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April Recap

How to pin an image without a pin it button (infographic)

You can fix this one of two ways. The first way is by installing the Pinterest button onto your browser, so that any photo you see can be pinned. Second way goes like this:

Click to view and download
Written Instructions 1. Copy the URL of the page where the image you want to pin appears.
2. Go to Pinterest and log in.
3. Click on the giant + in the bottom corner.
4. Choose "pin from website".
5. Paste the URL in then hit next.
6. Find the photo you wanted to pin.
7. Click "Pin It", type up a quick description and then add it to the board of your choice.

Did you find this helpful? Comment below. :)
xx Nicole Rose

God-given desires

When I was younger, I could never understand the desires other people had. I would listen to my friends talk about their dream jobs and if I could relate - as in, perhaps I wanted the same things too - I would see the cleverness in their goals. But when I could not relate, I couldn't help but scrutinize their choice and think "why on earth would they choose that?" I mean, why would someone want to cut open another person and probe at their insides with surgical tools? Why would someone want to stick their hands in someone else's mouth to check their teeth? why would anyone want to work on cars or develop video games? I just never understood it.
Until my mother, wise as she is, said these words and blew me away.
"God puts different desires in everyone."
With such a simple statement, you would think I'd have figured it out myself, but it was one of those times in which my own preferences blinded me from seeing the truth that was set clearly before my eye…

Expression // 009

Where art thou muse? Sometimes I look at other words, when I'm trying to find my own. I dig within myself, breaking skin as I search for something so unique it surprises even myself. But as I search, I come up empty. Drained of whatever it is I am looking for.

I'm continuing my search. Day after day I come up empty.

Rarely. Oh so rarely, my muse visits me and inspiration is dumped into my head through my ears, pouring out of me through my hands and fingers, spicing up my written word. I wish it could be like this all the time. I wish I could have all the originality in the world. And all its creativity at my disposal.

Do you ever wish that your muse would visit you as often as you'd like?
xx Nicole Rose

Connect With Your Inner Beauty

When I was younger, I couldn't see myself as beautiful. I'd look at myself in the mirror and think, "Decent, maybe. But beautiful? No." As I've grown older, God's shown me it's not what's on the outside that counts - it's what's in your heart.

Here are five tips for connecting with your inner beauty.

1. Start with a positive outlook Looking in the mirror each morning and telling yourself - out loud - "I am beautiful. I am talented, kind and funny. I am awesome." starts your day with a positive outlook. This, in turn, shines the rest of your day with positivity as well.

2. Maintain the balance There are two extremes you can fall into when trying to recognize your inner beauty. You can fall into a web of negativity, or you could end up working your way into an overly optimistic frenzy. Refrain from overworking yourself. Know your limitations and gently push yourself.

3. Set goals you can accomplishSet goals for yourself and accomplish …

I took a personality test and I think you should too.

With over 7 billion people in the world, there are many personalities. In fact, according to the Myer-Briggs personality test, there are 16 different personality types. All dependent on the five preferences.

If you'd like to learn more about the 16 different personalities types and five preferences, visit this page. :)
Today, we're going to focus on one type in particular. (Yes, we're going to be talking about my personality. Sheesh.)

These letters stand for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling and Judging. And I'm convinced they fit me perfectly.

What does this even mean? According to the Truity site, "INFJs [in a nutshell] are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential. Creative and dedicated, they have a talent for helping others with original solutions to their personal challenges.

"INFJ has a unique ability to intuit others' emotions and motivations, and will often know how someone …

Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (003)

The colorful Elly gave me the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her. Learn about her below. :)

+ + +
Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog. Hi am Elly! I love acting, singing, harry potter, bright colors, friends and lots more! You can check out my blog here! Where I post photography, my art, DIYs, and some writing! :)

When did you start your blogging journey and why? I think I started blogging sometime around the year 2012, because I thought it would be fun! :)

What's the most challenging aspect of blogging for you? To me blogging is not really challenging, but I always forget to do blog awards when I get awarded.

Do you have any blogging rituals (like following a strict schedule or making sure to procrastinate by going on Pinterest first, etc.)?
I don’t have any rituals, I just blog if I had taken pictures , if I got an award, when i just feel like I want to blog ect ;)

What's your number one blogging tip? Have fun with blogging…

So really, are the numbers valuable?

Okay, I'm just going to be blunt. Just gonna say whatever comes to mind and see what comes out of that.

There's been a theme in my life where I'm not content with myself, so I strive to be someone else. I see it as becoming something bigger, greater and grander than what I feel I am. This has been a theme throughout my whole life, and lately it's become more and more prominent.

I get on social media and see all these "popular" people and it makes me think, "Gosh, I'm seventeen and I have like 300 followers. That sucks. I hate myself. Why doesn't anyone like me?" Then I go about, looking at my other social media accounts just to see I'm not (what I would call) popular there either.

It messes with my head.

Social media is supposed to be where you communicate. You express yourself and reach out to people. But (maybe this is just me) I think more and more it's not communication, it's seeing who can get the largest number of followers…

I don't know what this is but it felt so good to write it.

When I look around at the world, I see what I want to be (yes, not who, what). What I desire to be. But as I reflect back on myself I don't see the world, I see a girl who tries too hard to be who she isn't.
And it's sad.
For so long I've tried to become what my eyes take in that I've lost myself entirely. Who's Rose? Who's Rose? She doesn't know, she has no idea. She's lost.
This feeling of unawareness scares me right down to the core. It makes me want to cry. I don't know who I am, yet I can see who I want to be. But how can I be what I want to be if I don't know who I am right now? How can I strive for something when there's no way of knowing if I'm already there?
Then there's the thought of I don't want to be like the world but it's something I keep coming back to. I'm lost. I'm wandering. I've strayed from my path. In fact, I stray so often I doubt I've ever found my original path to begin with.

April Linkup

This mid-month linkup is an opportunity to meet other bloggers, discover other blogs, and create friendship as you go! Share anything you like.
Mid-Month Link Up Grow your blogging perspective. Make sure to visit other blogs and link up your own! :)

Expression // 007

simplicity and humans don't mix.
simplicity is something human beings cannot be characterized by. we are anything but simple - in fact, we are one of the most complicated navigational terrains this world has come to see. there are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to us - too many to name without excluding giving off the impression of generalization. but i will say there is an important one, one that should be acknowledged before you take that first step into the bodily territory of another being.
know that we are temporary in our ways, and that we all change without knowing. who you want to know now will not be who they were as the future becomes the present. so hold on to your days together because people change. memories don't.
thank you for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

Updates / Break (April 10th)

Hello darlings. I thought I'd post an updates thing today because... well, I'll tell you in a moment.

It's been rather rainy and gray around here, so that, coupled with my recent sorta sickness, I haven't been able to get much done. I think I may be stretching myself too thin. It's been getting harder and harder to juggle doing school, blogging, personal writing projects, and web design projects. It seems like all I ever do is sit in front of my computer all day - yet manage to get absolutely nothing done! I've also been feeling really down these past few days - perhaps due to my lack of productivity? - so I think I may need to take a short blogging break and figure out what's going on with me. I need to make some decisions and adjustments. I can't keep doing this to myself (though that may change later on, who knows?).

On a positive note: I changed my blog design! I'm working out the javascript kinks (ERGH), but other than that, it's done. What…

Six Word Story (Guest Post)

Hi! My name is Elly! I love acting, singing, the harry potter books, hanging out with friends, clogging, crafting, blogging ect.

On my blog I post photography, my drawings, tuterials, and some writing. Check out my blog HERE!

For my guest post I did I six word story, enjoy! :)

They said the plan was easy.

Thank you for reading.

Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (002)

The fantastic Celia gave me the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her. Learn about her below. :)

+ + +
Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog. Hi! My name is Celia. Brunette, brown eyes, and bangs. Blogger, writer, friend, artist, actor. My dream is to be on Disney channel. I'm a minimalist. I love food, my bff's, music, and pizza.

My blog [CECE] I where I post my art, writings, and life.

When did you start your blogging journey and why? I started blogging Aug. 2010, when I was ten years old. My sisters and I started a little blog called “the Smithcreek Gang”.

My next blog was started in 2011, with my BFF’s Anna and Hannah. At the time we loved to bake cupcakes, and had a club called the Cupcake Cousins. We decided to start a blog, and of course it has called “The Cupcake Cousins”.

About 2012, I started my own blog. The names changed many time, as I enjoy change.

What's the most challenging aspect of blogging for you? I would s…