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Hey friends!

So these past few months I've been daydreaming about completely reinventing my bedroom. I've lived in this little room for-ev-er, and it's taken me a while to realize that yes, I can personalize my space.

I've always been deeply attracted to the Tumblr/minimalistic aesthetic. BUT, I also love love bright colors and rooms that look, you know, lived in. 

It's been a battle between "I should do" and "I want to", but so far, everything is turning out wayyy more amazing than anything I could conjure in my head. I mean LOOK at these pictures! Can I get a virtual fist bump? My room looks so clean and fresh. So bright and welcoming. When my "renovations" are complete, I'm inviting you all in for a room tour and tea party. How does that sound? ;)

Shout out to my mom, who spent a major chunk of her time in my scorching hot room, painting two coats on the walls, repainting my ceiling and cleaning up the paint smudged woodwork (and soooo much more).

You rock, mommy.

What color is your bedroom?

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    1. Vanessa Best9.9.16

      This is great! I love that you took the time to write about this!

    2. Skye Hoffert9.9.16

      I like it!

    3. Anna McAuley10.9.16

      Ooooh it looks so good! That's so exciting! My room is painted a very pale green :)
      Anna <3

    4. Abbiee17.9.16

      YAAAAS WHITE WALLS >>>> EVERYTHING ELSE. so excited for you, Rosie!! Redesigning a bedroom is so much fun. <3


    5. Mackenzie Rae4.10.16

      Look at you paint dem walls, girl. Am I allowed to bring pizza to this tea party?

      xx Kenzie


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