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March 2017 | Goals, Emotional Progress + Favorites

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.
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Monthly Project: I didn't decide on one specifically, but it became complete and pass Intro to Biology class... Which I did!!! ANNNND it took a lot of time. But it was 10000% worth it. :)

Health → Exercise 3 days/week, drink 65oz. water/day Exercise: 16/14 (114%)
Notes: Near the end of this month we did lots of yard work, walking the dog and moving around that I barely had time to prioritize my yoga! I kind of slipped out of the routine, but I'm hoping to get back into it in April. :)
Water: 10/31 (32%)
Notes: Yikes. Not a good water month. I'll tell you, though I drink water every day, I just couldn't seem to get myself to achieve the goal. I'm excited to ease back into it next month, because drinking lots of water has really been helping my skin.


My pinkies compared to the size of tacos

Dec 16th, 2014
People with small hands remind me of frailty, purity and loss.

The bones in their fingers are small, their skin holding in their tendons and muscles. The scars of the small-handed folk, along with sight of the slips between their fingers fills me with an overflowing sort of joy.

Small hands are one of the things that make me happy. Why?

Because small hands know loss.

If we had to hold our watery lives in our hands, the souls with tiny palms wouldn't be able to cup it all, and the parts of them would slip through their finger-cracks.

Do you have small hands?

Bite sized: Small steps toward big goals

I am all about dat progress.
When Netflix is loading and it jumps from 2% to 70%, that's thrilling to me.
When my goal is to write 500 words and I have written 362, I know much further there is to go.
Goals and progression go hand in hand. I like to keep track of all the steps, which step I'm on, what step is next and so on. 
You can imagine my disappointment when my "inter level progress bars" indicate zero growth.
Basically this means, in my head, I don't feel like I'm moving fast enough to get anything done.
#me #alldayeveryday
Often in my day to day it seems as though I'm getting nowhere. I have been mulling this over and trying to figure out WHY I feel this way. Why do I constantly diminish what I do? Why do I feel like I'm running in place?
Simply put, I do not see the value in what I am doing.
This is different from there being NO value in what I do. The value is there. Growth is happening. My problem is that it's not enough for me. I want…

The Rope: Taking chances

Each morning we wake, there is a black room and an unmarked rope above our heads.

A question lingers in the dust filled air.

Will I pull it today?
There's no way of knowing what it's connected to. It could lead to light or fresh air or the carcasses of dead beetles falling in your hair.

There is no way to know until after you pull.

IF... you do.

I encourage you to stop putting it off. Stop staring at the rope. Stop fantasizing about what it will bring. Stop pretending it's not there. I know you feel the itch - the b u r n. The desire to tug and see what happens.
Your dream is on the other side. Take the chance. Don't you waste another moment now - take the chance!

But if you can't.

If you hesitate.

If it takes you a long time to lift your arm above your head...

Wrap your fingers around the rope...

And even longer

To pull

You can still say you did it.

All you have to do is pull it.

Follow your dream. Explore your passion. Pull the rope.

February 2017 | Goals & Emotional Progress

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.
Monthly Project: Begin designing my author website. I can't share a whole lot about this YET. Stay tuned for details...
Health → Exercise 3 days/week, drink 65oz. water/day
Exercise checked off: Yes → I exercised 13/12 days. (I began doing yoga and have no regrets.)

Water checked off: Yes → I drank 65 oz. of water 21/28 days.

Relationships → Reach out to one new person a week How many people I reached out to or met: 5 (booyah baby)

Did I ask them a deep/personal question? Yes and no.
Did I record my encounters? Yes and no.

Finances → Grow to $7k/month February income: $40
Career → Prep book for publication I better defined the characters of The Messy Months: Yes
I wrote out the TMM outline: Yes/No --> Incomplete
I began the visual TMM outline: Yes
I edited a full draft: No, but I DID do a loooot of research to prepare for a full on story reconstruction.