question test.

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

(They rarely make it past the second question, and almost never pass the third.)

+ + +

An excerpt of an exercise that helped me on my continuing journey of self-discovery.

Thanks for reading.
xx Nicole Rose

Six Word Stories [#32]

look ahead. our adventure has begun.

GIF Quest

Thanks for tagging me, Lily! Here are the rules:


+ Include the tag image (above)

+ Tag 2 or more people when you're finished

+ Try not to use GIFs that other people have already used. If you do, it's still okay!

+ Come up with your OWN, UNIQUE 10 scenarios

+ Scenarios must be consecutive or relate to each other in some way

Scenario Reactions:

1. Your best friend says something hilarious

2. You laugh so hard, milk shoots out of your nose

3. Someone attractive walks by

4. Your arch-enemy walks by

5. You discover that your best friend has a bad taste in music

6. You think you see Kenzie

7. Your teacher gives you a packet of homework over the weekend

8. Just as you grab the last (any food item), someone else takes it

9. Looking down at your phone, you notice that your blog got a negative comment

10. You get an F in your best subject

My 10 Scenarios:

Use the same ten scenarios as above.

1. Your best friend says something hilarious

2. You laugh so hard, milk shoots out of your nose

3. Someone attractive walks by

4. Your arch-enemy walks by

5. You discover that your best friend has a bad taste in music

6. You think you see Kenzie

7. Your teacher gives you a packet of homework over the weekend

8. Just as you grab the last (any food item), someone else takes it

9. Looking down at your phone, you notice that your blog got a negative comment

10. You get an F in your best subject

Who I Tag:

1. Kenzie @ think. eat. write. read.

2. Bethan @ Think. Read. Write. Dream.

3. Tan @ Fifth out of Ten

And whoever else would like to do it! :)

Thanks for reading. <3

xx Nicole Rose

Six Word Stories [#31]


enjoy it while it lasts.

Balloon Chasing (mainly just pictures)

A few weeks back my siblings and I helped set up a hot air balloon. There was a lot of sass and work involved (I'm pretty sure I strained some shoulders muscles), but it was amazing. I hope to do it again someday. :)

Here are some photos from my adventure.

^ Morgan and I took a lot of car selfies... Don't give me that look. She had the camera out, and I didn't want to be an awkward photo bomber. :P

Haha, Tim was trying to "hold" the balloon...

^ They were inflating the balloon (if that's even the right word). Now, don't let all these pictures fool you. I did help. I helped lay the balloon out.

^ Oh, I love these photos. <3

And that is all! I hope you enjoyed this photo-filled post. :)

Until next time,
xx Nicole Rose

Yes. I am part of that 10%.

Around ten percent of the world is left-handed. People with a dominant left hand typically tend to excel in fields that require visual-spatial abilities (for example, graphic design) and generally have a more balanced view of their bodies (1). But being left-handed can have its...limitations. That's why I've create this post - to share with you left-handed hardships (and check to see if this is relatable, or if I'm the only one).

Here are 6 so-not-cool things about being a lefty.

+ Spiral notebooks.

Pure Brilliance Spiral Notebook - Urban Outfitters
via Pinterest
I have to angle my hand when I write in one of these. Or if I hold my pen just right, I don't rub my hand against the spirals so much.

+ Binders.

The No Homework Binder. How to document excuses.

Again with the hand angling/weird pen holding.

This truly makes note taking a pain.

+ Scissors.

remember these? I remember them well. They were hard for me to use when I was small because I'm left handed.

Using scissors hurts - especially if I have to cut something like cardboard. It gives my hand a workout.

So please, don't ask me to cut anything. Just...don't.

+ Ink or pencil dust always covering the side of my hands.

learning hand lettering -- awesome tutorials showing how to space plan several different styles.
via Pinterest

This is seriously the worst thing ever. Sometimes my hand smudges my own writing, spreading pencil/ink everywhere. So not cool.

+ Hitting elbows with someone at the dinner table.

This one isn't too bad, considering my family is kind enough to allow me first pick of seating when we go out to eat. "Rose, would you like to sit in the cramped corner, or in the chair with more breathing room and a better view of the restaurant?"

I tend to pick the corner.

+ Apparently death is a problem?

Statistics show that left handed folks tend to die up to nine years sooner than people who are right handed. Well. That's concerning.

Are you left-handed? Can you relate?

I hope you liked this wacky yet informational post. :} Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

xx Nicole Rose

Life Lessons + Selling Cookies To Strangers

A recent realization I've had is that I never post about myself. I'm always posting some sad writing piece I conjured up, or some song I fell in love with. Nothing with personal depth.

Today, I've decided to change that by telling you about my recent life learnings.

+ With the start of the new month I've started many new WIP projects - as well as a business project for Nicole Rose Designs. :) I'm super excited and I hope to share some details of this with you guys later. So stay tuned! This lesson: stay focused, believe, and you will get to where you want to be.

+ It's October now and we all know what that means. Halloween! I'm super excited. I have no idea what I'm going to be. Maybe a uni-human, or perhaps a cigarette (so I can go up to people and say "Hey, look at me! I'm a metaphor!"). This lesson: be who you want to be. Express yourself.

+ Lately I've been contemplating life and the brilliant persistence it takes to live. There are so many things I've learned about me and about others, it's crazy. This world is crazy. But I love it. I'm actually really starting to love it. This lesson: Being alive is such a blessing. It's a true gift. No one should give it up.

+ On Sunday I stood in the freezing cold for over three hours, trying to sell cookies to people at a flea market. It was fun but exhausting beyond measurability. I told my mother that I should staple the bags of cookies to the inside of the coat I stole from her friend then go up to someone and be all like: "Hey, dude. *opens up coat* Yah wanna buy somethin'?" We both laughed rather hard at this. This lesson: don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.

+ School takes up so much of my time, it's rather amazing I have any energy to do other things. Of course, in the time I do have I tend to procrastinate and tell myself one more episode of Criminal Minds won't hurt. This lesson: try not to it's okay to procrastinate.

+ I want to do something spectacular. I want to start a movement. I want to inspire. I also want to know how I'm going to do that. This lesson: develop big dreams, but also develop plans for those dreams.

+ Before I end this post I just want everyone to know that the words you say or type have a great impact on people so never ever say something you don't mean or you will deeply regret it. This lesson: watch what you say. Words hurt.

I guess that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this unusual post. Make sure you share this post because, why not? Also, check me out on tumblr, instagram, pinterest, or google plus.

Comment below with some of your own personal life lessons. :)

Until next time,

xx Nicole Rose

Six Word Stories [#30]

this sign makes me so happy.

How To Add A Border To Your Blog

Hey readers! Long time, no tutorial, eh? ;) Hehe, let's get started.

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you'd like to add a border to.
  2. Next, go to Template >>> Customize >>> Advanced >>> Add CSS.
  3. Paste the code below into the box.

.content-outer { border: solid 5px black; }
Look below for how to customize this code. :)

Red: Replace this with dotted, dashed, or double to see the different border types.

Blue: Insert a larger number to thicken the border.

Green: Replace this with any color code.

Don't forget to save your changes!

If you have any questions, comment below. :)

xx Nicole Rose

The LG Award

Thank you Marykate for tagging me to do the LG award. :)

The Rules

+ No tag backs

+ You must give credit to the person who nominated you

+ Answer the 8 questions given to you by the person who
nominated you and then give 8 more questions to your nominees

+ Nominate 8 people and let them know that they were nominated (make
sure you link your blog url)

+ Put the award on your sidebar or a special page you have for
your awards

The Questions (for me)

1. Do you play minecraft?

Occasionally, yes. :)

2.What is your favorite time of year? (Christmas, fall, etc.)

Christmas for sure. It smells good and involves hot chocolate, family time, and sugar.

3.Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I found Liz at American Girl Fan's blog, and it inspired me to create my own blog. :)

4. What's your favorite drawing?

This one:

5. Are you a fangirl?


6. If you are a fangirl what do you fangirl over?

Anything and everything.

7. Cats or dogs?


8.Whats the craziest dream you've ever had?

One time I had a dream I drowned our neighbor's cat... And another time I had a dream where I was an apocalyptic survivor with Josh Hutcherson. They were both pretty cray cray. o.o

The Nominations

I nominate:

+ Tane

+ Anna

+ Signe

+ Cindy

And whoever else would like to do this. :)

The Questions (for the nominees)

  1. Do you like answering questions?
  2. Do you watch YouTube? If so, who is your favorite YouTuber/channel?
  3. Favorite band?
  4. Favorite social media site?
  5. Up or down?
  6. Left or right?
  7. Celebrity crush?
  8. How was your day?
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Nicole Rose

when we were comrades.

we used to lay under the stars together, butting heads and combining dreams. i'd point at one of the twinkling masses above and you'd say what job it had in granting our wishes.
we called them our miracle stars.

while we waited for the stars to grant our wishes and fill our needs, we grew to a point where we were so caught up in each another that nothing but us - what we were - mattered.

we dug into our souls, creating a silent, private world out of ourselves. as we auctioned our bits away, stripping ourselves of insecurities and doubt, i noticed something strange in the pieces of you that touched my eyes. with your protective flesh peeled away, i saw how deep your wounds were. your bones were cut, your muscles not quite healed.

i cried out when i saw you because i'd never seen this part of you. i never knew how wounded you were.

when your eyes met mine, i saw the hurt behind them. you hadn't realized this would strip you so much. the earth shook as you backed away, the light of the situation burning throughout us in a way that made it all seem transparent. the ground split open and you fell away from me; i kept shouting "hold on! hold on!", but you were already gone, absorbed into the soil and eaten by the pain.

i see you in everything now.

especially in the stars that are no longer ours.

Hello October

What does October mean?

Halloween. // Happiness. // Adventures. // Experience.

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