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37 Inspiring Sites (and counting)

This list includes sites that create web designs or just have an inspiring design (but don't offer services). Have fun looking through this list and being wowed by all the talented people out there.

If you have any sites to add, comment below so I can update my list. :)​

Inspiring Web Designs+ Elembee
+ Kelly Christine Studio
+ Mlekoshi Playground
+ Berry Vary
+ Moritz
+ Sullivan and 3rd
+ Two Thirds Hazel Design
+ Noor
+ Wink & Wonder
+ Envye
​+ The Blog Boat​
+ Clarke Creative
+ Maira Gall
+ Love Taza
+ J.Lynn Designery
+ Don't Tell Anyone
+ Love + Color
+ Catherine grace / blog
+ Rekita Nicole
+ The Nectar Collective
+ Nesha Designs
+ Allyssa Barnes
+ Katelyn Brooke Designs
+ Rachel Nicole Designs
+ Hannah Rose Beasley
+ Designer Blogs
+ Salted Ink
+ Made With Lof
+ Rowan Made
+ Mango Blogs
+ Go Live HQ
+ NA
+ Kory Woodward
+ Oak and Oats
+ Let Birds Fly
+ Second Street Creative
+ Icey Designs
+ Stay Bookish
+ Anjelica Design
+ Angie Makes Pretty
+ Ready to Blog

What are your favorite inspiring sites…

5 Easy Steps That Will Make You A Superhero

October 31st, 2014. Halloween day. I was wearing a leather jacket, my combat boots and black nail polish. Words rolled off my tongue in the most pleasant of manners. I made mistakes and laughed at myself. I was strutting down the sidewalk, swinging my bag of candy with glee. I felt good. I felt fabulous. I felt like...

Like superwoman.

These moments (for me) can be few and far between. Very rarely have I felt good enough to put myself on the same playing field as superwoman. So I created this post to help those of you out there who either need a pick me up or are ready to conquer your enemies.

Warning, this post may contain radioactive positivity and could potentially turn you into an awesome butt kicking super hero. ;)

+ Resist comparison. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT compare yourself to others. EVER. We are all very different people. We are all in different places, struggling with different things. So, isn't it unfair to compare yourself to people who you not only have no idea what …

Javascript: What is it and where does it go?

For pretty much my whole blogging journey I've been working on coding designs for my sites. CSS was my favorite and HTML is bearable, but Javascript... Oh, the dreaded Javascript...

I could never get Javascript down. I couldn't write my own codes or even make the ones I got off the web work. And I never understood why. So I've created this post today to help those of you who may be struggling as well.

What is it? Javascipt is the most popular programming language. Like, ever. It can change HTML content, attributes, CSS styles, and much, much more. It makes web pages interactive and can be used in non-web based environments, such as PDFs and desktop widgets. [1]

If you'd like to learn more about Javascript, like who created it and the many things it can do, head on over here. :)

The standard Javascript code: <script type='text/javascript'>
Your JavaScript coding here
</script> The code above is very important when it comes to a…

How to develop Self-Efficacy (Guest Post)

If any of you have ever taken a psychology class, you have probably heard of the concept of self-efficacy.

This was one concept that really stuck out to me and has made a huge impact in my life. Self-efficacy is your belief that you have control of what happens to you and can succeed. For example, say you fail your math exam. Someone with low self-efficacy would think that the environment played a large role in it. They might say that they were born with a low IQ or that it was beyond their control. Someone with high self-efficacy would immediately start studying harder and would accredit their failure to circumstances that they could control such as lack of sleep or not eating right.

Obviously, a high self-efficacy is very important to a person’s success in life. A person with high self-efficacy will turn their failures into stepping stones. So how can you develop a sense of self-efficacy?

There are a few steps you can take:

Set realistic goals. Successfully accomplishing small goals …

Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (007)

I had the wonderful chance to interview Amna from Crafty! Continue to read to learn more about her and her wonderful blog. :)

+ + +
Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog. Hi everybody! I am Amna Ateef. I am 14 years old and I am a high school student who is obsessed with crafting, music, tech, graphic designing and photography. I also love reading something knowledgeable and traveling. I usually mix and create music in free time when possible. Crafty is my first blog and it's all about crafting and things related to it. As crafting is one of my major hobbies, I thought why not blog about it as others do?

When did you start your blogging journey and why? I started blogging from 27th May, 2014. I used to craft a lot when I didn't had any gadget in my hand or anything else to do. In the end of 2013, I joined Pinterest. I saw lot's of inspiring craft pins from all around the web. I saw many craft blogs. I looked at my crafts and said …

June Linkup

Welcome to the new and improved monthly link up. :) This linkup is an opportunity to meet other bloggers, discover other blogs, and create friendship as you go!

Note: I revamped this link up, so please pay careful attention to the newly established rules to get the most out of your linkup experience. :)

Monthly Link Up Grow your blogging perspective.
Link up rules: 1. Share whatever you'd like, as long as it's appropriate (meaning no nudity or curse words). 2. Link back to this site so others can link up and share with the blogging community as well. You can even use this button too, if you want. ;)
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Self Known (Monthly Linkup)"><img src="" alt="Self Known (Monthly Linkup)" style="border:none;" /><…

Expression // 015

Do you remember me? The girl who watched. Waited. Hoped. Prayed. Do you remember the words we shared? Our
exchanges. Glances. Nods. Gestures. Do you remember what I looked like? The dull color of my eyes. The height difference between us. The freckles on my nose. Do you remember what it was like to see me? The sharp inhales. Steeled glances. Small smiles. Do you miss me? I miss you. So much. It hurts. I wish I could have stayed. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. I wish I could have said the things that were on my mind. But I kept my mouth shut. Something I regret, even months later. Do you regret? Part of me wishes you do. Part of me doesn't. Part of me is lost. Part of me is... In love. But it's too soon for that. It's too soon for any of that. Or is it? I don't know. I just don't know around you.

19 How To's and Counting

Well hello everyone (if you are a Tyler Oakley fan, you totally read that in his voice, didn't you?)! Today I am going to do a sort of recap of some of my favorite How To's. I will note that most of them are blog tutorials, but who doesn't like a good ol' tutorial? ;) Enjoy this post and make sure to comment below which of these posts helps you the most!

How to: Create Your Own Cherishings Jar
Add a Post Divider
Change the Color of Your Bloglovin
Avoid Judgement and Live Hater Free
Pin an Image Without a Pin It Button
Find a Gadget's ID
Deal With Lonliness
Add Share Buttons to Your Blog Posts
Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One
Customize Your Popular Posts Gadget
Deal With Your Inner Critics
Take the First Step on Your Journey to Self-Love
Customize Your Scrollbar
Create a Drop Down Menu
Add a Border to Your Blog
Create an Accordion Button
Add a Custom Pin It Button on Hover
Remove Those Dots
Customize Your Text Selection
Make Your Photos Fade on Hover

(And yes, there are twenty items lis…

Expression // 014

Withdrawn. May 1st, 2014

When I speak, or even bother to open my mouth at all, people snap their heads in my direction, and I let my words out with a hesitance. Their eyebrows crinkle, and sometimes they frown. But they always--always--say, what?

So I repeat what I had to say, a reluctance in my tone. If I'm lucky, they heard me. But usually I'm asked to repeat what I just said. Again.

I end up repeating myself for the third time--this time shouting as I do so. They flinch and I flinch, retreating back into my head. It wasn't meant to sound so harsh.

These experiences, they make me regret my words. Regret that I ever had anything to say at all. Because all they receive is polite laughter or a scowl.

They make me draw back into myself and keep my mouth shut on certain topics. I've withdrawn within myself. Keeping it in because, in all honesty, is what I have to say important? To anyone?

Or am I so far within myself, that when I speak my tongue can't leak my o…

Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (006)

Read this interview to learn more about Aliah from Cranberries and Crescents. :)

+ + +
PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF, AND TELL US A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BLOG. Bonjour mes amis! We'll start with the basics. My name is Aliah, and I'm a teenage homeschooler. Like a lot of bloggers that I know, I'm a complete bookworm who loves to bury her nose in a book where she can travel off to another land. For me, writing is like reading. It gives me the opportunity to leave this world and go into a fantasy one. The only difference is that I control what happens there, because I've written the story.

My blog is a place where I can share events from my daily life, my passions, my writings, and get to know people that I have things in common with.

WHEN DID YOU START YOUR BLOGGING JOURNEY AND WHY? I started my first blog back in 2013. I'm not exactly sure when or how I found out about blogs, but after awhile, I became interested in starting my own. Thus began my long journ…

Give Me Summer (Freebie)

I have officially added desktop options with my wallpapers! Pretty cool, huh? What do you guys think? :)
Phone (Android and iPhone) // 640 x 960 + 640 x 1136 + 750 x 1134 + 900 x 1600 Laptop (13-inch and 15-inch) // 2880 x 1800 Desktop (up to 30-inches) // 2560 x 1600