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Step 37 to honing your craft: Stop partaking in it for way too long

Honestly, the things that work for all the big shot writers have always scared me. "I push through the writer's block."
"I get up at 5AM to watch the sunrise as I write 1,000 words. Once I hit that goal, I stop and starve myself until the next day so I can continue writing."
"I'm J. K. Rowling."
"Writing is my life. Without it, I would die."
It scares me because I don't work that way. I never have. I came into the writing game "late" so to speak. I only really started when it felt like the real world wasn't safe enough for me to live in anymore, and in order to escape, I had to make up my own. I would write for hours, staying up late (which was just past 10 o'clock back in those days -- nowadays "late" is after midnight), hiding the light of my laptop from my parents and always thinking about my work.
I'm no longer like that now. Don't get me wrong! I love writing! I love writing so much it kills …