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This is a concept I came up with a million years ago * but I am just getting around to expressing. I guess some ideas take longer to formulate than others...

* Approximate

Humans fight for their rights all the time. It's time for your favorite characters to fight back as well.

I feel like everyone has read a book that clicks with them. That book that you want to share with friends, family, teachers, and even random people on the street because you feel it's just that good. (Bonus points if you've actually told a stranger about your favorite book.) I know that when I talk and rant about a book to my family members their eyes tend to glaze over, or their attention flits back to what they were originally doing. I don't blame them. I'm not the best at explaining things verbally. But that's not going to stop me from spreading the love I have for The Book.

On the flip side...
There is a small chance that when you do share your book, and someone does pick it up, they e…

How to Take Care of What You Own

I got a new laptop recently -- it's one with a working hinge!!! Eep! -- and while I was waiting for 1242 photos to upload to my computer, I came up with a brilliant idea:

Why don't I clean out EVERYTHING I own?
I've actually done this several times before, due to room rearranging and weird urges to clean thoroughly. For some reason, it's almost compulsive for me to clear the cache on my phone or remove clothes from my wardrobe I haven't worn in a while. I like to make sure I have the maximum amount of space. I strive for efficiency and order in my life. But there are some things I just don't set time aside to sort out.
That's why I compiled a list to share with you. Because I can't be the only one who wants to get organized, eh? :) Also, it comes in PDF format, free of charge AND email sign up, if you click right... here.
How to Take Care of the Stuff I OwnClean out your...ElectronicsLaptop/DesktopWipe down the screen with a glass cleaner.Use the sticky…

The Tree Folk (pt. 5)

*blows dust off keyboard and wipes screen with sleeve*

Yo. *taps device* You still there? It's been awhile. BUT I'M BACK. Did you miss me? Or more importantly, did you miss Sienna and her friends? ;)

Especially that Lief boy. I mean come on now...

Thank you for waiting for patiently for this *cough* last *cough* update.

What? Who said that? Hey! Come back here!

- - -
Sienna was silent for the rest of the day.

Her smother would have been very proud. She’d always asked Sienna to stop talking so she could hear the person on the other side of the phone.

“Sorry, what was that? There was a pest buzzing around my ear.”

At least Sienna knew what it was really like to have pests buzzing about her ears. The tent Lief had stuck her in lived across from the paddock the green people kept their livestock in. Fat flies skirted in through holes and tried to wash their hands on her sweaty forehead.

Lief hadn’t unbound her or left her with any sort of instructions. He had simply made sure she pl…

It's been a while...

New things are happening in my life. Which is good, because that means I'm progressing and, you know, living. And whatnot.

A lot has gone on. If you're interested, keep reading...
I broke up with a friend a while ago, but it seems that lately, while I have a ton of things on my plate, it's something that's been haunting me in the back of my mind.

I am now "free", but with freedom I now know there comes an emotional toll. Sometimes it still hurts and I crave that closeness of another human who understood me. It's hard to step back and remind myself that I'm better now, less angry, much freer, and almost -- dare I say? -- happier.

But even with all the good, this fresh start has made me realize how much I have isolated myself. Even from other bloggers. I beg for community yet make no effort to reach out. Scratch that, I have tried. Every time I did, though, it felt... awkward. Is this because I'm so used to the rhythm of past friendships? Is it beca…