The Winner of the Custom Blog Design is...

It's February 1st which means the 150 followers giveaway has ended. I'd like to thank all of you who joined. I got over 450 entries (WOW) and a total of 35 people entered - which is totally mind blowing. :)

Now, I guess I better make this short and sweet, so the winner of the blog design is...

Beth Jones!

Just as a reminder the winner was drawn randomly through Rafflecopter. :)

Congratulations Beth! Be on the lookout for an email from me. :)

Thanks again to all who entered. And come back soon because another giveaway is on the way. ;)

Happy February, darlings.

Coming soon:

Feel Better Playlist
Turning A Bad Day Into A Good One
Link up

xx Nicole Rose


  1. Sophia M.1.2.15

    Congrats! Great job Beth. ;)
    Happy Feb!

  2. Bethany L.1.2.15

    Congrats! This was a great giveaway Nicole, looking forward to the next one:)-Bethany!

  3. Kat1.2.15

    Congratulations Beth! Great giveaway idea.

  4. Elisabeth1.2.15

    yay!! Thank you! Yes ill be looking for an email :)

    xx, elisabeth/beth


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xx Nicole Rose

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