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March Recap

Expression // 005

FriendsMake up new words together. Hug attack each other so hard that it hurts. Throw glitter at your face. Tell you stories off the top of their head. Comfort you when no one else can. Beat up whoever makes you cry. Make you laugh till your insides hurt. Obsess over celebrities and books with you. Help you get through the rough days.
They complete each other.

xx Nicole Rose

How to Find A Gadget's ID

Have you ever wanted to apply a CSS code to something, but you didn't have the identification of the gadget you wanted to style? This tutorial has been created to help you find the ID of the gadget you'd like to style.

Note: gadgets, widgets and page elements are essentially the same thing. I like to collectively call them gadgets, so please take heed this works for pretty much everything you apply to your blog's layout. :)

Instructions 1. Add the gadget you'd like to style to your blog. Save your layout changes.
2. Click "Edit" of the gadget you just applied, but don't make any changes.
3. Maximize the window that pops up, so you can see the tale end of the address bar in the window, at the top of the screen. Notice how it has a word and a number at the end. That's the gadget ID.

(I don't know why PicMonkey keeps doing this to my photos. -.-)

4. Copy and use for your CSS code!

Comment below if you have any questions or concerns. I'd love to h…

Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (001)

The lovely Devanshi gave me the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her. Learn about her below. :)

+ + +
Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog. Hey there! I'm (De)Vanshi, nice to meet y'all. :) I blog over at Upwardss. Besides drafting posts for my blog, you'll most likely find me in my room blasting music and choreographing some new dance, or outside playing golf or basketball. Upwardss, my blog, is a way for me to express my thoughts and writing to a bigger audience, and I love it!

When did you start your blogging journey and why? I started my blog after a very rocky and disappointing road with tumblr (need I say more?), and after my best friend, Arushee, from Unadorned Gifts, started a blog herself.

What's the most challenging aspect of blogging for you? Recently, it's been writing content that's worth reading. I've found myself drafting, deleting, and redrafting numerous times-- only because I feel like no on…

Who You Are: A Message To All Women

Warning: this video may inspire you, uplift you, or make you feel really really good. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to watch this (it's a little over three minutes long) and comment your thoughts down below. And if you can, share this. I'd to spread this as far as I can. :)
xx Nicole Rose

Expression // 004

via Pinterest

All I know / All I see
All I feel / Yet I wish to be

Do you know / Do you see
Do you feel / I bet you agree

I know we contrast.
I see we can't be.
I feel your love.
It wasn't meant to be.

Do you know our differences?
Do you see how this will end?
Do you feel our connection?
It won't happen don't pretend.

+ + +

Thank you for reading xx Nicole Rose

How I Wrote 5 Novels (And Survived to Tell the Tale) Part 2

Continued from last week's part 1. Make sure you check it out!
Resources. Having resources like Go Teen Writers and NaNoWriMo probably would have helped me - had I known to look for them. I took the long way in writing my first novel. I knew what I'd been taught in school - the structure of forming words, the form of a story's plot and so on - but I didn't think to appl them to my work. I just wrote.
But as I was writing I became more aware of the writing world. So I decided to explore it further.

And boy, was I amazed.

Characters, plot twists, foreshadowing, personification, allegories, allusions, descriptions, first drafts, word count, editing, deletion, and so much more came running my way, burying me. Getting to know how other people wrote and what helped them complete their works of art was fascinating. I had questions, and as I searched for the answers, I received something of greater value - knowledge.

As you're on your writing journey, look to others, asse…

Plastic Crowns (Guest Post)

Hi. My name is Celia.
brunette, brown eyes, and bangs. Blogger, writer, friend, artist, actor. My dream is to be on Disney channel. I'm a minimalist. I love food, my bff's, music, and pizza.
My blog is CECE.
[check it out here]

^picture via pinterest.

It's all shoved into our hands. Responsibility awarded upon us, a heavy golden crown placed atop our small heads. Despite the weight of it all, those crowns atop our headed were plastic and fake. We're held accountable for things that are out of our grasp. Responsible for the responsibility of those who could care less. Exhaustingly impossible. But for now, we're still kids. Wild and free.

[my blog]

There Are No Rules

Something that's been a recurring message in my life is that there are no rules. Living isn't supposed to be fit into a mold. You don't have to go to the mall or write 2500 words a day or even brush your hair. But I find myself prioritizing these because, well, I thought I was supposed to be doing them (though, the brushing of my hair could be viewed as a worthwhile use of my time).

In reality, I don't have to do anything I don't want to do.

When it comes to choosing what you do, who you spend your time with, and what you get out of life, there are no rules. There may be outside expectations, dreams, realities and conflicts, but overall, you get to choose your path. I know it's not as simple as that, but simplifying it allows you to see the whole picture.

So if I feel this way, why do I do half the things I do? Why do I put myself in social situations that give me anxiety? Why do I get out of bed at 6:40 in the morning, when I know I could sleep in until eight?…

March Linkup

This mid-month linkup is an opportunity to meet other bloggers, discover other blogs, and create friendship as you go! Share anything you like.

Mid-Month Link Up Grow your blogging perspective. Make sure to visit other blogs and link up your own! :)

How I Wrote 5 Novels (and Survived to Tell the Tale) Part 1

I started my first "serious" book project back in 2010. It was started in a notebook with sloppy handwriting and no real knowledge of plot, character development or grammar. It was fueled by my creativity and imagination. I didn't finish it, but I was very proud I'd even managed to write a first chapter.

I accidentally deleted this book off my laptop, erasing all my hard work. Now I only have the tattered notebook with incomplete scenes written in it.

But that's okay, because this first project led me to another project (which led me to another project - one that I actually managed to complete).

I finished my first novel (titled The Memory Keeper) in 2013, almost a year after I started it. A lot of trial and error went on with this first draft. Quite frankly, I had no idea what the heck I was doing. But after assessing, refining and learning what process worked best for me, five lessons emerged.

Read more below. Passion. I've had my fair share of unfinished p…

Collide (Guest Post)

by Raquel Z. Duarte

What am I feeling?
Describe to me my thoughts
Part of me is holding back
But part of me is not
Life is too short, they say
Don’t waste any time
But remember not to make hasty choices
For with them, you will live
And die
Is fear the rope that holds me firm?
Is confusion making me doubt?
My heart says to grasp this dream come true
My brain says to stop
I will resolve in this then
Roping my heart strings to the stars
Letting the galaxies guide me
For where the constellations lie
Is where my heart wants to be
To forever abide

Here's hoping our hearts collide.

+ + +

Bio: Raquel is an Oregon human who is a made up of random prose and music notes. She blogs at It’s Just Raquel (, is a lover of big hugs, discussing theology, and has an infatuation with green chai tea macchiatos. She also loves her job, which is being the newspaper reporter for a small town in northwest Oregon. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter - @itsjustraquel.


How to deal with loneliness.

Have you ever felt like you were separated from reality? Or separated from people - material things, possessions of the world. The outside. Have you felt as though you were trapped behind walls and no matter how hard you kicked, punched or screamed, you couldn't knock them down and no one would could hear you. You were unheard within yourself.

You felt alone. Abandoned in your time of need. Maybe you're feeling these things right now. Whatever the case, here are four steps you can take in dealing with the lonely isolation you feel.

1. Loneliness is a feeling... Not a fact. You are feeling this isolation not because you truly are alone, but because something - a memory, perhaps - has triggered this response within you. Our brains are designed to notice feelings of pain, especially feelings that scare you. That's why loneliness is so prominent - it's very easy to notice.
As you try to make sense of your feelings, you may ask yourself, "Why am I feeling this? Is it …

Expression // 003

Do you ever have these words building up inside you - swelling with your emotions - piling up until your lungs expel the random bits and then your body can't take it, so it rejects it, heaving the words out of you through your hands and pencil movements and raw voice and stillness?

The Resources That Keep Me On Track

Things can get hectic sometimes. And because I'm the type of perfectionist person who hates feeling as though she's slipped behind but takes too much on anyway, I know how it feels to get overwhelmed with projects, school and personal things. I know how it feels to not be able to separate your thoughts and focus on one task at a time and still feel productive. That's why I've put together this post for you today. These resources have helped me a lot - and I'm sure they'll help you as well. :)

Evernote Evernote is something I use mainly for school. Whether I have to answer a short series of questions, take notes or whatever, I can just log into Evernote and start typing.

You can place your notes in "notebooks", which allows you to keep your History notes separate from your Biology notes. You can also tag things as well.

To get extra features you could update to a premium account for five dollars a month (or 45 for the whole year). But depending on what …