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You Are Not Alone

If you haven't fallen into the depths of depression or anxiety, self-hurt or hatred, then you may want to turn back while you can. But before you go, let me congratulate you, dear reader, on your success, for so many wonderful human beings have broken down because they see world around them as unfair or--in a way--lost.

Life as we know it tends to get complicated as we grow up, taking in the our surroundings with a new and mature sense. When we were younger we saw the world through a "glitterized" film, a sparkling place full of possibilities and giggles, chocolate milk bubbles and friends. But we've grown, haven't we? From our childish minds that have been hit with reality, we recoil from this new found, fear-inflicting feeling. We discover the world for what it truly is; people trying to live.

I do not know any other way to put this but my dear friends the world is dying. The people around us are dying. We all think we're alone because our no one around us understands but believe me when I say we do. And when I say we I mean there's going to be--there's got to be--more than one person out there who knows what you are feeling and going through. I mean, there is over seven billion people on this planet. Wouldn't you think that someone out there is thinking or has thought the same as you?

Oh, don't be doubtful my. Do not doubt the world and its ways. Do not doubt God. For why would he put you here without a purpose? Why would he put you here just to be alone?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Have faith. Believe.

xx Nicole Rose


  1. Les Victorie18.5.14

    because on Sundays I usually use the internet less / ignore it altogether, I wasn't going to check my email this afternoon. but I felt a distinct prompting that something healing was awaiting me, so I logged on. and I went to blogger, scrolling down the dashboard. "YOU ARE NOT ALONE." my heart gave a little jump as my mind registered the meaning of those words. so quite obviously, I came over here and I AM BEYOND-WORDS GRATEFUL I DID. Rosie, you speak with such truth and comfort and eloquence! the message conveyed within this post is one of power. please please always remember that. as children of our gracious Father and King, we have every reason to have faith in Him. (1 Peter 5:7)

    thank you SO much for assuring my spirit. <3

  2. Bekah Joan18.5.14

    This is powerful, Rose. Very powerful. I love how you ended it on a note of Hope.

  3. Madeline18.5.14

    This is such a good reminder, to everybody. Thank you Rose.

  4. Cindy G18.5.14

    Thank you so much for this, Rose. So very true.

  5. Anna McAuley19.5.14

    Thank you for writing this. SO very true and hopeful.
    -Anna <3

  6. Chloe18.5.15

    I love how you are using your gift with words to encourage others with a message that so many can relate to. This is something I am striving to do as well ;) great job, Rosie!!


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xx Nicole Rose

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