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Dealing With Inner Critics & Dialogue

Inner dialogue is something that plays a huge role in your level of love for yourself. What you're thinking is essentially what you say - it's what you believe. The small, personally hurtful comments can pile up and weigh down your self-esteem until you're sitting in bed crying about something that's truly all in your head (I'm the guilty party here).

But getting those little voices of doubt and insecurity to go away is hard. Super hard. Sometimes I find myself giving in because I just don't feel like putting up a fight. Which is exactly when I should be pushing back harder.

So, what can I do if I find myself not wanting to fight the good fight? Try out the exercises listed below to see what works best for you. :)

1. Set fire to the negative.

To some of us - especially those of us who listen to what our inner critics say - the tiny things can feel like we've just stepped on a landmine with our brains. Mostly because we blow things so out of proportion (haha, get it?). So the next time negative thoughts bombard you, grab your mental lighter. After heavily dousing them in gasoline, light 'em up up up and watch how pretty the flames get as the thoughts die away. If you think fire is too violent, you can try "placing" the thoughts in boxes or trash cans. You can also try turning them black and white, then shrinking them into postage stamps that accidentally get thrown away...

2. Occupy your inner critic.

One of my inner critics - Downer, I call her, - is currently in Europe, touring the country with her BFF's "You're-Not-Good-Enough" and "You'll-Never-Get-Anywhere". Whenever she visits I like to help her repack her bags and refill her wallet before sending her our on another journey again. You should try the same thing. Send your inner critic(s) off to Paris for a fashion show or to a deserted island where the only inhabitants are monkeys and pelicans. If they try to come back, send them off again. They can never resist an adventure.

3. Embrace the flaws quirks.

Your quirks (lovable flaws) are what make you, you! So what better way to establish self-love than to accept and love your quirky parts? After all, they are the reason people befriend you, relate to you, fall for you and so on, so embrace them. Don't hold back bits of yourself because of someone else, or you'll end up losing connection the best parts of you.

How do you deal with your inner critics and dialogue?

xx Nicole Rose


  1. Sofia Nikula23.1.15

    I love this post! :)Now, this is probably going to sound a little weird, but this what works for me. I used to have trouble with this a ton. I've prayed about it a lot, and somehow I've gotten into the attitude of being "beyond" my thoughts. Like I don't know, but my thoughts are just so little compared to the big wide world, that suddenly I realized there's no reason why they should affect everything about me. Instead of forming myself around my own opinions of myself, I'm instead allowing me to find what's out "beyond" my thoughts, the greater good out there I guess. If that makes any sense at all. :D I'm loving your blog these days, girl! You're doing a fantastic job. :)

  2. Laura Mitbrodt23.1.15

    Great post, thanks for checking out my blog

  3. MorningTime423.1.15

    I try to ignore my inner critic by surrounding myself with people who will snap me out of it, often.

    xoxo Morning


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xx Nicole Rose

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