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16 March 2017

Bite sized: Small steps toward big goals

I am all about dat progress.

When Netflix is loading and it jumps from 2% to 70%, that's thrilling to me.

When my goal is to write 500 words and I have written 362, I know much further there is to go.

Goals and progression go hand in hand. I like to keep track of all the steps, which step I'm on, what step is next and so on. 

You can imagine my disappointment when my "inter level progress bars" indicate zero growth.

Basically this means, in my head, I don't feel like I'm moving fast enough to get anything done.

#me #alldayeveryday

Often in my day to day it seems as though I'm getting nowhere. I have been mulling this over and trying to figure out WHY I feel this way. Why do I constantly diminish what I do? Why do I feel like I'm running in place?

Simply put, I do not see the value in what I am doing.

This is different from there being NO value in what I do. The value is there. Growth is happening. My problem is that it's not enough for me. I want to go faster. Grow stronger. Be BIGGER.

The irony of this is that, in my haste, I diminish my own growth. I inhibit my own progress by trying to make more progress.

Talk about confusing.

So, how does one fight against this?

1. Note that it's all in your head.

Honestly, you're probably moving faster than you think. Sure, you're not moving at light speed, but you are moving. There's traction. There's grip. There's forward momentum. Your brain is just so used to the feeling of instant gratification that its hard to comprehend you're going the speed of a horse and buggy (as opposed to the Millennium Falcon).

2. Even a tiny step forward is considered progress.

A fragment of a sentence on a page is better than staring at a blank screen.

Ordering a coffee with a stutter is just as valid as ordering a coffee without one.

Baby steps are the way to go. And if you can't even take steps, wriggle around on the floor like a worm. Even if you don't more all that much, you'll at least make someone laugh. ;)

3. THEY are at a different part in their journey.

I am always. Constantly. Frequently. Looking at other people.

I notice things. The numbers, the adventures, and the success. It's hard not to when it's everywhere people are. Now I'm not saying people shouldn't share where they're at - in fact, I encourage it. But I do understand what it's like to play the comparison game and feel like you've come up short. News flash: No one wins in that game anyway.

A recommendation for when you compare yourself and it begins to weigh in on you: Count your blessings. Pause yourself right then and there and take a look at your life. Each of us has something wonderful in our lives that we may or may not take for granted. In a moment when you want to compare yourself with someone a time to pull that wonderful thing out and thank God for it.

Other strategies I've tried that have helped:
  • Taking a social media hiatus (to be in the moment and out of others' lives).
  • Remember that it's not the end. You're still on your journey.
  • Talk it out with friends and family. Get the thoughts out of your head and into the atmosphere.

4. The crisp of Chipotle chips. Boom.

This is not an invalid point. Stick with me here.

Chips from Chipotle are heavenly. They're thin but not so thin that they break under the weight of a heaping mound of chunky salsa. They're little salty but not too much, and they're crispy - the kind of crispy that sort of makes your thoughts disappear because the noise of your teeth breaking the chip is the only thing your brain can process.

What am I getting at?

Each chip started out as something. Salt granules. Some corn and lime - I don't know how they're made. But when all the ingredients are put together and the right steps are taken to insure their success, the results are worth every bit of effort put into making those chips possible.

Now, you can tell when someone slacked off during the chip making process. The chip bends (BENDS) when you try to bite into it. It has this weird faded color as is the life got sucked out of it. Even hot sauce and a whole bunch of burrito can't fix the situation.

Rose. What...?

Things take time, friend. Life is a process you simply cannot rush. God has put you here and equipped you with what you have for a reason. I know this seems slow. I know this seems painful. But think back to why you began in the first place - why you started drawing, why you wanted to write, why you wanted to get a degree - and relive that initial spark of, "I want to do this. I am going to do this."

Your patience and hard work will pay off. So let's not bite off more than we can chew.

5. You are enough.

Never forget.

What does bite-sized action look like for you?

01 June 2016

Things That Are Okay (The Permission Slip)

  1. Dream.
  2. Wish.
  3. Be.
  4. Do.
  5. Experience.
  6. Make art.
  7. Change your blog design every two weeks.
  8. Dance with your hair in your eyes.
  9. Pretend you can rap.
  10. Stay inside all summer.
  11. Find what works best for you.
  12. Say "no".
  13. Not know the right answer.
  14. Learn from your mistakes.
  15. Sing at the top of your lungs.
  16. Drive without a destination.
  17. Miss your turn.
  18. Smile at strangers.
  19. Know everyone's name.
  20. Say "hi".
  21. Have your own aesthetic.
  22. Make something for yourself.
  23. Keep everything private.
  24. Dye your hair.
  25. Hoarding downloads.
  26. Cry.
  27. Stomp around.
  28. Respect yourself.
  29. Support.
  30. Scream.
  31. Make money.
  32. Spend money.
  33. Exercise.
  34. Treat everyone nicely.
  35. Think about the past.
  36. Daydream about the future.
  37. Live in the moment.
  38. Whip your hair.
  39. Laugh too hard.
  40. Take goofy photos.
  41. Disagree.
  42. Have a different point of view.
  43. Change your perspective.
  44. Wear make-up.
  45. Embrace laziness.
  46. Watch 18 episodes in one day.
  47. Stay positive.
  48. Do things differently.
  49. Get your own results.
  50. Pursue your interests.
  51. Swing for hours.
  52. Sleep in.
  53. Appreicate the big.
  54. Notice the small.
  55. Do what you do without needing the world to know.
  56. Make a difference.

Sign at the bottom.

14 May 2016

I didn't realize it until now, but you're probably exactly like me.


It's May.



I don't even want to get into that right now.

So I won't.

Let's talk about life. Life is great. Big. Scary. A big huge pressure chamber, if you think about it. We worry. All of us. About the little things, the big things, nothing, and everything. I would list my worries for you but I don't want to depress anyone right now. I'd rather we all become so joyful we're bouncing on the balls of our feet (maybe not in the same time though - could you imagine standing beside me and all your other favorite bloggers [wink wink] and just giggling and hugging but wiggling on the balls of our feet IN THE SAME TIME with our heads all bopping and ah... That sounds lovely. But the idea of being out of sync with one another is wonderful too.).

Do you ever recognize something (about yourself or your views) and then you see it everywhere? You see it in the blogs you read, the exhaled cloud of what's supposed to be summer air, the sickness of a friend. You see reactions, emotions and experiences through the lense of your eyes and your brain makes the connection like yes. Yes I relate and I'm not as far off as I make myself believe!

I love it. I love how God turns my head as I confess my stress to Him. He points to all my friends and whispers, "Rose, he struggles too. And so does she. And her best friend. Her cousin. Her cousin's boyfriend's sister's pet turtle. You're not alone."

You're not alone either. I promise it. In fact, because we think we are alone, that fact alone makes us not alone because we're both thinking it. BOOM.

Where was I going with this again? I'm not sure it matters, but if you need something to pull out of this...

You are not alone. Don't let yourself believe there's any reason to be.

It's okay to stress. Stress means you're alive and you care.

You'll get through this, so make mistakes. Make decisions. MAKE GOOD ART.

I love your smile.

God hears you.

+ + +

I love how messy this post is! Don't you? Hey, if you're struggling or need a hand or just want to stare at something, sign up for my 15-minute power sessions. I just did one the other day with Sofia, and I thought it was great.

Have a great day, you bloody brilliant soul.

PS: If your cousin's boyfriend's sister has a pet turtle, give me a holla back.

PPS: I read All the Bright Places and it gave me great insight on human struggle, too.

19 March 2016

How to Keep Your Favorites From "Getting Old"

I am a creature of habit.

Every Saturday I read over notes from a book I read so that I keep the ideas fresh in my mind. I obsessively listen to the same songs. I talk to the same people. I love the same snacks, cherish the same clothes, even repurchase the same concealer.

But the newness tends to wear away. The shininess dulls. The love for the item or action fades out.

Today I'm going to discuss how you and I can deal with - and maybe even delay - this "getting used to" feeling.

Note: These "favorites" can be anything from notes, a fandom to an actual human. Please be aware that each situation is different and not all of these tips can apply to everything - though I tried my best to encompass as much as I could.

Ask questions

When in doubt, question everything. But don't just ask questions - seek answers! Be a curious philosopher! Go on a hunt. Dig deep within yourself. Bring new views to life. Ask yourself Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Make notes, change your perspective and get yourself thinking.

Best for, but not limited to: Written materials such as notes, important things you want to remember, visualizations, cherished memories and so forth.

Reapply - or nah

You know what happens when you have to replace that 2 week old band-aid that's on your finger (or worse, your knee)? You have to rip it off and apply a fresh one.

The same can be done for most anything in life.

If there's an aspect that's slipped away, try to reiterate it back into your life. You have memories of the good ol' days, when the dress still fit or your friendship was still cozy. Change it up by applying it differently - just as an experiment - and see what happens.

Don't let the ideas that are worn - but still beautiful and supportive - slip away.

Best for, but not limited to: Band-aids, friendships, ideas, concepts, memories, substances, etc.

Develop practice problems

If you need to remember something or think of it in a fresh new way, try to develop problems that use, help wrap your brain around or develop that idea. Do something that will engage your brain. Be positive and try to think of the best, the worst and the in between.

Best for, but not limited to: Math, reading materials, things you want to remember and a change in perspective.

Lastly, chew on this...

If I could take a guess at the percentage amount our brains put glamours over the stuff we see, I'd say 89%. That means that, in my own opinion, I believe we see things as better, worse, impressive, lovely, etc. etc., even when they may not actually be the best things for us.


Due to our feelings.

This is a touchy subject, but I believe it to be true. Some of us (not all of us) tend to judge and evaluate based on our feelings. And if we feel unworthy, low, grumpy or even just plain mad, there's a chance we may let those emotions cloud over our judgement - and cause us to think negative things about something we wouldn't have otherwise.

The next time you feel like you're getting "used" to something, step back and make an emotional evaluation. Separate your self-worth from what you're studying, and don't let the struggle get the most of you.

Did I miss something? Comment down below with your own suggestions!

And consider this: What are you getting used to? And how are you going to change that?

06 February 2016

How to Begin Your Self-Love Journey This Year

When I originally had the idea for this piece of writing I’m about to share with you, I was in a place of transition. I didn’t know my place in the world, I didn’t know if I was worth it and I certainly didn’t feel like I could love myself. Here I am almost a year later, an example of how this works - if you choose to put it into practice. You can improve and learn to love yourself. You can take the steps that bring you into a better place.

I won’t say it was easy and I certainly won’t say I had overnight success, but when you learn to fight your battles one at a time, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Self Love: Step one

I have always been a timid person. I’ve always had trouble keeping the standards I have for myself something below what I deem “perfect”. I enjoy discipline and when I don’t know what to do or my world is shaken, I’m hard on myself.

That’s just who I am.

With that said, I've always felt like I was not allowed to love myself. I felt like saying I was cool or awesome was for some silly reason. Forbidden. I thought people would shun me if I voiced fondness toward myself. This, I think, led me to the course of thinking well, maybe I'm not as great as I originally thought. Maybe I'm annoying... Or weird... Maybe I'm not-- And so on.

I am now eighteen years old and I've changed my view on this completely.

Click to Tweet: “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” - Aberjhani

Self love is a rare gift, especially in its purest state. It’s not something that comes off as “Oh, look at me! Look at how loveable I am!” No. Just no. Self love when you make a mistake and instead of bashing yourself and lowering your own self-worth, you hold your chin up and say, “Hey, it’s okay. I made a mistake and proved I was human again. No biggy. Let’s learn from this and move on.”

Self love isn’t narcissistic. It’s something we’re entitled to. You hear that?


If you take a moment and vow to be a little more forgiving, a little less harsh on yourself, don’t you think that it would take an unneeded weight off your shoulders? I urge you to allow yourself to love yourSELF. You are a great, amazing, fantastic human being! You’re breathing! You’re full of hidden talents others will be delighted to see! You’re the only you this world will ever come to know, and as soon as you realize that... gosh, things will start feel so much better. I can guarantee that.

“But... How do I love myself?”

Take the first step. Start with a simple hug. Wrap your arms around yourself, give your torso a tight squeeze. Rub your sides and smile. Kiss your shoulders and spin around. Keep doing this. Do it every day. Remind yourself to let down your stubborn walls and silence your inner critics so that you can live the life you deserve.

Self Love: Step two

To my dear, blooming Rose -

Attached to this letter is not only my love, but my gratitude, thankfulness and a small box of decadent dark chocolates (your favorite kind). I would've had flowers delivered too, but no measly plant could ever compare or express my feelings toward you.

Ahh, my dear. You are my truest bundle of joy. It does not matter what mood you are in - you light up my day in the most wonderful of ways.

Your smile makes the sun jealous. Your embrace makes me feel full. Your laughter - so thick and loud - makes me laugh too.

What I love most is when you are truly and purely being yourself - because that's who you're meant to be.

With much love and kisses blown with a wink,

Your Secret Admirer

PS: Maybe we could share those chocolates later, eh?

+ + +

What is a great exercise for getting the self love flowing? Taking the time to write yourself a love letter.

How to write a love letter (to yourself)

  1. Be silly and positive.
  2. Analyze yourself.
  3. Amp up your best qualities.
  4. De-sock your feet as you write and wiggle your toes as your write.
  5. Get a big thick blanket and curl up under with a flashlight.
  6. Laugh at yourself.
  7. Poetry works. Like, really sappy, intense, rhymes flying everywhere poetry.
  8. Have fun.

Once your letter is done, seal it up in an envelope or just crumple it up and place it on your desk. No matter how bad, silly or weird you think it is, DO NOT throw it away. Open it up and read it as many times as you need. Remember how you felt when you were writing it. Let new feelings develop as you read it again.


  1. Stand up and hug yourself. Right now.
  2. Sit back down and take five minutes or more to write a love letter to yourself.

Also, make sure to use those share buttons below and send this out to a friend you know needs a little bit of lovin’. :)

Remember to take care and love yo’self. <3

16 January 2016

How to Manage Your Creative Time

Being productive can be hard, especially when you have too many things on your to-do list, and have no idea where to start. As a human who likes to pack a lot of stuff into their day, I've struggled with managing my blogging time and balancing it with everything else I need to do.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time (whether it be for blogging or anything else). :)

Being productive can be hard, especially when you have too many things balanced on your plate. Most of the time, you don’t know where to start. As a human who likes to pack a lot of productivity into their day, I’ve struggled with managing my time - creatively and in the other areas of my life. The balancing act is hard, so I’ve compiled some of the tips that work best for me.

PS: There’s a link to a print out of the exercises that correspond with these tips at the bottom of this!

Figure out what needs to be done

Before you can manage your time, you need to figure out what it is you want to get done. Do you want to work on a sketch, take some pro headshots of yourself or spruce up your blog? Or do you want to focus more on growing your social reach and building an online community? Maybe your favorite book needs some lovin’. Whatever it is, take the time you have now to figure out what you want to get done later. Trust me, spending an hour or two planning out your week will save you so much time. I promise.

Create a to-do list with a twist

If you're like me, then you probably have a to-do list that’s eighteen miles long. And whenever you look at it, it stresses you out because IT’S HUGE AND IF YOU DON’T GET IT ALL DONE THE WORLD WILL END. *lightning crackles in the background*

Well guess what, guys. Sometimes I don’t finish my to-do list (gasp). And the world hasn’t ended!

But how do you avoid that to-do list anxiety?

By prioritizing.

You need to figure out which items on your list will contribute to your current goals. If you have “Paint cabinets” on your list, but have the goal of producing valuable content for your blog readers, you need to decide which is more important. Spending time on your cabinets or your posts.

Set a timer

Reasons you should do this:
  • I find that I'm more productive when I know that every x amount of minutes I'll have a five minute break before switching tasks.
  • If I give myself a time limit, I do the bare minimum for an icky task in less time, giving me more time for fun tasks.
  • Timers pull me back into the moment and remind me that there's work to be done, effectively reducing distractions.
  • Mundane tasks get done quicker.

My advice: set a timer (25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks work best for me). You won't regret it. Everything will seem to go by faster and you'll feel like a productivity machine!

Reward yo' self

Sometimes it's enough to plop back into your bed at the end of the day with the slight numb of your productive day on your mind.

Sometimes. But not all the time.

That's why you need a rewards system in place. It will not only motivate you to work harder, but it will also make completing a task that much sweeter.

Conclusion: Don't be too hard on yourself

We all have days where, no matter how hard we try, we're tired and just not motivated to get anything done. And it's okay to have those days - it's usually your body saying, "Hey, you've been working hard lately. Why don't you take a break?"

So make sure to take hold of those days and rest as much as you can. And don't be too hard on yourself. Just make sure to get up the next morning, prepared to manage your time.

What do you do to manage your time?

Get your FREE time managing exercise companion booklet today!

09 January 2016

How to Beautify Blogging as Creative Self-Expression

Self-expression defined: the expression of one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.

This is a tricky subject for me to touch on, because self-expression means different things to different people. For some, it is making good art and creating beautiful music. For others it is doing and saying whatever they want because they know they have a right to say what’s on their mind.

That's the thing about expressing yourself. You get to define what it is because you are the one expressing who you are.

This post was written with the intention of helping you define your personal self-expression, through your personal creative endeavors. I can't do it for you, but I'd like to help in any way that I can. You can help too, by sharing this post with your friends. Who knows, they have a hard time with this as well. :)

Make it your own

When you're creating, you want it to be 100% you. None of that “I made this because someone did it and I thought it was cool”. Though you can learn through imitation, you want your creativity to speak through pursuits. You want it to be your expression to the world. You want it to be authentic and really you. (At least, I hope you want that.)

Producing authentic creativity can be hard, especially with so many people sharing what their “perfect” pursuits with the world. You can easily become influenced into creating something for other people, when you should instead be focused on your view. So many of us aren't confident in our abilities but if we can push past that - and the desire to be “mainstream - we’ll find the truest part of ourselves. We doubt ourselves and assume we're not good enough so we don't even try. We let fear drag us into a halt.

I was reading this amazing book one night called "100 Ways to Motivate Yourself". One of the sections was entitled "Run toward your fear". At first I was like "HECK NO. Rosie don't run toward anything." But then I thought about it. What are some things I hold back from doing because I'm afraid?

  • I stop myself from posting certain content I think won't be well accepted on my blog.
  • I don't work toward my driver's license like I should because if I get my license, I'll have the freedom to go wherever I want.
  • I haven't stepped out of my comfort zone to look for a job.
  • I haven't published any of my writing pieces because I'm scared of how they'll be criticized.
  • I don't go places or do certain things.
  • I'm scared so I label myself with "social anxiety".

If you haven't made creating your own because you're afraid, I suggest starting now. Make a list of the things - creative or not - that you're afraid of. Choose an item on that list and go for it. Don't think about outcomes or failure. There is no failure in life. There is only the lack of persistence to try again.

“Show off” your self-expression

Do you like fashion? Do you make good art? Do you write a lot and want feedback? There are countless ways for you to share these expressions of yourself. Show the world the bits of you. ALL the bits. The good, the not so good, the weird. Show all of you. Be open. I guarantee there is someone out there who relates.

This is scary, especially since your self-expressions are so near and dear to you. They're parts of you. Keep in mind that if you're not ready (which is very different from being afraid) to share who you are with the Internet, you can make your sharing zone a private space only you and a few special others have the privilege to view. That way you can build up the courage and really think about sharing yourself with the world. Not everyone wants to put themselves out there, and if you're one of them, that's okay.

Push past the blocks

If you want to grow in any area of your life, you are going to have to put up with creative blocks. You are going to hit some snags. You are going to draw some crooked lines. And you know what? That’s okay. Nothing is going to be perfect - and if you were, as my mom says, then you “wouldn’t have to learn anything new”. You’d get bored easily.

Try new things with your creativity. Use different writing tones, change up your design, draw new objects. Make stuff up. This is going to feel uncomfortable, but that’s the point! You can change things up and surprise people as much as you want. You can create something entirely new every day until you discover the one thing that makes you passionate - the thing that makes you thrive.
Just be you

You are wonderful. You are fantastic, inspiring, and authentic. YOU are good enough! You are capable of expressing yourself and being creative. You are the best you there is and I love you for that. You should too.

Use your creative side as a way of to be yourself. Write, vlog, and share topics that interest you. Discover views that make you passionate. Create in ways that make you feel authentic.

And do all this while being yourself.

Do this for YOU

One last note. Don't make the mistake of basing your awesomeness off how many people like what you create. I can honestly tell you after trying to do that for many, many years, it doesn't end with you feel confident. Trust me on this.

You will make yourself feel like poop if you rely on other people for your self worth.

That's just how it is.

Don't let creativity become another reason for you to feel bad or down yourself. Use it to express, create, build, uplift and make your dreams come true. It's going to take a lot of hard work, but if you're passionate about this, you'll work through it.

I know you can do this for you. Now you need to do this for you.

How do YOU use creativity to express yourself?

Change the way you express today.

27 December 2015

Give me 4 weeks and I'll improve your creativity

Give me 4 weeks and I'll improve your creativity | Self Known | Calling all creatives, doers, and game changers - this is THE resource for you. Give me less than a month of your time and I'll improve your creativity - for free. Click through to learn more.

Another year is coming to a close and you still haven't completed half your goals.

You didn't finish writing your book.

You didn't get published in a magazine or have your art displayed in a huge gallery.

You didn't travel to Colorado, make money from your blog or start a profitable Etsy shop.

All you wanted to do was create, invent, inspire. You wanted to express, push past your creative blocks and finally finish that darn project (or least one of your darn projects).

You wanted to grow.

My dear reader, the day has finally come to for your to step up to the plate. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is this:

Give me 4 weeks and I'll improve your creativity.

That's four emails over the course of four weeks, jam packed with lots of inspiring advice and helpful, actionable tips.

What do you have to do? Easy: Sign up to receive my FREE newsletter.

You finally have the chance to make something change - now take this leap of faith and do it! How is signing up for an informative newsletter run by a creative like you going to hurt you?



- You improve your creative life in four weeks (or less).
- You improve your self-love, productivity and time-management too.
- You get great advice for free.
- You get warm fuzzy feelings every time you see an email from me.
- You earn a life long friend.


- You waste ten minutes of your weekend reading some newsletter that just wasn't for you.

See? Not that bad, eh?

And the best part? If you like the first four weeks, you can continue to receive the newsletter for the rest of the year! (And YES, it will still be free!) Gosh, it could get much better than that, could it?

(Besides the fact that you get access to my free resource library that includes printables, workbooks and sooo much more.)

Again, here's the link to the sign up page.​​

Please share this along to your friends, followers and family - they won't want to miss out on this!

What are you NOT going to let stop you from completing your goals this year?

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