If you want to change something in your life, then moving is a great method. But you may not want to spend a lot of money moving somewhere you may not like to live. You can use rented accommodation. But renting a house carries with it many problems that may not even depend on who is renting it. There is such a thing as mobile homes. This type of house has the advantage of being flexible - if you wish, you can disassemble it and move it to another location. Also, having such a house, you do not have to report to the owner.


Have you ever had that one thing you’ve tried to make work but never could? This could be anything in your personal life, from piano notes to paragraphs in a blog post.

Well, I’ve been trying and trying and trying and trying for years now to get blogging to work for me. At one point in my life, this was my passion. I lived for your comments, your friendship, and the purity of sharing whatever was in my heart with the world. But I don’t feel warmth or connection anymore. In fact, I feel rather lost. Like I’m shouting into an abyss, vying for attention and something to fill my inner void. This feeling comes more often than I care to admit, and I’ve pushed through all this time with the thought that it will get better. That all I have to do is keep trying and it will work out.

But it hasn’t. And I’m out of ideas.

This isn’t to say I won’t be back. That I won’t hit a creative stride in the next week and decide to share something epic with you. But friend, I can’t do this anymore. Not in this phase of life. It’s time for me to move on and stop pretending like I can help you when I can’t even be here for myself.

This is a step of self-care and wave of good-bye.

I’ll see you around on the interwebs.

xx Rosie

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