Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (007)

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I had the wonderful chance to interview Amna from Crafty! Continue to read to learn more about her and her wonderful blog. :)

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Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog.

Hi everybody! I am Amna Ateef. I am 14 years old and I am a high school student who is obsessed with crafting, music, tech, graphic designing and photography. I also love reading something knowledgeable and traveling. I usually mix and create music in free time when possible. Crafty is my first blog and it's all about crafting and things related to it. As crafting is one of my major hobbies, I thought why not blog about it as others do?

When did you start your blogging journey and why?

I started blogging from 27th May, 2014. I used to craft a lot when I didn't had any gadget in my hand or anything else to do. In the end of 2013, I joined Pinterest. I saw lot's of inspiring craft pins from all around the web. I saw many craft blogs. I looked at my crafts and said why not should I start mine?

What's the most challenging aspect of blogging for you?

I guess the negative reviews and slow progress of success of my blog on the web. Also blogging requires a lot of time and I am barely free. That's one of the major reasons I think why my blog looks emptier than it should be.

Do you have any blogging rituals (like following a strict schedule or making sure to procrastinate by going on Pinterest first, etc.)?

Umm no, I don't have a strict schedule or what so ever. I randomly get ideas or I get inspired by one of the ideas I saw on the internet. Then I make it up, photograph the whole progress and post it. I have a rule which is followed by almost every blogger: whenever I post something, I quickly share it across a large number of social networking websites.

What's your number one blogging tip?

Never loose hope. Patience is required in blogging because it takes years for your blog to become successful. Try to promote your blog content yourself if no one else is promoting it.

Besides blogging, what other hobbies to you enjoy participating in? Which are you most passionate about?

I have a lot of hobbies to be honest. Here is an incomplete list of
my hobbies:

  • graphic designing
  • crafting
  • sketching
  • painting
  • drawing
  • tweaking up the software on my gadgets and devices
  • video gaming
  • photography
  • listening music
  • making and mixing music
  • writing something helpful,
  • reading (not novels, something like encyclopedias, tech news, blogs related to my hobbies, etc.)
  • traveling
  • socializing (i.e. meeting strangers and making new friends)
  • surfing the web

I am passionate about, almost, my every hobby.

(Due to the title of my blog, I feel like I should ask:) Do you feel like you know yourself?

I think I know myself. But there is something I feel I need to grasp in order complete myself and my happiness.

// Visit her blog here.

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