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3 Concepts New Bloggers Need To Turn Professional

Like I've mentioned numerous times before, when I first started out blogging, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn't know what blogging was or what the best methods were to getting done what I wanted to do. I didn't even know blogging could be done "professionally" (in a manner that money could be made).

Today's post addresses three basic concepts new bloggers need to go over and consider when they're just starting out.

1. Find Your Niche (Blog Topic) Your niche is - most simply described - your thing. Very similar to the topic of your blog. When finding your blogging niche you need to ask yourself, "what do I like writing about? What am I passionate about? What is something I will never get tired of?" THAT is what the topic of your blog should be.

People are attracted to passion. They're attracted to other people who truly enjoy what they are doing. Keep that in mind as you start up your blog and begin typing your first post.


How to Keep Your Favorites From "Getting Old"

I am a creature of habit.

Every Saturday I read over notes from a book I read so that I keep the ideas fresh in my mind. I obsessively listen to the same songs. I talk to the same people. I love the same snacks, cherish the same clothes, even repurchase the same concealer.

But the newness tends to wear away. The shininess dulls. The love for the item or action fades out.

Today I'm going to discuss how you and I can deal with - and maybe even delay - this "getting used to" feeling.

Note: These "favorites" can be anything from notes, a fandom to an actual human. Please be aware that each situation is different and not all of these tips can apply to everything - though I tried my best to encompass as much as I could.
Ask questions When in doubt, question everything. But don't just ask questions - seek answers! Be a curious philosopher! Go on a hunt. Dig deep within yourself. Bring new views to life. Ask yourself Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Make notes, ch…

The Marvels of Growth

Today I’d like to talk to you about something I’ve been hyper aware of.


You see, this time last year - and definitely two years ago - I was dealing with a lot of doubt, under confidence and bouts of depression (10x more than what I work through nowadays). And through that time I felt discouraged more often than I felt like I was making progress. All I could see were the heavy cement walls of fear closing me in.

If you are human, just as I, then I believe you know this. You know this through your own views, experiences, and the journey you’ve been traveling. We are nowhere near the end, but as I wrap up this segment in my life and move on to the next, I’d like to share with you the encouragements and reassurances that I wish someone would have sat down and expressed to me while I was flailing in the deep. Just listening and reading this is not enough, though. Open your mind, uncage your heart and dig into this, my friend. Otherwise, I’m afraid my words will mean nothing to you.

Why + How I Visualize My Goals

Have you ever - say - had something on you that scared the heeby jeebies out of you? Something you saw out of the corner of your eye, and your brain automatically conjured it to be the worst thing possible? Like when you thought your foaming face soap made your cheeks feel swollen or that fuzzy on your arm was a spider. But your face was fine and you're now constantly rubbing your arms so there are no spiders - you're fine. Briefly uncomfortable because your brain made something up, but you're fine.

What if we could apply this to our lives in a less twisted, much more positive way?

What if we could apply fauxs - safe fauxs - that made us feel how we want to feel? (Confident. Strong. Brave. Enough.) Something that made us feel like we are where we want to be.

Would we live richer, fuller lives? Would faking it till we made it work?

My answer: Yes.

The solution? Read on.

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Why I Visualize My Goals

Well. Here's one reason.