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the pain of separation cuts deep within one’s soul, especially when they are separated from something that completes them. as one needs most of their organs, we’ll find that people become our substitutes. when someone leaves it’s like a surgery is performed to remove the symbolic organ the person was. if you left me, I’d die. because one cannot live without their heart.


you were a starfish.
when I tried to hold your
hand, your arm broke off,
and then the tide came in,
washing me out to sea,
with only your memory -
and your arm to hold on to.


you harpooned my broken heart with new promises made on old terms. the only reason I followed you—allowed myself to get dragged into your arms was because I felt so alone. I needed warmth and pretended to receive it even when your chilled skin sent ripples down my spine.


I want to paint my skin with the colors provided by the world—autumn orange, spring green, sky blue. I want others to see the visions of what I see through my eyes reflected off my skin. I won’t care what they think they see, or what their opinions happen to be. It’ll just be me being my reflective self.


today is yesterday’s future, and tomorrow’s past. but it’s also the current present. don’t let it slip you by while you’re anticipating the future, or past.

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xx Nicole Rose


  1. Hannah17.9.13

    Wow!! That's really good, Rose! :)

    1. Rose C17.9.13

      Thanks Hannah. I appreciate the comment. :)

  • Hannah17.9.13

    And I awarded you for the Liebster Blog Award!

    1. Rose C19.9.13

      Thanks for awarding me! :)

  • Raquel Z. Duarte17.2.15

    These are really good, Rose. Made me feel. Great job.

  • Jordy17.2.15

    Stop being so perfect, Rose! These writing entries are amazing, like, I won't be able to go on about my day now without thinking about each and every one.
    You're killin' me with jealousy!


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xx Nicole Rose

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