How to Define Your Creative Process This Year

What is creativity?

If you look it up, it’s described as using one’s imagination, coupled with the creation of original ideas. It’s used in relation with terms like “innovation”, “originality” and “individuality”. But I believe in my very core that creativity is something we have to define for ourselves. Creativity isn’t just a form of expression. It’s the our essence.

Step one in revving up your creative life?

Define your creativity

What is creativity to you?

Go further. Dig deeper.

Who are you?

What do you stand for?
What do you value?
What do you enjoy creating?

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Step two: Define your creative process

Note: This is all on you my friend. I can sit here and make recommendations all day, but in the end, it’s you who has to get up and take action. It’s time for you to do some soul searching.

Take a hike

Removing all your distractions will strip you down to the essentials just you and - no, put your phone down please. Turn off the notifications. Thank you. Where was I? Oh yes. Remove all distractions. Strip yourself so that it is just you and the world (not you, the world, and the next social media status update). This will clear your mind and keep your gaze focused on your goal: who am I and where is my creativity?

Explore your creative world

You know what I consider a creative endeavor? Make-up. YES. You read that right. I believe make-up is a creative process because you can do pretty much whatever you want with cosmetics and as long as you feel good in the end, that’s all that matters.

What else makes the creative cut? I suggest making a list of the things you love to do and then analyze what pops up. Is there a theme? Which of these involve creating, new ideas or problem solving? Which one of these is so abstract you giggle at yourself for even writing it down? Which one of these makes you feel like you?

Painting, sketching, web design, blogging - yes yes yes yes. But go deeper. Knitting, reading, writing, crafting, Dj-ing. Include anything and everything then gradually start eliminating until you find your Creative Core (your basic creative activities that you absolutely love to do).

Don’t you dare say -

“But I’m not creative”.

Because everyone is creative. Everyone. I promise.

We are all born with this sense of creativity inside of us. That’s why we wear different styles, choose different haircuts and decide to sign up for newsletters. We’re all conscious of ourselves and our creativity on some level. It’s your job to deepen that connection.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Yeah, this is a lot to take in. But you’ll get it. Bookmark this post and make sure to come back to it on a weekly or monthly basis. Try these techniques and invent your own.

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