I made a goal breakdown for you :)

2018 12:00 PM

it finally makes sense.

7:16 PM

Constantly Combating: Giving Up

Constantly Combating 12:00 PM

Step 37 to honing your craft: Stop partaking in it for way too long

journey 12:00 PM


books 2:00 PM

How to Take Care of What You Own

care 2:00 PM

The Tree Folk (pt. 5)

The Tree Folk 12:00 PM

It's been a while...

rambles 12:00 PM

Wild Flowers

poetic 12:00 PM

There's something I want to share with you...

A&A 12:00 PM

The Tree Folk (pt. 4)

part four 7:45 PM

Facing the Hardships of Becoming an Author

author 1:00 PM

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for The Blood Race

blog tour 12:00 PM

The Tree Folk (pt. 3)

part three 2:53 PM

The Tree Folk (pt. 2)

my story 1:00 PM

The Tree Folk (pt. 1)

The Tree Folk 2:00 PM

June 2017

June 12:00 PM

Creativity in Us

Creativity 12:00 PM

I Don't Want To Be...

improvement 2:00 PM

7 Ways To Shine a Spotlight on Your Inspiration

7 Ways To Seek & Find Your Inspiration 12:00 PM

Ode to It

create 1:00 PM

Vampire Knight, Anne with an E and Obsessed with Writing (May 2017)

3:00 PM

Mustard Yellow Aesthetic

Aesthetic 3:00 PM