[Late] Christmas Photos

12:00 PM

Today we'll be flashing back to the past - even though Christmas was less than a month ago. :} I meant to share these photos sooner, but had some other posts planned. Enjoy! :)

Christmas Eve

We had a dance party/photoshoot, then opened up one gift each. :)

Christmas Day


Explanation: Christmas is a massive celebration in our household. Ever since 2010, my parents have been adding a twist to it, doing different things to spice up our ye old traditions.

This year, we played a version of Let's Make A Deal. We were told we had to dress up in order to play, so I dressed as a goth (of course), my sister Morgan went as a chimney sweep (so cute), my brother went as a "gamer", and my older sister, Crystal, went as a Pegasus. Pretty cool. huh?

Note: The picture of the Mortal Instrument Series (above) is something I received from my wonderful sister, Crystal. They look so beautiful. <3 (If you haven't read the series, I definitely recommend it. The books are so good, so so good.)

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I hoped you enjoyed these crazy Christmas photos. My holidays were amazingly blessed - and I hope yours were as well. :)

Thanks for reading!
xx Nicole Rose

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5 Sweet Notes

  1. Outrageous Glamour10.1.15

    Love the photos. The mirror selfie was just amazing and I adore the t- shirt.

  2. Madeline10.1.15

    I adored all the photos. <3 Mmm, I always love seeing all the gifts people receive; and yes, TMI is a great series. :)


  3. MorningTime411.1.15

    Lovely photos and costumes! :)

  4. Beauty Follower11.1.15

    Happy New Year :)


  5. Liz28.1.15

    I really like how reall these photos are (please take that in the best way possible). Your goth outfit is on point, by the way.

    THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS OH MY GOSH. When I start posting book related things on my blog (which will be soon), I might have to host a discussion of that series sometime.


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