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How to Absolutely Guarantee Your NaNoWriMo Survival

Writing a book in a month won't be too hard, they said.
You'll be fine, they said.

But you're freaking out, aren't you? You're not prepared (or as prepared as you'd like to be).

Besides the basic tools we use for NaNoWriMo - laptop, ideas, swift fingers and a writing program equipped with a word count - there are other things we can utilize to ease our writing journey. So I came up with a list of items and put them into my post. This is my NaNoWriMo Survival Kit. :)

1. A Clean Work Space

A clean work space is a must for me, especially during NaNoWriMo. I have those days where I don't want to be writing, so when there's something nearby - like a stray piece of paper or even a pencil - I will allow it to distract me from my task. Cleaning up your writing space not only removes these distractions, but gives you more room to work as well.
2. Water
Having a water bottle next to me as I write helps me not only to stay hydrated, but also stay focused on my ta…

I didn't set out to do this, it just sort of happened...

In... and out...


*climbs through forest of rabid dust bunnies, crawls around piles of jackets I forgot to hang up and peels back layers upon layers of cobwebs to reveal the confused entity that may or may not sit under this epic url*

*begins typing*

Hello fellow humanoids. How has everyone been? It's uh... it's been a while, eh? A long while. I hope you've had as wonderful a while since our last encounter as I have. I hope you've all been getting ready for Halloween, feeling Autmn-y and such. I hope you've picked out whopping baby pumpkins and there is a random bowl of gourds galore in the middle of your dining room table right now. Or whatever you do to celebrate.


I thought I'd climb back up on my high and mighty wheely desk chair once again so I could inform you, my lovely readers, of the progress I've made (don't roll your eyes! Let me explain - ). You see, breaking away from things that I cause to consume my time gives me more time…