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Room Tour 2019

I've always wanted to do one of these posts.

If not for the enjoyment of others, for the enjoyment of my future self to look back on and realize how much my style and space have changed.

My door. I think I'm sooo artsy for taping paint swatches to my door. And I actually love how it looks too. I was going for "Starry Night" with my own little twist -- and without the actual paint. ;)

This is what my room looks like from the doorway. Can you guess what the theme is? It's funny -- a few weeks ago I was discussing with Kenzie how my room has this coral and aquamarine vibe to it, yet my Instagram theme is focused on yellows and blues, and my actual fashion style is very grungy/hispter/artsy. So it all comes full circle, I guess? Still, I love my room. It's my safe haven. Now come on in so I can give you the full tour...

Right as you walk in, you will see my DIY jewelry hanging on the wall to your right. It's quite a balancing act when I want to get one of these off of here, but due to needing that visual reminder that I own something yet still wanting to live tidy, this is the best system I've found so far and I love how cute it looks too!

As you continue your walk, you will see my floating bookshelves along with my felt letterboard. I love love love how this looks and that I can change it all up whenever I want to. Sometimes I will stack my red and green books together or my yellow and blue books to give off different vibes. And as shown here, I will group together authors or series -- or in the case of the shelf on the far right, books I want to read or re-read.

This is my make-up vanity. While I used to do my make-up in the bathroom, I was gifted this a few months ago and it has allowed me the space I needed to keep what I own separate from what my sister owns. It has also provided a place to store jewelry (the little blue dish on the left) and perfumes (far right).

This is my much too empty bookshelf that floats above my vanity area. It was built in during the construction of the house and my sister actually has a matching one on the other side of the wall in her room. I've been trying to fill it, but books are expensive. o-o So that's a little project that's on the back burner for now.

And this is the corner where my ikea cart and my guitar sit. I am so thankful to have received my guitar for free a few years ago, when I was taking lessons at my church. For a while I was keeping at it to the point where my fingertips callused over so it didn't hurt so badly to play. But then I bought my ukulele and since that's so much easier to play, this poor boy sits, waiting for the time when I wanna play songs without a Hawaiian twang.

This is the view of my Ikea cart fro the top. As you can see, I keep my writing utensils, bullet journal, and papers stored in this handy dandy cart. In the other shelves, I store school books and notebooks.

I think my desk is my favorite part of my room. It's my creating and studying place, stocked with pens, highlighters, washi tapes, and anything else I may need to spruce up my notes or make a card for someone I love.

Here's a close up of my bulletin board. The calendar was sent to me as a Christmas present from the Queen of Pizza -- and looking at this photo reminds me I should probably change it so the first month of 2019 shows. The other little things I have pinned up here are inspiring quotes, scriptures, encouraging tea tags, a key ring of papers full of messages from people who wrote something for me during my 2016 grad party, and a little plastic snowflake one of the kids I babysit made for me.

Turning away from my desk toward the right, there is a section of my wall with hanging photo frames inspired by a DIY I saw on A Beautiful Mess. Even though these had been without photos ever since getting hung, I still try to convince myself I'll pick them out eventually... XD

This is my little paper nook, where I keep all the stuff I have no idea what to do with.

And this is my bed! I love this yellow duvet cover from IKEA, it really brightens my day whenever I see it. Also, if you peak near the bottom of picture you can see my under the bed storage.

My nightly and daily essentials, including (from left to right): My water bottle, my current read, my Bible, a Sharpie pen, and a composition notebook for my weekly sit down with the Lord.

Here is my closet. I just recently flipped my IKEA organizer on its side and shoved it in here and love how much freedom it's given me. I fixed my shoe problem and my problem of having some clothes in my closet and other clothes nearby.

A close up of the organizer.

What did you think?

Do you love your room? Is it a safe haven for you or something else?


  1. Kara Lynn10.1.19

    I love these photos -- as well as your room! I wish mine looked so put together but when you share a room with two sisters (and the three of you have VERY different tastes!), it won't always look put together. XD

  2. Rebekah Joan10.1.19

    I love that Ikea cart! It's super cute.

  3. Nurul Rasya11.1.19

    Cute! What is that giant blue fur on your bed? A pillow/

  4. Skye Hoffert11.1.19

    I love it! It's so aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Grace Anne20.1.19

    Your room is the absolute cutest!

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