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Heart, 1997, one of a kind [FREE SHIPPING]

In well loved, very used condition.

There are some noticeable rips around the seams, and many of the spider-webbed cracks have been painted over to create a one of a kind pattern.

Beats like clockwork.

Features:Unique heartbeatLifetime warrantyLove for chocolate, teen romance novels, and sad songs
Smoke free.

Limited stock available! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!
[Today is a little different, so please bear with me. Follow the link trail to go on an adventure...]

GlassesShop Experience & Review

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with GlassesShop. All opinions are my own.
My Experience Sandy from GlassesShop reached out to me back in April to ask if I would like to collaborate with her company. They would send me a pair of their glasses for free and in return I would review them on my blog. I can't begin to explain how excited I was. This is my first collaboration with a company. I feel #ProBlogger status.
I replied with a big fat YES and gave them the information they asked for. She replied within a few days to say the order was arranged and that she would send me a tracking number. "Please wait for my email patiently," she said.
On May 3rd I get a package in the mail. I hadn't received an email but I had a sneaking suspicion. Sure enough, it was from GlassesShop. They had sent my eyeglasses!
Sort of.
The glasses they sent were not the glasses I ordered. Thinking it was a mix up, I sent an email to Sandy informing her that the glasses they sent weren…