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“I'll be your mess, you be mine That was the deal that we had signed I bought a hazmat suit to clean up your waste Gas masks, gloves, to keep us safe But now I'm alone in an empty room Staring down immaculate doom” Gayle Forman


"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." John Green
Thank you SW from A Free Mind for tagging me. <3
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I tag: Hannah @ Fantasy Gypsy // Elly @ Serenity // Olivia @ summer of 1999

Things That Are Okay (The Permission Slip)

Dream.Wish.Be.Do.Experience.Make art.Change your blog design every two weeks.Dance with your hair in your eyes.Pretend you can rap.Stay inside all summer.Find what works best for you.Say "no".Not know the right answer.Learn from your mistakes.Sing at the top of your lungs.Drive without a destination.Miss your turn.Smile at strangers.Know everyone's name.Say "hi".Have your own aesthetic.Make something for yourself.Keep everything private.Dye your hair.Hoarding downloads.Cry.Stomp around.Respect yourself.Support.Scream.Make money.Spend money.Exercise.Treat everyone nicely.Think about the past.Daydream about the future.Live in the moment.Whip your hair.Laugh too hard.Take goofy photos.Disagree.Have a different point of view.Change your perspective.Wear make-up.Embrace laziness.Watch 18 episodes in one day.Stay positive.Do things differently.Get your own results.Pursue your interests.Swing for hours.Sleep in.Appreicate the big.Notice the small.Do what you do withou…