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Calling all guest posters, button swappers and friends.

Guest Posts

Contribute to the Self Known community by writing and sending in a guest post that will touch hearts and make an impact on those who read it. Not only is guest posting is a great way to share and spread what you have to say to new readers who haven't been exposed to your wonderful content yet, but it's a great way to practice using your powerful voice without having it echo back at you.

If you'd like to swap guest posts (I'll let you post something here while you let me post something on your blog), I'd be happy to discuss such arrangements. :)


+ Blogger-friendly post/s centered around a topic that has some relevance to the content of my blog (if you need a list of ideas, ask for one when you contact me). Post may be at any length and contain as many photos as you desire (as long as they are your own or you have credited the source in your work)
+ Short bio explaining you and your site - maximum of 150 words.

Button Swaps / Sponsor

Sponsoring and participating in button swaps is another way to reach out and spread the word of your blog throughout the blogging community without forcing yourself to rack your brain for the right words.

What's the difference between sponsoring and button swaps?

In this case there's no difference between sponsoring and button swaps - they're the same thing to me. :)


As the name suggests, we will swap buttons - you place my button on your sidebar or designated page, while I do the same. Depending on your preferences, this transaction can last as long as a few weeks, up to a few months.


Stuck in a rut and don't know what to post about? Need a little bit of insight on the story you're writing? Have a brainstorm session with me through email. Working with others has always inspired me creatively, so why not give it a try yourself?


+ Time and patience
+ Willingness to contribute
+ Creativity to spark


Interested in letting other bloggers know a little bit more about you? Swap interviews with me! (Note: this is a swap and it cannot be negotiated into a one way deal.)


+ Willingness to answer questions over email
+ Questions on hand (to ask me)
+ Short bio - maximum of 150 words

Giveaway / Contest / Instagram Loop / And so on...

If you'd like to host a giveaway, contest or loop giveaway (via Instagram), contact me so we can discuss contributions and details, and get something organized.

What's a loop giveaway?

A loop giveaway is when several people get together to sponsor the same contest. Everyone works together by posting the same photo and tagging other participants. It's better explained here. :)


Dependent on what you'd like to host with me.

Ready to participate?

Comment down below, email me or send me a message via my contact form to reach out and get in touch so we can get started on discussing any of the arrangements mentioned above. I can't wait to hear from you guys.

All these options will be available to everyone constantly. BUT, first come first serve, so take action quickly.

I know this post is super busy, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. :)

Who will you reach today?

xx Nicole Rose

PS: Here's my button, for anyone who'd like to sponsor me or swap. :)
Self Known
Self Known


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  1. Raquel Z. Duarte26.2.15

    I have some writings I could share as a guest post. Email me! [email protected]


  2. Mae Murray26.2.15

    Wanna swap buttons?! I'll go ahead and put yours up if you'd like?! How long would you be interested in?!
    Mae :)

    1. Mae Murray26.2.15

      you can contact me at [email protected]

    2. Nicole Rose27.2.15

      I'll email you soon. :)

  • Kat26.2.15

    Oh this is a brilliant idea. Don't mind if I join in?

  • Jollygirl27.2.15

    Sending you an email:-)

  • Celia27.2.15

    I am interested. I will be sending you an email. :)

  • Bryleigh McCarty27.2.15

    Lovely! I'll be sending an email ASAP! Do we get to choose just one?

    1. Nicole Rose27.2.15

      You may choose as many options as you'd like. :)

  • Elly Boldizar1.3.15

    I'd like to do a button swap! My button is on the right sidebar of my blog
    The link is : a-girl-named-elly.blogspot.com

    Elly <3

    1. Elly Boldizar1.3.15

      Where is your button on your blog?

    2. Nicole Rose1.3.15

      Check my sponsor page. :)

  • Miss Sarah1.3.15

    Ooh, I'd like to do a guest post! I'll email you.

  • Elly Boldizar1.3.15

    Sounds fun! I will send you an email! :)

  • Chloee Barker8.3.15

    I would love to do a guest post!

  • Lorraine18.4.15

    I just realized I don't have your button featured for some reason (and I would really love to, because I adore your blog) but I can't seem to find it....?

    Stay lovely dear.
    xx Lorraine // Laurel Crowned

    1. Lorraine19.4.15

      Okay, so now I feel really dumb because I'm not sure if the button was there when I posted this, but I just saw it at the bottom of your post. lol Definitely putting it up now :)


All comments I receive are cherished for many hours after reading them. Thank you for taking the time to type something to me.

xx Nicole Rose

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